This page is dedicated to Christie Livingston. Without her help, the information on this page would have been lost, forever!

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4-24-2014  Original

I received an email today from the great granddaughter of Christie Boe. I realized that I had enough material to create a page dedicated to her offspring.

This page is dedicated to the Wiger family.


First, the email:

Blessud Saell!


As they would say in greeting in Icelandic. Which is close to Norwegian. :)

I found your website by typing in +Emmands Boe. How Wonderful!!!!

I have looked at all the pictures, thank you thank you. When Grandma said she came from Norway I thought she came by herself (she told me this when she was over 95 years old and I was only ten). Now to find out her brother was able to make the journey with her. I have been doing a lot of family research lately and found out that Anna Graue's brother Aslek? Swenson's children made it to America and one Grandson Lived in Kent, WA. Very close to where Christie's daughter Anna Marie lived (in Renton, WA). What a small world!

When I get my pictures on to the laptop I will send them along to you.


Christie Rose Marie Wiger.

My response:

I am so glad to hear from you. I was wondering if what I had done was a waste of time. You made it all WORTHWHILE!

I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. If you will send some photos of yourself, and your family, I will, with your permission, add them to one of the web pages. (most likely to  http://www.petesmemories.com/boe.html)

I'm not sure which page you looked at, but here are some more.

After receiving a query about Boes from ancestry.com, I developed this page. All the folks you see are somehow related to the Boes.


Check this one!


My main page (table of contents) is at


If you browse a little, you will find many documents written in Norwegian. I was hoping to find someone to translate for me. A large part of Alfhild's thesis entitled "My Heritage" is Norwegian. http://www.petesmemories.com/boe.html

So!...........We are related, somehow, like "first cousins, twice removed" or something like that. I don't know how that works, but, Welcome to the family! I am looking forward to hearing from you, soon.

Terry Peterson



It takes a lot of research, and effort to create an accurate page. It is, usually, a cooperative effort. The information on this page was made possible by Christie’s great granddaughter.

Without her help, the names shown below would NOT have been available. She took the time to send several emails, until I filled in most of the blanks.

I will include the correspondence at the end of this page, following the photographs.

Some Photos

I was making an attempt to organize some of my material. I started a Wiger family folder, but I am so busy, I have only added these, so far.

I am not sure of the spelling. In the above email, it is spelled Wiger. I won’t change what I have until I am absolutely sure. I am now, sure of the spelling.


Updated info from Erling. At 12:43 PM 6/2/2014 -0400, I wrote: I have several photos of you with lovely ladies. Perhaps I need to take a closer look. 
The one I am asking about is this one.

Hi again Pete.

See my responses below. The are in ALL CAPS so you can spot them easily.



my sister, Gloria, My mother, Irma Peterson, and my grandmother, Martha Boe/Peterson, Christie’s sister.


Martha or Christie (Not sure), my dad, Harold Peterson, and his cousin, and Christie’s son in law, Jim Wiger.


  Jim getting’ hitched! The lovely lady is Anna Marie, Christie’s daughter.

The following information is directly from an email from Christie Wiger. It identifies nearly everyone in this photo. Thanks, Christie!

Hi Terry, sorry that I have Disappeared for so long. My laptop died last October (I am sneaking onto my husbands work computer right now). And the last school year has been so busy, but this next school year my youngest, twins, will be in first grade all day. So hopefully I will have more time to do the family research, I really miss it.



Okay, Going on to the Wiger page.... Thank You for Uploading the pictures! So Awesome!


The wedding Picture where "Jim is Getting' hitched!"

The first young man is Jim's Fraternal twin brother John Wiger,

Next is Esther Katherine Boe Leber Ireland,

Jim & Anna Marie,

Christie Boe Hoel,

her husband Andrew Hoel,

( ? possibly Hannah Wiger, Jim's Aunt)

Ned Wiger, Jim's Dad.



                                                                            I met these guys once, but I don’t remember their names. L

Christie Livingston was kind enough to provide some information. From left to right, Ron, Jim, Anna Marie, David (Christie Wiger/Livingston’s father), and the little girl is Lois.

From email;

A Family Pic

Ron, Jim, Anna Marie, Dave and little Lois.





Christie Rose Marie Wiger, I will add to this. I will include any material that you can send me. I know you can help me add some names.

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From Christie (Email)

Family Picture:

Engebret Boe was first married to Kristie Skare, their offspring: Ambjorg, Vigleik, Ingeborg and Torbjorg. So possibly the tall girls in the back are Ingeborg and Torbjorg.

