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Plagiarism gone wild!

Allow me to ‘splain a few things!


Attaboy           before       after                       Aw shit! (1 “aw shit” negates 10 “attaboys”)

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Bungle-noun-synonym “aw shit”                         bungle in the jungle

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Finger                                   Careful where you put that finger, Charlie!

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I’magonna                 used ta                     always

The three favorite sayings of someone who has never done anything, and never will!

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Leak    small leak                                large leak                                       holy fuck leak!

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MESS     small mess                              big mess                                             holy fucking shit!

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Not      little not                   bigger not                                    not-yo’s

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Olive                                                                     ded

Related image   Related image    Related image  Image result for dead gif funnyPatience! It is time consuming thinking at least twenty six really stupid thoughts!



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Quaff                         Quis                                 Quis Quaff

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Rosemary-wana                 Mary chrysalis

   PICT0402   PICT0402    Image result for chrysalis   Image result for chrysalis  Image result for chrysalis

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Sir!                      I must ask you to leave the pool!         But everybody pees in the pool!           Not off the high dive!

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Transistor                                                     Colina Powell

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  5    1    4


big girl  big girl2   Image result for world's largest women

W himsical                             fudgesical                                               jalapeno on a steek

  Image result for fudgsicle                             Image result for jalapeno on a steek

Xtent                                                         mytent

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Image result for new york state   Image result for new york city Image result for vomit gif funny    The Four Musketeers (1974) 4




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Image result for car full of animals     end




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