I have reached a point in my writing where my busy days are filled with a lot of not very interesting stuff. I got my tractor back, and I fixed one of the 9x24 inch tires. That involved buying a lot of new tools. I needed a compressor to fill the tire, I needed an impact wrench, I needed a hydraulic jack, I needed impact sockets, and the list goes on…………… I did some more work on the kitchen, and I need to share some photos.

First, some puppy pictures. J










New carpet!





Phil and Marie visited. Marie took this one on her cell phone.




They stayed overnight Mon. Aug. 6, but mister ants in the pants had to leave the next morning.

We enjoyed having them.












Trash Bin!



New shelves!









I bought this New York Strip for Phil and Marie, but ended up taking some to Todd’s for our Sunday Lunch.



After cutting six two inch steaks, this end piece was left over. I made beef stew with it, and made doggie treats with the fat.











Precious, loving puppies! J





Our day with Todd


Todd and Logan flew down today (Aug.11), and gave Denise her first airplane ride, ever!

They brought us to their house, and fed us steak and shrimp. It was delicious.


North end of Rio Linda Airport runway



We parked next to that white pickup. There is a small lake to the south.



Looking at south end of runway














McClellan A.F.B.





Our water tank in center.



                                        Poker Lane





A little blurry-can’t even see our house!







Can barely see house from this angle.



Can you find my property in this one?




Freeway-lower-----Roseville switching yard (railroad)-upper







Sea of houses. Everybody has a swimming pool!












                                               Folsom Lake




Looking downriver towards Nimbus Dam.






That’s a golf course. Todd told me the name! J







                                                     Pasture pool!






At the end of the golf course is Bass Lake, Cameron Park.




Turning base, Cameron Park Airport.




Turning final, you can see the runway.






The gate is remotely operated from airplane.
























                                           The apple trees





The chefs at work.













The Hobby Shop/Ace Hardware. Logan bought a plane. He wanted to give

us an airshow, but battery was not included. When we got the battery home,

it was difficult to fit, and we ran out of time.






Todd had to modify this wall to fit the airplane. After sheet rock. Nice work.







Those kids are lucky they picked Colleen to be their mom!



Logan wanted to fly his new plane for us. He flew another plane, and amazed us all!





Ran out of time. Time to go!


Colleen took this shot-


She also made this film clip, which I uploaded to youtube.  Todd's airplane


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




Folsom Prison-return trip









Back at Rio Linda.



Cessna 310?



One winged airplane for circular flight only!


Bye Todd. Thank you for a wonderful day! We love you!!!





That makes over four hundred image files. It’s time to start part four.



             To be continued;