Scott Gregory Peterson††††††† 5-10-1969 to 7-11-2016

My baby with his babies!


My son Scott passed away today, (7-11-16) and I would like to create a page to remember a wonderful young man.


Scott Gregory Peterson was born May 10, 1969. This was the same time I got my pilot license, and when he was two weeks old, he and his mother were my first passengers.

I want to put up some photos of Scott. Maybe at a later date I will try to organize them, but for now, I will put up the ones I have selected so far.














Scottís handsome men!


Rest in peace!

A few days before Christmas 2016, I received a flash drive with the following photos.

This note was included. It was provided by Wanda, Scotts cousin, and her husband.

Just a quick note.The USB is for you to keep.I donít need it back.Since I changed my studio name, I canít use it anyway so please just hang onto it and use it for anything youíd like.If for some reason you need me to resend these photos to you, Iíll be keeping the scanned versions as well.So please feel free to contact me (or ask a family member to contact me if you donít remember how).My personal email address is J