HERE’S WHAT I THINK!        Tell me what you think!

I THINK; Paul Ryan and Anthony Wiener should send each other a picture of their nose on their “smart phones”. “pro·bos·cis-ing”

I THINK; we need holiday “rage rooms” where we can dress as the “Grinch” and beat the fuck out of Santa Claus. “rage therapy”

I THINK; during November and December, anyone caught cutting down trees or wasting paper should be drowned in gnat urine. “cleansing gene pool”

I THINK; if a psychopath is unable to purchase an assault rifle, he probably won’t kill anyone with anything else!      Duhhhhhhh!

I THINK; we could lick global warming if everyone would stop farting.    clearing the air”

I THINK; I sharted! Are farts moist?        clearing the air”

I THINK; dogs should have thumbs. They need them for almost everything they do except licking their balls, and sniffing butt.  hitch-hiking

I THINK; it’s safe to say that women NEVER act inappropriately in the workplace!     “bullshit”

I THINK; Kate should go fly a kite, or as the “Aussies” say, “Kite should go floy a koite”.   easy for you to say”

I THINK; someone should tell Colin Kaepernick that whenever I hear the song “Ebony and Ivory”, I take a knee!     exercise in futility”

I THINK; someone should take a knee to Colin Kaepernick’s privates, preferably a policeman!      irony

I THINK; it’s ok to pick your friends, and I think it’s ok to pick your nose. It’s not ok to pick your friend’s nose!   discretion

I THINK; you could learn from thinking!     “think”

I THINK; that sometimes you think too much!        ????

I THINK; since we found fifty million year old ocean fossils in the desert, maybe humans aren’t responsible for climate change.   global warming?”

I THINK; since there is evidence of an “ice age”, maybe humans aren’t responsible for global warming either!    chilling thought”

I THINK; if humans are to survive, we will learn to adapt to a constantly changing planet!    go with the flow!”

I THINK; there is an over-abundance of alarmists!     do you give a shit?”

I THINK; there is an over-abundance of people that don’t “give a shit”!    “I don’t give a shit!”

I THINK; what you call a Freudian slip is more of an intent to incite!   indeed

I THINK; it is easier to teach an automobile to drive itself than to teach humans that it is unsafe to text while driving!     “You asked for it”

I THINK; “time out” is when you tire from whuppin  yo  chile, and you take a short break before you get back at it!    educated

I THINK: if you are offended by the phrase “shit hole countries”, you shouldn’t be reading this page!      discretion 

I THINK: you should do some traveling to see just how many “shit hole countries” there really are!     Surprise!



I THINK; that I will continue this abomination!