Some of my many travel adventures:


11/15/2015- I added a new page

When I rode dirt bikes in the 1970s, as we drove through Acton, on our way to Mojave, we passed an old race car called the “Thunderbowl Comet”.

While my memory is still intact, I decided to research, and record. Here is what I found……………….


My slides from Iran. I thought I lost these!


Photos from Iran My son Scott pointed out to me that my Iran photos were not available.

I am finished working on that page at this time.

I was married to Pam, at the time, and when we returned from Iran, she put together a scrapbook. There are a lot of precious memories in this book.

I attended school in Newfoundland. My yearbook,The 1961 Harmon Rocket;  Dale mailed his copy, and I uploaded it 6-10-13.


Oroville; In 2005 we were offered 440,000 dollars for our property. We attended an auction, and won a piece of property as a door prize

See the Alturas property at

We purchased (with Bob’s help) five acres in Oroville. We had a well drilled, septic installed, and power brought in.    The well being drilled, and pump and tank installed.  The septic being installed. tank, leach lines, etc.    Installation of transformer and meter.



I had the pleasure of working for Northrop as a technical publications analyst. As validations coordinator, it was my responsibility to validate the procedures for maintenance on the inertial navigation system, on Morocco’s F-5 fighter aircraft. I took a few photos. 


Okinawa; My first trip overseas. I went to kindergarten, and first grade in Okinawa.

These were pictures taken in Okinawa in the late 1940s and early 1950s. There is a military awards presentation shown, also, the Quonset living quarters, and fun on the beach. There are some new things I received from Dale. They can be found in Dale’s Album, and Dale’s box. See above.


See this first!

I originally put this up as but it took so long to load, I divided it into two parts. The original part was modified to show my personal photos. I will add to this as I find them.

I attended High School in Newfoundland my freshman and sophomore years. (1961-1962) These are yearbooks from Harmon High, from those two years.


This is My brother, Dale’s copy of the 1961 yearbook.


 I am unable to find my copy. It was signed by all my friends, and acquaintances. A tragic loss!

This is my yearbook from 1962 in two parts. pages 1-108 pages 109-end



After working for Lockheed, I worked for General Electric a couple times. The second time, we worked on the prototype G.E.90. These photos got wet, and I was lucky to save them. For all my friends I worked with at G.E.