Engebret remarried Anna Graue, their offspring: Christie, Emmands, Martha, Nels, Marie, Ingebret, and Magnhild.

Er ikke (ditte) din far? translates roughly to " Is that not your Father?"

I think if I try to go Left to Right the order of the faces:

Nels, Emmands, Martha, Engebret, Ingebjorg, Anna, Marie, Christie And Torbjorg.


Info from Christie’s email;

I think if I try to go Left to Right the order of the faces:

Nels, Emmands, Martha, Engebret, Ingebjorg, Anna, Marie, Christie And Torbjorg.


This had writing on the back. The first part is Norwegian. Er ikke (ditte) din far? translates roughly to " Is that not your Father?"(from Christie)

Under that it says        ”Grandpa and Grandma Boe.

                         Left of Grandpa is Emmode(?)

                          Right of Grandma is Christie

                          In front of Christie is Martha

Martha was my Grandmother. That makes this my Great Grandpa Boe. I hope I can figure out who the rest are, and find them in other photos.



                           Ron           Jim            Anna Marie          David, and Lois




A Mother’s Day card?


From Christie????






Info from Christie’s email;

Anna Graue Boe

This is Martha’s and Christie’s, and Alfhild’s mother.


Standing, Anna Marie, and husband, Jim. Seated in front of Anna Marie is Christie. In front of Jim is Martha.

Info from Christie’s email; A picture of Anna Marie, Jim, Christie and Martha. The Wiger backyard! I know that. :)

last cig bx0056 last cig bx0060

http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt1_files/image270.jpg http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt1_files/image272.png

Info from Christie’s email; Anna with Esther and Anna Marie and Harold


 Great Grandmother????




Info from Christie’s email; Family Reunion Pics sitting on the rock wall:

Don't know where the picnic is, the place does not look familiar.


In Christie”s own words;

 The little girl sitting on the lap looks like Lois, the older boy with the Glasses and Camera is Dave, and next is Ron.


The girl with the Dark hair really looks like Kristie or Anna, (Engebret's wife). But I do not know who these girls are.



                        Jim, holding Lois, and Anna Marie


Not sure about the big girls. Lois is the little one, and her brother, Ron.


Info from Christie’s email; Family Reunion Pics sitting on the rock wall:

In the pic with Erling at the left, I don't think that is Dale, that is Lois again, she looks to be about two or three so the pic would be about 1965.


Don't know where the picnic is, the place does not look familiar.

Erling, his second wife, Joan (Skinner) Aunt Christie, Anna Marie, Dale, Irma, Martha, Jim. I’m guessing Dale to be about five years old. That would date this photo at about 1954 or 1955.

This info is conflicting. Erling confirmed that that is indeed Joan Skinner. I thought the woman holding the child was my mother, Irma, but now I am not so sure?????  



This picture is when she attended Her Grandson Ron Wigers Wedding.


Irma Peterson is sitting across from Jim. That looks like Christie. (not sure)


  Aunt Christie (great aunt) lived to 101 years of age!

Info from Christie’s email; Actually, Christie passed away just shy of her 100th Birthday. But what a LONG time to live!!!

This picture is when she attended Her Grandson Ron Wigers Wedding.



                         (Terry:Anna Marie and Christie)

I stand corrected. Info from Christie’s email; Esther and Christie



Info from Christie’s email; Jim and Anna Marie in their driveway to their house.


                                              Info from Christie’s email; Dave in the dark Glasses, And the Groom Ron.




                                              Info from Christie’s email; Lois, pretty Bridesmaid



                                              Info from Christie’s email; The Newlyweds Ron and his Wife Darlene, they have two sons now, and some grandkids!


                                        Jim Wiger

                                                                                   Info from Christie’s email; Jim, Being a Ham?


        Info from Christie’s email; Esther, Looking Gorgeous as usual.


I came across an eight millimeter home movie taken by my father (Harold Peterson). I took a digital video of the projector screen, and uploaded it to YouTube. It was taken at Ron’s wedding (need year). Christie informed me that Ron passed away shortly after Christmas of 2015.


(2-17-2016)The latest from Christie;

From: Terry Peterson <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
To: Christie Livingston <kriste73livvie@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, January 3, 2016 6:32 PM
Subject: Fwd: youtube


Dear Christie,

My brilliant email server just informed me that my video file that I tried to send to you was excessive size, so you didn't get the email either. I apologize. This is a video of Ron's wedding, taken by my father.    https://youtu.be/yB5REIi0nhI

I hope you have a wonderful new year!


