These are still mixed up, so I will upload them, and arrange them as time permits.

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Slides of Iran fishing trip.

These were taken forty years ago (1973).


My friend, and our guide, Bashir, cleaning our catfish.


The bazaar at Isfahan




Pepsi for sale here.


Showin' off our fish to the locals.


You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant, or one of these roadside stands!


My thanks to Lance Borden for sharing these slides. That lovely knife was a gift to Bashir.


Can't remember his name. The big fish fry was at his house in Isfahan.


Roadside stand “stuff”.


Giddey up!


Near the Caspian Sea.


The lagoon at sunset.


A genuine look of pain. I stuck myself with a wire leader that we used to catch Northern Pike.


A copper smith at the bazaar.


One of many turnouts. (vista point)


Some beautiful scenery near the Caspian Sea. A small village on the hillside.


Rainy season runoff



Travelers, waiting for a ride.


Our boat.


Cypress-like trees line the channel to the lagoon.


I don't have many photos of my friend, Chuck Westfall.


The lodge at sunset.


Scary road.


The Lagoon. (Farsi-mordab=deadwater)


Countryside near the Caspian Sea.


The game warden's tower. I never understood whether these guys were military or police, or just game wardens. They always asked us for our licenses. When they spoke with Bashir, they used the “Rashti” dialect, which I could never understand. The words were the same as regular Farsi, but the pronunciation was drastically different.


The river really rages during the rainy season, but the fishing is still good.


A snowy egret flies over the reeds.


??????????? Not sure what these are for.


The locals were curious. They asked what we were catching. Iranians don't eat catfish. (no scales). This river is full of crawdads, and they don't eat those, either.


What a beautiful, scenic, scary road. Looking back where we just came from.


Powerlines in the wilderness.


Iranian “guard rail”.


Heavy traffic on a rainey day.


Some of the locals. It seems like everyone depends on the river, here.


Roadside stand. I bought several reed mats from this guy.


Masonry bridge.


These reed mats were for sale everywhere.


The lagoon


One of the shops at the bazaar.


Rough water on a windy day.


                              One of my favorite memories.


A shop at the bazaar.



Go Lance!


Lance's son with houseboy. (don't remember names)


Add Todd and Scott.


and Lance.

Those are some nice fish.


The big fish fry.


The bazaar


A tree farm.


A turnout.


Lance, quit taking pictures of birds!


We follow the trail we cut coming, to go home. Those weeds are full of Northern Pike.


One of the most beautiful places on the planet.



Catfish and Tuborg. YUM!


This is the way we clean our carpets, we clean our carpets, we clean our carpets....... This is how we make carpets look old and worn. (artificial antiques) So early in the morning!


The river bank. (and another bird, Lance!)



Centuries old attire, standing beneath the power lines.


Nice mess of catfish!


The lagoon


Same river? I don't know. Swollen from recent rain.


A damn dam.


Beautiful country.


Roadside stand


Leaving one tunnel and entering another.


The channel.


Bashir cleaning catfish.



a closer look.


Beautiful country


Lance!!! No more birds!!!!


Muddy river!




My favorite memory!


Dry riverbed.


The lagoon covered in vegetation


Some like it hot.


Rice paddies.


Our boat.


The town of Rasht


???????? the lagoon


A shop at the bazaar.




Take a break, dude!


I give up!


Showin' off a ten pounder.


One of several tunnels.


A shop owner and his family. Women are shy and like to stay covered.


Lance gave the knife to Bashir to keep.


A common sight. A lot of serious accidents.


One of my mats.


Iranian guard rail.


Looking back up a treacherous road.


Full moon over the lagoon.


                        Sunset on the lagoon.


Picture was too dark. Not sure where this is.

Those are soda cases (plastic). This may be a roadside restaurant, or the place where we bought bread on every trip.



Shallow water in the lagoon.


                        Scene near the Caspian Sea.



These hats and mats and brooms are made from local reeds.


I bought one of these.


            A beautiful masonary bridge.


These are the bungalows where we stayed at the lodge.

The restaurant next door served excellent food. I had a sturgeon souffle that was delicious. Some of the finest food I have ever eaten.



Getting ready to stab myself.


Gone fishing!


Iranian net fishermen. These guys worked as a team, the one casting the net, and the other keeping the boat positioned.


Net fishermen. We got some nice shots of these guys at sunset.





This net is circular, with weights tied around the perimeter.

I had one slide showing him throwing his net.

It was lost when I had a poster size photo made.

This one is similar………………