I will always treasure the years I lived in NEWFOUNDLAND. The kids I went to school with were exceptional people, and the wonderful people of NEWFOUNDLAND welcomed us, and treated us like family. I have uploaded my yearbooks and added some photos from that time.

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This seems like a good place to put all of my personal photos from Newfoundland.

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Whole family. Gloria age 7, Dale age 12, Terry age 15, Irma and Harold Peterson.                 Back of the house.







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 My Grannie Johnson came to visit us.             My Newfie friend, Gary Major                I need help with these!







           Frank and Annie

With Hewitt and Dinah cutler in front       Another photo of  Frank and Annie with mom


These photos were taken in 1976, when my folks made a return trip to Newfoundland. These are Newfie kids, with St. Georges in the background.      These are children of my friends.

I recently reconnected with my dear friend, Anita Cutler/Hinks.(4-18-16) She has provided the names of the girls and boys in the following photos.


The girls on bikes were the daughters of Bob and Neatha (nee Major) Cutler, who owned the store on Cutler's Hill. The girl in white, on the left, is Peggy Cutler Thomas. She and Anita are close friends. The name of the other girl is Tina Cutler Durnford.

The boys on the top step are (Back L- R) Wade Swyer and Melvin Sears. The boys on the lower level are (Front L-R) Frank Cutler, Barry Brake, Troy Rilea.

I have been waiting for four years for someone to help me identify these folks. Thank you Anita!


Anita was my very first girlfriend. It is easy to see why I fell in “love at first sight”. Here are some scans of 8mm movie film.




I was able to add this photo today. (4-6-16)                                 These were taken in late 1962 after I had returned to the states.



              The folks visited Dave Cutler in Mainland, Canada on this trip.                                                                              Church ladies                             My granny with the church people.


Baby moose



And last of all, my favorite place, “Camp 33”. This is where Richard McCray lost his life, fishing with his dad. It was a very sad time at school. The black and white photo was added on 5/26/16, after I found it in www.petesmemories.com/bunch9 . It was mixed with other photos that I was unable to identify.



I have temporarily uploaded a chapter from my autobiography, entitled, “Newfoundland”.

Find it at http://www.petesmemories.com/memoir.html.


I talked to my old friend David Cutler on the phone today. 4-6-16

Looking forward to reconnecting!


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Obituary provided by N.W.Croom Jr. through Rocket Trails.


Ansel Crisp Passing

Email from Norris Croom: Ansel Crisp Passing

9/25/2015 5:05 PM

Norris Croom

To  Allyn Billy - HHS — Bennett Bob - HHS   and 35 others

Dear Classmates, thought you might want to know that our dear friend Ansel Crisp, EHHS Class of 1961, passed away peacefully yesterday, about 4:45pm, at his home in York, SC.  Ansel’s son, Clay, called me yesterday evening with the sad news.  Our hearts go out to Lynda, Clay, and the entire Crisp family.   May God bless them all!

 If you would like Lynda’s address is it as follows:

 Mrs. Lynda Crisp

329 E. Liberty St.

York, SC 29745

 I’ll be happy to pass on any service arrangement details, once known, to those who would like to have them.


 Sonny Croom


Our thoughts and prayers, and sincerest condolences go out to: The family and friends of Kathy Meyer Murphy, EHHS Class of 1966, who passed away on March 20, 2015.


This screen shot is from Rocket Trails 2, added on the sixth day of April, 2016.


Youtube look at Stephenville today.


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