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Some items that may have eluded your scrutiny;


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Image result for potato chips brands Image result for potato chips brands Image result for potato chips brands


Related image     Image result for dips for potato chips brands     Image result for dips for potato chips brands

Ernest                  “Cheap and deep????”                                                                                        Dead Ernest

 Related image  Related image   Image result for dead ernest gif   Image result for human skeleton gif

False            Niagara                       Triple                                         Rainbow                                              sky                     

Image result for falls gif  Image result for falls gif    Image result for waterfalls gif images Image result for falls gif


Glow                                                                 Stuck in Lodi again!

Image result for glue  Image result for glueImage result for glueImage result for siamese twins


Related image Image result for horse    Related image   Image result for south park hookers gif

Heir                                                                                              no heir apparent

 Related image Image result for outrageous afros Image result for outrageous afros Image result for no hair

Illegal                ill penguin                                         ill duck                                                     ill macaw

Related image         Image result for sick bird gif       Image result for sick bird gif               Related image

Jest  of drawers                                              hope jest                                                       hairy jest

Related image Image result for chest of drawers gif    Image result for hope chest  gif     Related image


Related image  Related image  Image result for knockout gif funny  Related image


Image result for lucky strikes cigarettes Image result for lucky lager beer Related image Image result for lucky the dog gif

Minnie                    Minnie me                    Minnie skirt       Minnie sippy riverboat

Image result for minnie mouse gifRelated image    Image result for very mini skirt gif    Related image

Noose            good noose                       bad noose                     no noose is good noose

Related image Image result for newspaper headline/ saddam hussein captured  Image result for noose gif funny  Related image Related image

Octo- pus                      octopussy                                   octuplets with octo-moron     

 Image result for octopus Related image Related image Image result for octuplet mom



 Image result for quiver gif      Image result for quiver gif      Related image


Image result for quiver full of arrows Image result for quiver gif Related image   Image result for quiver gif 

Rah rah ree,                    kick ‘em in the knee!                              Rah rah rass,                         kick ‘em in the other knee

Image result for cheerleaders gif Image result for kick in the knees gif Image result for cheerleaders gif Related image

Smooth                                                                  not so much

Image result for baby's butt gif Image result for smooth cocktails                      Related image Related image 


https://i.mycdn.me/image?id=484501346964&t=0&plc=WEB&tkn=*QJtlYKPZP8ZPrwRi1LtfGMV_h3w   Related image   Related image    Image result for falling out of tree gif

Utilized                  new cars                                                                    utilized cars

Image result for new cars for sale     Image result for wrecked cars Image result for wrecked cars Image result for wrecked cars

Very tricky   David Chang named his bistro Momofuku. He smiles as he serves up “umami”. Well, David, momofuku you and umami and udadi too!

Image result for david chang momofuku Image result for david chang momofuku Image result for david chang momofuku    


Image result for fortune cookie                 



Wee          man                                                                              wee auto                                                  wee wee

Image result for wee man kicking himself in the head gif Related image Image result for smart car gif Image result for urinating gif


Image result for hair pulling gif Image result for hair pulling gif Related image Related image



  Image result for yodel gif    Image result for yoda gif  Image result for yoda gif


Related image   Image result for sleeping snoring gif   Image result for sleeping snoring gif   Related image   Related image




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