Stamp Collections

When I was a youngster, my dad encouraged me to do several things, one of which was stamp collecting.

I know he collected coins and several other things. My sister decided to keep most of these things for herself.

I did find his first stamp collection, probably done in high school and college, which would make all the stamps shown pre-1940.

This is what the collection looks like now. After much poor handling, there are a lot of empty spaces, not to mention the empty spaces left, with the intention of adding things at a later date. If anyone is interested, I also found several of my stamp collecting books, along with several large bags full of envelopes and loose stamps.

I hope to get a chance to look through them again.

Stamp Collection

I can only imagine where these stamps came from.

When I got to look back into those plastic bags, I was amazed at what I found. Most of these to follow came off envelopes. A lot were purchased by my dad for the express purpose of adding them to a collection. He knew how to preserve the value of them by; purchasing “blocks”, preserving postmarks, and careful handling.

There simply isn’t time to scan them all, but here are some interesting things I found.

First, an aerogram from Iran.


This is what I found in the envelope.

It’s a letter I wrote (one of the few, ever) to my parents from Iran. Of course Dad saved the stampsJ.

End of letter.


This is the book I worked with when I was a boy.



This is my dad’s ongoing collection.




This is a small portion of what is here. If anyone wants to see more contact me.