A few photos

Most are from Anita’s IPhone


Grace Cutler                                                                                                          Anita


                                                                                      2 of Anita’s brothers, Tom and Kerry                                                          Cornerbrook scenery



Anita’s mobile home near Ontario                                                                                 Anita with daughter Natalie                                                                      Natalie with daughter Tiana




The following are scans of 8mm movie film




This is Anita shortly before her 16th birthday.

We did some serious smoochin’ in this barn! Dad was never this close!   J


I received these in a letter from Anita on 5-23-16








I received this dream catcher in a letter from Anita on 5-25-16





The following photos are from Anita’s I-PHONE.




                                         Albert’s house (cropped)                                                                                                              Looking down the Brook (cropped)





David and Anita were raised in this house. I spent countless nights sleeping here.


Brings back so many memories!