I had the pleasure of working for Northrop as a technical publications analyst. As validations coordinator, it was my responsibility to validate the procedures for maintenance on the inertial navigation system, on Morocco’s F-5 fighter aircraft.

I accepted the opportunity to travel to Morocco as a reward, for three years of work to manufacture an accurate set of maintenance manuals. Coincidentally, a very good friend that I had known for years was the resident “tech. rep.” James Linkous, and his wife Kathy were kind enough to put me up, to save on lodging expenses, and show me the sights. I landed in Rabat, rented a car, and checked into a hotel, just to get a feel for prices, for expense account purposes.


Jim took time off work and took me to an ancient Roman ruins. Kathy loaned me a camera, which is something that would have been the last thing I thought about. will give some insight.



                 The storks like to build their nest on top of these columns






I also used the camera to get some photos of the capitol city of Rabat, and the golden doors on the palace.




I also drove my rental car to the city of Fez. This is the “Fine Leather” capitol of the world. If you have ever watched “Dirtiest Jobs”, you have probably seen the boy that collects pigeon poop, and makes a slurry in which to soak leather, where it becomes soft and supple to a degree, unequaled anywhere.


                        This town is on a hill.                City of Fez

             There!    See the hill, now?

Two engineers from Northrop. Left is Andy Limon. The man on the right, I can’t remember his name. I want to say Garcia. Sorry, man. Alzheimer’s strikes again!

He is holding a piece of leather I purchased.



If you watched “World’s dirtiest jobs”, the boy in that segment is the son of the man on the left. This is about five years before he was born.

                                This photo is from Wikipedia.




                                              This one is from my camera.




                                          Dye and conditioning tanks.


                     Walkway in the marketplace.

Those little things on the top shelf are made from fragrant cedar wood. I bought one to freshen my underwear drawer.




I also witnessed the birth of some “alley kittens” next to Kathy’s washing machine. J


If you guys see this, Thanks again! I really had a wonderful time!




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