This page was created several years ago. I am revising it today (1-31-2018) because of some photos I received when Gloria passed away.

I’m hoping my cousin, Wayne will send some photos of his dad.

I will add what I have.

This is the latest photo I have of Ethel.


Ethel’s mom, our Granny.


Ethel is on right in second row.

Bonnie and Judy are on either side of cousin Janet.


Bonnie and Judy


Happy birthday!   Wayne on left.



Birthday girl. At granny’s house.


This is the Peterson house in Yuma.



Ethel is on left next to Harold Peterson.








Irma, Ethel, and Elsie, sisters.

This is before any of us were a glimmer in dad’s eye.


This is after the gleam!


Wayne in Tijuana with the Petersons in ’56.

Wayne is on my ass.


It was delightful to see my cousin, Wayne, in 2005. I traveled to Snohomish in August, and on the way, I stopped at Wayne’s place in Estacada, Oregon.

They allowed me to spend the night there, and fed me, and I got to see Wayne’s toys. I took a few photos.


The house


Wayne and toys




More toys


You got the idea!


Tools for toys



I got one photo of his granddaughter. I will add it when I find it.


She looks like aunt Bonnie.


Yuma 1956



Wayne is in the middle in back.

                     Jo Ann                                   Darlene            Debbie  Shirley (kn)       Diana                  Gale

Second row not sure of first three         Janet                   Wayne              Fern       Sally (Jim’s wife)     Gloria

Back                                                                                                   Jim (one of twins)                           Dale


Wayne and Fern with uncle Bud.


Ethel with sisters and brothers

standing  Bud   Carl  Roy        Iris       Lilian   Grace             Alta

Seated                                    Ethel             Elsie               Irma


The following photos were received when Gloria passed away.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wayne, Bonnie and Judy

 Irma and Wayne                        Wayne’s birthday party

These photos were taken in Yuma, Az. At the Peterson house-1301 15th st.   Yuma Arizona  the year 1954 appx.                                                                       




                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The backs of two of the photos


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