As of 2-26-2019, I am in the process of cleaning up this page, and correcting a few errors.

When complete, it will be available at

Okinawa Album by Irma and Harold Peterson

This is an album devoted entirely to our trip to Okinawa. The only exception may be the first picture. It looks like it was taken on Grannyís back porch? This error has been corrected!

It is necessary to disassemble this album because of the mounting method. It is literally falling apart. I will attempt to show each page in order in itís entirety, space allowing.

First let me show you the mounting method. There are photos missing from this first page!

As you can see, it was not possible to scan whole pages. I lost the perfect order of things, but as near as I can tell, the individual page content is accurate, not accounting for missing photos.



















Not sure why this was tucked into the pages of this album.