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If you donít think this is funny, thereís something wrong with you! Icon

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Here is some stuff I think is funny/stupid. It is meant to entertain.

There is material that is intended for open minded adult readers only. Please practice discretion when you see this:

(readers strongly cautioned)

There is a possibility I missed one or two, and I apologize.


Hereís what I think! Readers strongly cautioned! 12-19-2017  http://www.petesmemories.com/hereswhatithink.html


Some fun things to look at!

Whackypedia: A few words and phrases, defined. (reader discretion advised) 11-11-2017



Peteypedia: Warped version of whackypedia. (reader discretion strongly advised) in progress 11-19-2017


I completed ten of each, but humor never sleeps.
Enjoy my final work (in progress).††
http://www.petesmemories.com/whackypetey11.html†† (readers strongly cautioned)


Is there a God?  http://www.petesmemories.com/chaos.html


Stupid! http://www.petesmemories.com/stupid.html


Racist! http://www.petesmemories.com/discrimination.html


Freedom! http://www.petesmemories.com/freedom


End of life decisions††† http://www.petesmemories.com/fireworks.html


My favorite emails!