The Peterson Ranch


These photos were taken with my new Aiptek digital camera. They are mixed.


The mulberry tree.



Scooper-guard dog, keeping an eye on our junk.


I built this for Roxy and Scooper, but now the goats sleep there.



Looking at the orange trees from the pond.










Automatic gate opener.



Full moon through the berry tree.



Denise planting tomatos





Right after sunset. You can see the radio antenna towers across the street.







Mowin’ the lawn at dusk.



Finger over the lens trick. Our garden in the front never did well. Not enough sunshine.



Fat guy mowing lawn. Five H.P. power mower with twelve B.P. (Budweiser Powered) propulsion.


Gotta mow around the junk.




Guard dog, Scooper.



This has to be around 2004. That little tree was our fifth Christmas tree in the trailer. Every year it floods here.

Between that and goat nibbles, it did not survive, and I replaced it with a couple of maple trees.



We were driving the ’84 Mercury around this time.



Looking out toward the pond from the front yard. It took years to clear the cattails out of the pond.





Our first, second, and third Christmas trees that we enjoyed in our new home.



Denise grew some nice vegetables in her little garden. She had enormous big beef tomatos that weighed over a pound.



Dan and Susan put up this barbwire fence so that Freddy and Angel could stay in our pasture.



Our home










The small tree on the left is a Mimosa. Fran supplied us with our very first trees, so we gave it the name “Fran Tree”.

Denise worked at the Roseville market for several weeks. She bought the purple plum tree from the market’s owner, Bob, when she left.




The bamboo patch came from a patch next to the railroad tracks. That palm tree went into the ground next to the tin shed we got from Crabtree.



John Pibb gave Denise some aloe vera looking things. She planted them around our only tree, the wild plum.

Every year they make a ton of beautiful salmon colored flowers that the hummingbirds love.





That palm in the pot is thriving at Oroville




From the front gate.


Our neighbor rents out these giant blow up toys. He has bouncy castles. This is one.








Denise bought a wading pool for her special friend, J.C.

  I don’t think he likes it!








Without cable, all I had to watch on T.V. was P.B.S.’s Bob Ross. I gave his methods a try. Scooper supervised.







Playin’ with my toys. I just started buying digital equipment, and boy, did I have a lot to learn. Scooper supervising.




Denise went to get some gifts for the grandkids, and she found Miss Piggy and Kermit at McFrugals.


We tried them on first.





J.C. without the boys.


Bill and Hillary.



Our boat that we found beside the road.



Pete and miss Grumpy Jeans.







The house across the street. Beautiful yard.


We had to share with some slobs for a while. This got cleaned up in August of ’05. Thanks, Bob.




The circular driveway.



Denise and her best friend.



Oranges in bloom. Watch out for bees. Smells like heaven.





Looking back at the pond from the orange trees.


Our home, Bob’s junk in foreground.



Fran and Leo gave that Buick to us, when we had nothing.


The goats love to play on top.





The Critters


Danny’s ducks. Someone dumped four ducks at Dan’s place. They got out and moved in over here.









Rock-a-doodle (Rocky), our first volunteer chicken.




















Little Bit and Hillary on left, Lady (barely visible) on right.






Little Bit, and Little Little. Bill is little guy’s dad.
























My first dog! My best friend!





































The pond

One hundred fifty photos of the pond:





Denise’s goldfish. When I poisoned the water in my little bathtub pond, Denise rescued the goldfish.
















            Bill  When the neighbor’s goats got into John’s pasture, we couldn’t hold Bill, and we gave him to the neighbors.

                                                            When he broke back in to impregnate Little Bit, again, I had to destroy him. He couldn’t be fenced.







                                          Lady, our old mama goat.                                                      Hillary                                  Little Bit and Little Little.


                                                       Goats kill trees!








Eileen (I Lean), our mama duck, was injured, and walked with a limp.









                                              J.C.                                The Boys



                                                             When Scooper wanted to be petted, he put his chin on my knee.






                                                                                                           The Canadian visitors.







          These were hard years, and our most prized possessions were our critters!