August 14, 2013

It is payday today. I hit Wal-Mart at 8:00 this morning and bought coffee, and some things to fill the “magic bucket”. (Lotion, mouthwash, Dawn dish liquid, and creamer)

Yesterday, Denise had talked to Suzie about the splitter. She said that her and John were going to try an assisted living home, during the week, and then, home for the weekend. She was worried that while they were gone, someone would come and steal from them. I was worried also, so the second thing I did this morning was go to Harbor Freight and buy a one and seven eighths trailer ball. I ended up getting a double (2” and 1and 7/8”), and I went this morning and hooked up the splitter and brought it home. John was there, and he walked down to the barn and watched me hook it up. He seemed really confused, but we left him standing at the gate. Denise called Suzie, and they went out and got him. It breaks my heart to see this happening to my friend, and neighbor.



I’ll call Maria and arrange to mow, and clean up some fallen branches.


August 16, 2013

Got an email from Todd saying that Logan got his airplane to fly. Here is a youtube clip.

Here is a youtube clip   Logan’s airplane

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When I replied after watching, I asked about the waste from the bunnies’ litter box, he said they would be around today, so I grabbed a little package for Colleen. I wrapped up some of the boy’s kiddie pictures and I kept forgetting to give them to her. I threw some big flower pots and the shovel in the back of the truck.

I had just gotten the truck smogged earlier in the day, by my Iranian friend. I brought him a framed picture of a 1351 Peykan for his wall.

Todd had sent a final email inviting me to join them for barbecue ribs. I didn’t read that one ‘till the next day.

Instead, he gave me a bag of ribs, some barbecue sauce, and a bag of little potatoes, if a variety of colors. I took them home and planned to do them the next day.

Aug 17

I started the fire at ten this morning, and I put those beautiful ribs on.



After they had smoked for about 90 minutes, I started the potatoes. The skins were white, purple, and red. When I sliced them for “country fries”, the insides were colored also.


They fried until one side was crispy brown. I also started some carrots in another pot.


They got the same treatment. Everything turned out delicious.

Later, with a full tummy, I went outside to see a beautiful sky.






On that note, Good night!


8-19-13 The Geese.






In the yard!






All ten in the yard!






Hope to make this hill go away! See biopt5


YOUTUBE: The geese flying away  The Canadians flying away  The Canadians flying away


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                                                        To be continued