Peteypedia first edition

Allow me to ‘splain a few things!



Image result for 4 sweet butts     Image result for 4 sweet butts     unusual-x-ray-of-emergency

Asa-one thru four                                        Asa-five thru eight                                                   Asinine



Bottles may be used for a number of things

Image result for bottle half full            Image result for broken bottle as weapon                  unusual-x-ray-of-emergency

Storing liquids                 assault weapon                                  put one in your asinine!




One can                          Toucans                                          Three cans

Image result for can of budweiser      Image result for toucans as pets              Image result for three breasted woman



Image result for bill cosbyRelated image

   “I’ll bet she takes dicktation!!”






Image result for pregnant woman gif

It’s San Andrea’s fault!



Image result for Geyser gif Image result for pooping gif



Image result for hitting someone with a bat gif Image result for hospital gif



FBI=Federal Bureau of Ignition

Related image Branch Davidian Compound Waco, Texas Image result for branch davidian compound


Image result for jack daniels with ice just ice!



Image result for strawberry kiwi gatoradeImage result for strawberry+ Image result for kiwi bird  = Image result for kiwi bird Image result for gagging gif



 Image result for grocery list  Too many groceries, starboard side!  Image result for ship listing 



All I said was, “I wish you Mother’s truckers would be more careful!”

Image result for big guy picking on little guy   Image result for mother's cookie delivery truck  Image result for wrecked car


Nose smells, feet run!

Image result for smell flowers Image result for jogging


Old farts; nose runs, feet smell.

Image result for old people runny nose  Image result for stinky feet old people


PMS PMS jokes are not funny, period!

  Image result for pms jokes images Image result for pms jokes images  Image result for pms jokes images


Quackers                                                                                gwam quackers

Image result for quakers images Image result for quakers Image result for ducks Image result for crackers images Premium Saltine Crackers, Original, 16 Oz Image result for crackers images



Image result for mirandized rights  Image result for blabbermouth gif  Image result for blabbermouth gif



Leper in a hot tub  Image result for hot tub



Image result for tickle gif Image result for gif tickling Related image Image result for gif tickling


Untied Parcels

Image result for ups truck crashes into house Image result for ups truck crashes into house Image result for ups truck crashes into house




IMG_0052 Peteypedia producer    see also



I miss my ex, but my aim is improving!

Image result for woman shooting man with bow and arrow



Image result for man staring at woman's breasts

Y are you looking there? I’m up here!


Zebra                                                            96Z

Image result for bra sizes Zebra Image result for enormous breasts

                       ????Image result????

 To be continued! J L

If you get the idea, you know what to do next!         offensive, disgusting            revolting, perverted

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