Mounted Items


These loose items were mounted. Some were identified. There were also a lot of loose pictures.

 I will show the marked, mounted, loose photos, first.





This is a mix.

Bunch 15

This first item is an envelope, mailed to my parents in 1982. It contained a letter and reproductions of two photos. The handwriting is difficult to read.

Erling calls this the wedding picture of (grand parents?). Around 1880.

This would be my great grandparents, Martha’s mother and father.







There’s a lot of photos of this guy. I wish I knew who he was!

This is Erling Boe, the man that addressed the envelope at the beginning of this bunch.

He had a sister named Solveig. Their photos

will be found near the end of this bunch.

I really wish I knew who this was!!!!





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Bunch 16