The “Pilot”   1-29-2018

In the early ‘70s I would take my son Todd flying with me. We would drive to Colton, California, about 27 miles from our house in San Bernardino, and rent a Cessna 150, and go flying for a couple hours. As soon as the engine started, Todd’s hands would be on the controls. “I wanna drive, dad!” His little 6 year old feet couldn’t reach the rudder pedals, and he could barely see over the instrument panel, but he loved the feeling of control, and he would “wag” the wings with delight.


That was over 40 years ago. Now he has his own airplane, and a son, very eager to become a pilot too.

Like his dad, Logan started flying at an early age. He graduated from flying over the swimming pool to piloting R.C. airplanes.



Be sure to see  Dad’s plane  The beast,

and three different drone flights at




Todd's%20House%20015 One day, they came and took us for a ride in his dad’s plane.


As he got older, Logan started taking flying lessons, and today, (1-29-2018) I received an e-mail with this “Youtube” URL.

In December, 2018, just after Christmas, Logan brought his drone, and took some pictures of the ranch.

         DJI_0012             DJI_0013


Here are 2 video clips from YouTube; and



Todd sent this YouTube clip of Logan’s first solo flight. (He soloed in the Cessna before he soloed driving a car!)

Logan's First Solo


I am proud of “my men”, and I look forward to watching them grow!




                                           To be continued.