-------- Original Message ----------

From: Terry Peterson <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
To: Christie Livingston <kriste73livvie@yahoo.com>
Date: December 31, 2015 at 8:26 PM
Subject: youtube



Re: youtube

Email from Christie Livingston: youtube

2/16/2016 3:47 PM

Christie Livingston

To  Terry Peterson  

Oh my goodness! that was wonderful. 

I was the little blonde girl.

Sadly, a few days after Christmas this year, Ron developed a brain bleed. The doctors couldn't figure out the best route to deal with it. He passed away on Jan 2nd. So prayers for his wife Darlene and his two sons Johnathan (and his Son J.J., was 15 and spent quite a bit of time at their house) and Kyle.



I received an email from Christie with the captions for the following photos.

Jim and Anna Marie standing in front of their possibly newly purchased home at 6132 s124th St. Seattle WA. They lived in this house for over fifty-one years. It saw a few remodels through the years, but I always felt the original Seattle charm ( Lots of hills in Seattle many of the homes had to accommodate an uneven/ sloping grade). This might be about 1955.

This might have been Anna Marie and Jim dating. Cooperstown, N.D. ?

Anna Marie had a late December wedding ergo the little pine trees. I bet that smelled very good.

Baby Ron, Proud Christie, Little David, Anna Marie and her father Andrew Hoel.

A teenage Anna Marie, I do not know who the gentleman is.

Anna Marie and a nice lady with a Beautiful pond in the background.

Anna Marie, Andrew, Christie, and I believe that is Andrew's older daughter from a previous marriage, Bernice (the first wife passed away).

I was surprised to find out that my grandmother was in the Marching Band in High School and possibly College, also that she worked at the town bank before she got married.

Anna Marie, Esther, Christie, Andrew. Well, this has 1940s written all over it, maybe it is Fall.

 A clearer picture.

Possibly Bernice, an older half sister, and Anna Marie.


Anna Marie, Andrew, Esther. 1930s?

The house in Cooperstown, N.D. ? I'm sure that is Andrew Hoel.

Family Picture: Christie, Anna Marie, Andrew, Esther Hoel.

(Terry: I have a clearer copy of this photo on another page.)

Anna Marie in Marching Band regalia. That would have been fun to hear her play that horn!


Baby Anna Marie!

Maybe that is Topsy, looks very similar to the dog pictured way up.

Esther and Anna Marie.

Top row: Lady, Man, Christie, Andrew.....Bottom row: Anna Marie (this is the youngest I've seen her with glasses), Lady, Esther.


Whew! Hope your garden doesn't dry out with all the work I've given You. hee hee



I am delighted she sent the names, too!


Some Correspondence:

This will give an idea of the effort, and cooperation that goes into making an accurate page.


Hi Terry! Yes, the first link you have posted is the one I found.


There is a picture about two thirds of the way down. The girl is seated next to the boy, she is wearing a beautiful flowing white dress with shoulder pads. The caption is "Kare og Erna, eldste barna til Agnes. komfirmasjonen."

It translates to "Kari and Erna, oldest children to Agnes. Confirmation."

Which, if your a Lutheran like the Ancestors, you know was a big deal when your about 12 years of age. It is like a Bar Mitzvah for Lutheran kids. 


Actually, I think my father and you would be second cousins. And your children and me would be third cousins. Christie and Martha are sisters. Harold and Anna Marie are cousins. I'm curious, was Martha the first of your family to the United States or Halvor?


FINALLY! A little help!

I will add your translation to that page before the day is over. I am not a Lutheran. I did register to a Lutheran site, in hopes of acquiring information.

On the Wiger page that I created, yesterday, surely, your father appears in some of the photos. If you could help me with the names, I would much obliged.

When I was a teenager, I had the pleasure of meeting your father, and I may have seen him more than once, but not more than three times, so I'm not sure what became of any of the family. My brother reminded me that Jim had a hardware store in Seattle. I never saw the store. I do remember seeing Jim, fairly often.

As far as "who got here first", I really don't know. One of my pages, http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch13a.html) shows a passport that they had made when the visited Norway. It has some information which I haven't had time to research, as of yet. I still have Halvor's gift (Wedding) to Martha. It is a secretary, and it is shown on another page, somewhere???? I really don't know if they were married in America, or Norway. I'm sure all the information is there, I just am NOT a very good detective.

With your permission, I would like to add our correspondence to the Wiger page. At the same time, I will correct the spelling, and a few other errors I have discovered.

Thank you soooooooooo much for your interest. You have renewed my purpose! :-)




Hahaha! You have made me laugh that my Grandpa Jim owned a Hardware store. He Probably Should Have!!!! I think he lived half his free time there and "his" home basement looked like the storage space to a hardware store. He had Everything!! If us Grandkids were hanging out with Grandpa around it was either a family outing or picnic OR ~ to the hardware store. Heeheehee.

