When you are told by-your government, parents, partners, friends, etc., that something is harmful, and you are forbidden to partake of that something, when you find out that it isn’t harmful, you may tend to over-use a good thing to the point where it no longer gives the pleasure you originally used it for.

This is true of cannabis. When over-used, cannabis loses its magical effect, and simply becomes an obsessive habit. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have alcohol. Our government, parents, friends, etc., tell us that alcohol is harmful, while they, themselves, indulge. Alcohol is truly a wonderful thing, when used in moderation. When over-used, it is a horrible nightmare, and has certain negative health effects. It is a leading cause of death in humans.

Every day, researchers find a new benefit from cannabinols; the latest is that it blocks the formation of the plaque that causes Alzheimer’s disease. They have found derivatives that prevent seizures in persons suffering from epilepsy. It is often prescribed for children for any number of purposes.

I missed being a “HIPPIE” by “{ }” that much, so when all the kids were smoking seedy Mexican “pot”, I was over-using alcohol. It is late 1968 and I was working for Boeing, when a co-worker invited me to a party. It turned out to be a pot-party, and I was offered my first taste. I can’t remember if I was drinking beer, but I remember a mild euphoria washing over my body. My co-worker saw what was happening, and laid me on the floor with my head between two speakers, and “INNA GOTTA DAVIDA” was playing, and music had never sounded so beautiful before, and I don’t even like that song. I don’t remember getting the munchies that night, but I remember time being distorted. It seemed like it took hours to get home, and it was during the time we were getting ready to move to Oklahoma. I remember getting lost, and sidetracked, and this only intensified the time distortion. I knew what was happening to me, so, I didn’t panic, but went with the flow, and really enjoyed my experience!

In the 60s, pot was pot. In the 70s, we got “Columbian”, “ Acapulco Gold”, and some others I can’t remember. Now, after the turn of the century, we have hundreds of strains of medical cannabis that are incredibly potent, and finally, in the year 2017, cannabis was legalized for recreational use. Hmmmmm, must not be as bad as they told us it was, all those years.  Don’t you just love it when your government lies to you???
Many people have described the feeling that comes over you when you are just beginning to feel the effects.

Describing the effect of cannabis being smoked;

It’s like having syrup poured all over your body. You can’t taste the sweet, but you can feel it.

A cancer patient I know who, was always opposed to the use of cannabis, was convinced to try “full spectrum” edibles. She described the feeling as “smoothe” .

I DO NOT advocate the use of cannabis. It is NOT for everyone. I am delighted that is has been legalized to a degree. Now, everyone has the right to try it (OR NOT).

Some people seem to drift through life without needing to alter any of their senses, and they flourish. I applaud them. Most of them think that everyone should feel the same. I can assure you that we DO NOT. I hope those people will consider the rights of others, and exercise tolerance!

I always had a problem “fitting in” and as a result, I had feelings I have trouble describing. The most prevalent was anxiety. Another was irritability. These feelings are washed away by the positive effects of cannabis. Over time, the effects tend to linger, even without using.

It has been a very good thing for me. My using has alienated me from people I dearly love. For this, I apologize. Your intolerance does NOT diminish my feelings for you. I can only hope that one day you will look at me in a different light, and, at least, understand!