My trip to Washington.

In August of 2005, I had an urge to go to Washington. I had been hearing about Dean Schwartzmiller on America’s Most Wanted. I was thinking about the twins, mostly, and I wanted to see them again.

It was only by co-incidence that my ex-wife’s fortieth High School Re-union had taken place, the weekend before I arrived.

I have many memories from Washington, and I wanted to contact as many old friends as possible.

I loaded up my dog, Scooper, and we took off for Washington. It is a long drive, and I stopped at my cousin, Wayne Matthews’, to rest, and spend the night. I did take some photographs while I was there. I will show them later.

My favorite place to clear my head and think, is Camano Island, where I have spent several vacations, and fished many times. I always go there, first.


   First stop, Camano Island.

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Scooper having dinner at Hub’s.

scan green album0022

The organ, and a pair of speakers.

scan green album0023

Hub’s back yard. We had a nice barbecue, and Squeak came and joined us.

scan green album0024

A couple of keyboards and an amplifier. When Hub played this for me, it brought back a lot of memories.

scan green album0025

Brent Schwartzmiller, AKA Squeek, was an awesome saxophone player. He now suffers from Epstein-Barr syndrome, and says he has difficulty playing his horns. He lives with his son, Jay.

scan green album0026

The front yard.

scan green album0027

The twins. Brad and Brent. I felt some tension between them. Never did figure out what that was.

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scan green album0029

My little man, Todd. One month old.

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scan green album0032

Todds grandmother came to visit us at Almar Apts. When Todd was born.

scan green album0033

Sittin’ on the couch at Almar Apts.

scan green album0034

My little man growing up.


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scan green album0038

My first real job. Stacking lumber for the dry kiln.

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scan green album0040


scan green album0041

Dave Cash’s parents owned Almar Apartments, and lived here.

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scan green album0043

scan green album0044

Almar Apartments. My friend Dave Cash’s parents owned this, and I lived here when Todd was born.

scan green album0045

The turnoff into Everett. I made this drive at a hundred miles an hour, when my kids were born.

scan green album0046

Bickford Motors. They repossessed my blue ’68 Mustang when I was in Iran.

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scan green album0048

scan green album0049

scan green album0050

Barry Bartholomew’s girlfriend.


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scan green album0054

Jeff Gilpin and his music studio.

scan green album0055

Snohomish High

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scan green album0057

The “Spudnut”, hangout for the high school kids.

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scan green album0063

Tim Stobb, big brother to Debbie, Dick’s new girlfriend.

scan green album0064.

Looking down at the bridge that crosses the Snohomish River. Across the river is the airport where I learned how to fly.


scan green album0065

The red car is westbound on highway two. The truck is going up the hill the high school is on. Downhill is First Street.

scan green album0066

scan green album0067
Tom wrote this on a cigarette carton so I could get in touch with Dick Foss.

scan green album0068

Tom Baker

scan green album0069

Baker’s Mini-mart. I stopped by to see Tom. While I was talking to him, Ted Ream had just filled his tank, and was leaving town. He had been in town for his father’s funeral. Talk about coincidences!

scan green album0070

The leftovers from Pam’ fortieth reunion. I never the folks in the middle, before.

scan green album0071

Dick Foss and new wife Jan.

scan green album0072

Dick Christopherson, and Debbie Stobb, a classmate.

scan green album0073

Tom Baker, owner of the Quick Stop.

scan green album0074

The streets of Snohomish

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scan green album0076

scan green album0077

The “TRIANGLE Store”

scan green album0078

First Street Snohomish, right on the river. The river is behind me, and to the left.

scan green album0079

First Street, Snohomish.

scan green album0080

scan green album0081

scan green album0082

This is a composite of the first farm you see, coming off of Westwick Road, onto Highway 2, into Snohomish. It looks exactly the same as it did forty years ago.

scan green album0083

scan green album0084

scan green album0085

Chinese people own this store now. They didn’t understand enough English for me to explain why I came back to this store.

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scan green album0087

scan green album0088

I think that this was Charlie Walster’s place. He gave me 500 pounds of National Geographic, which I carried around for over forty years. I finally got rid of them in 2011.

scan green album0089

Storm Lake turnoff from Spada Road.

scan green album0090

The driveway


scan green album0091

The back of the house. That is a pond, just the other side of the well pumphouse.


scan green album0092

North end Spada Road.

scan green album0093

scan green album0094

scan green album0095

The barn, and the closest neighbor. A small creek runs between the two places. I have taken spawning salmon from that creek.

scan green album0096

Looking through the trees at the house. A silver maple used to stand here. It was cut down in the early sixties, and I took a piece to woodshop at school, and made a large wooden bowl, which I still have, today.                                       I also made this game board/drawer in wood shop.

 camera 9-13-12 002                       PICT0010

scan green album0097

Looking across what used to be five acres of raspberries. This ranch was 15 acres. There was an upper field of ten acres, which was turned into pasture.

scan green album0098

Bob Vannoy’s Nursery. Pam babysat for these people in the 50s and 60s.

scan green album0099

Near Pam’s old house

scan green album0100

scan green album0101

The horse ranch, next to Pam’s old house.

scan green album0102

Pam’s house was back in here, somewhere. It’s changed so much, and my memory has faded.

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scan green album0104

scan green album0105

French Creek Grange Hall

scan green album0106

Power substation at Three Lakes Hill Road.

scan green album0107

Three Lakes Hill Road

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scan green album0110

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scan green album0114

The cannery. I worked here several years.

scan green album0115

City of Ballard, the birthplace of Pam.

scan green album0116

Leaving Ballard, and entering Seattle

scan green album0117

scan green album0118

Space Needle

scan green album0119

Parking lot next to Space Needle.

scan green album0120

Seattle on the water. You can see the Seattle Superdome roof, just to the right of that S.U.V.

scan green album0121

Leaving Seattle.

scan green album0122

scan green album0123

The driveway to Wayne’s house. To the left is the shop. Ahead is the barn full of “TOYS”.

scan green album0124

scan green album0125

Cousin Wayne and his “TOYS”

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scan green album0127

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scan green album0129

scan green album0130

scan green album0131

scan green album0132

This was to remind me that all of these photos were taken on a disposable camera.

scan green album0133

Tools to work on the “TOYS”

scan green album0134

Nice “TOYS”

scan green album0135

The Shop

scan green album0136

Looking back out the shop door.

scan green album0137

Looking back at Wayne’s toys from the shop.



Wayne with granddaughter




Wayne in Yuma, 1956




scan green album0139

Looking down on a fogbank covering the coast on 101 in Oregon.

scan green album0138

Underneath the fogbank.

scan green album0140

The Redwood Forest

scan green album0141

Welcome to the Redwoods

scan green album0142

The Redwood Forest.

scan green album0143

A turnout on Highway 101. When I get a little farther south, I’ll turn west, and head for Shelter Cove. There were properties there that I was interested in.

scan green album0144

Runway and taxiway at Shelter Cove Airport.

scan green album0145

Shelter Cove Airport

scan green album0146

Light House at Shelter Cove Airport.

scan green album0147

Clear Lake

scan green album0148

A view of Clear Lake through the trees at the turnout.

scan green album0149

Clear Lake

scan green album0150

scan green album0151

A beautiful sunset, just coming out of the foothills east of Clear Lake.