Mounted Items

These loose items were mounted. Some were identified. There were also a few  loose pictures.

 I will show the marked, mounted, loose photos, first.

This is a mix.


I wish that I could share the feel of these items. They have a texture, and feeling of antiquity, and it is very exciting to be able to touch these things. They won’t take many more touchings before they are worn completely out.  Some I would have liked to find in better shape, but this is the best we can do.


                                         Spider web tissue.




A Mother’s Day card?

From Christie????



                            Fish scale tissue




                     Dreadful hand coloring job!!!




These are fading, as I type. Wish this had gotten done, years ago.

             Looks like the camera got bumped in this one.

                         Somebody’s Christmas tree???

My Grandpa claimed carpentry as his trade. I wonder if he’s in this picture????


                                          Original size






                     Very blurry. I’ve seen this face before





                                                Original size




                                       Original size



                        Grandma and Gloria in Yuma. 1954




                           These haven’t been separated yet.




                                          I see Grandma and Grandpa in this one.




                                    Dale at the beach with Grandpa




A naughty child smeared crayon on this one. I want to scan it before I clean it, in case I wreck it.




                                          A little clearer….