The well in Oroville

I checked a couple well drilling companies, and between talking and getting the local opinion, we decided to go with David and Sons.

I got to meet the man that was to drill my well. A six six three hundred pound Hispanic, with a name tag “Big’n”. David said, “He’s a big’n, ain’t he?

I asked them how they decided where to drill, and the owner (I’m assuming David) said I could rely on his geological expertise, or I could hire a witch. He said that they used a lady named Sharon ?????, and that she was ninety percent successful. I hired her, and she came out with two ninety degree rods, which she held, one in each hand. She marked two spots with a stake and a red flag, and called one the primary, and one the secondary. She asked me if I wanted to give it a try, and as skeptical as I am, I took the rods from her. I really didn’t expect results, but as I passed by the areas she had marked, the rods twisted in my hands, and the hair on my neck stood up. It is standing as I recall, and write. I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe me, just the same as I didn’t believe until I felt it for myself.

I took her to lunch at the Tai restaurant in the Raley’s shopping in Oroville, and we had an awesome lunch, where we discussed witching. Sharon, I came to find out had a masters degree in geology, and she said she used her learned knowledge in tandem with her “gift” to achieve her success record. It was a pleasure meeting her.

The next day, it was rainy and the Guys showed up right on time. They laid down strips of diamond plate to drive on, so the wouldn’t get the big drill rig stuck in the mud.


We watch from a safe distance.


Had to trim some branches to get the rig in place.


There is Sharon’s red flag (primary).



The drill bit.



The Big’n at work

Four hundred feet later…………….

Making a road out, with Scooper’s help.


Time for the “Pump Guys”.

A drink from four hundred feet down. Sweeeeeet!