 He actually worked at Boeing as an Engineer (for the Interior Cabins I think), But he did work at Boeing from the time they moved to Seattle in (55?) until he retired (about the 90's).


On April 25, 2014 at 1:57 AM Christie Livingston  wrote



Heehee. How you write it is definitely how it sounds. But it is spelt Wiger. At least since Sometime in the 1850s when Grandpa Jim's family started to come over from Norway. I believe it is an Americanized version of the Norwegian word Viker. Now that could mean church (Vik), but in old Norway you had the person's first name, their father's name with~ son or dattir/datter on the end and the name of the farm they were born or lived on (I guess people didn't move around much back then). So your grandmother's name could have been Martha Engebretsdattir Boe. And her father's name would be Engebret Engebretsson Boe. And his father Engebret Evenson Boe. 


So when the Norwegian's began to come to America the rules changed. They had to make the decision to keep their father's name which was their own personal last name for their future Generations, like Halvor Peterson did. Or to keep the very last name, which is the farm location where the family is from, so if you were to go to Norway and ask for the Boe farm you could probably be directed exactly to the place where your ancestors farmed.


Have you ever been on WikiTree? I just started to load information of the family tree on to it, so bear with me. Here is a link:

Engebret Boe 1840 - 1902 Norway


Hopefully by next week I'll have all the information I have about the Boe's entered in, it is hard since they want birthdates and maybe death dates. The papers I have are written some time between 1975 and 1981, probably by Christie and Anna Marie. I can just see them sitting at a table trying to do everything by memory. Phew!


Oh. Christie married Andrew Hoel (His second marriage) and they had two daughters, Anna Marie and Esther. Esther never had any children of her own but definitely loved her nephews, niece, grown step-children and ALL of their children as her own. :)


From: Pete <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
To: Christie Livingston
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: The Wiger Name


I will begin, immediately to correct the spelling, and some other errors that I have discovered. The information is very interesting. I never knew these things, before.

There are a few dates to be found at http://www.petesmemories.com/hist.html). I don't know how helpful that would be?

Wikitree is new to me. If it is free, then I will probably enter whatever information I have. I will watch for what you add, however in the meantime, if you would take a few minutes to add some names to these pictures, I would be forever grateful!




on the wiger page, between great grandmother, and Jim and his wife,


If you would identify the folks in this picture, and show me which one is your dad.

Thank you so much.



Christie wrote;

In the first picture Ron Wiger, Jim, Anna Marie, David (my dad :) ) and the little girl is Lois.


In the second Picture the Little girl siitting on the lap looks like Lois, the older boy with the Glasses and Camera is Dave, and next is Ron.


The girl with the Dark hair really looks like Kristie or Anna, (Engebret's wife). But I do not know who these girls are.



From: Pete <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
To: Christie Livingston
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 5:47 PM
Subject: Re: The Wiger Name


I have begun my corrections. I would like to include our correspondence, with your permission. I will correct the spelling in the link, also.

Please let me know if you object to the inclusion of our emails. I think it would be interesting for people to see how a page is developed, and some of the editing that occurs.


Thanks for the names.


Christie wrote;

In response to including the E-mails, I'd rather not have my address out there for everyone to see. And I don't want to offend anybody if I say something that is personal or my opinion, but I suppose you could copy and paste anything that would be common knowledge. I hope that helps and does not hinder the process too much. :)

Oh Yes! I don't know what it is about researching the ancestors, but it does make history come/feel more alive and more personal. And it seems like with the transition of relatives first to the United States and then slowly traveling further across the country, the extended families easily lose touch with each other. It may have been easier for Christie, Marta, Emmads and Vigleik to correspond to each other when they all lived in the Minn. /ND area but as the children became older~ dreams and jobs made the distances wider.


It is wonderful to find someone just as excited about being able to document the ancestors. My dream ultimately would be to make a book or several small ones to be available to future generations. In the moment of the "Internet Express Highway" at least I feel the information can be at their finger tips.


So, yes, as I have time (and the weather is rainy ;)  ) I will endeavor to complete this. Yah! and Uffda!




From: Pete <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
To: Christie Livingston
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2014 5:47 PM
Subject: Re: The Wiger Name


I will remove the address. I am very interested in your personal opinion, and people get offended for the tiniest reasons, however, I will try to stick to common knowledge. :-)



Since this writing, we have made contact with Erling Boe, and hope to be able to add new information to these pages.



                                              To be continued!