This is the latest from my brother:

Last year, before Scott passed away, Dale unfriended me from Facebook. I don’t use Facebook, so I was unaware of this. I found out when I wished him a happy birthday last year. I got no response. This year, when I sent birthday greetings, I got this response

This is the latest correspondence with Dale.

On October 30, 2017 at 4:49 PM Dale Peterson <dalepeterson48@hotmail.com> wrote:

I got your message. I really don't see any future in continuing to stay in contact if it is going to be like it was. I am not going to go into any of the old  crap so if this is about "keeping in touch" like we were, I am not interested. This is just like the rest of our communication where you have the "my way or the highway" attitude and if that is how you still are and haven't seen any need for change, I am simply not interested. You are my brother and I can't do anything about that, but I don't think you have been what a brother should be. Wayne and I are very close and that is what brothers do. We keep in touch and are glad to see each other and treat each other right. You have an email account and can contact me if you feel something is important. Otherwise, I prefer to just go our separate ways and leave it at that. It really is up to you. I have written a book that I am getting published and have bought a nice little house near the beach and have a wonderful partner and she treats me right, so I am doing fine. Would I change things that happened between us, yes, but I can't so if things haven't changed, I am happy on my own.  


From: Terry Peterson <pete@thepetersonranch.com>
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2017 8:39 PM
To: Dale Peterson
Subject: Re: Reply


My way or hiway? Same old crap? If things are the same? What are you getting at? What do I need to change? Every six months you are mad at me, and I never know why. I must be a horrible person for you to be angry with me all of the time! I think about you every day, and I wonder where you are, and what, and how you are doing.

It is comforting to know that you have a place and a partner. I am glad you have a good relationship with Wayne. I would like to have stayed in touch with mom’s side of the family, but so many bad things have been spread about me, and I never gave my side of the story because I really don’t care what anybody thinks, including you. I have had everything taken away from me so many times, and I struggle to survive, but I have a place and a good partner also.

I don’t know what you expect from me in order for us to have civil communication. A simple update like what you just wrote is all I expect. We are the end of the Peterson family, aside from our offspring. I try to stay in touch with your daughter, and I rarely see my own son. They have their own lives, and are always busy, but they keep me up to date. I miss talking to Scott two or three times a month, and I have two grandsons that I have never met.

The only change in my life is activity slowing, and mellowing of the temperament. I honestly would like to stay in touch. So, it’s really up to YOU!

Your brother

And, finally

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From: Dale Peterson <
To: Terry Peterson <
Date: October 30, 2017 at 8:10 PM
Subject: Re: Reply

Being mad at you takes effort on my part and I don't indulge in that. I simply seek out people that are positive and are good for my life. I am not going to start any dialog about this. I simply have moved on and only have time for positive people and things.


Good luck with your life.



I will make no further attempt to stay in touch with Dale!

Ooooh! Ooooh! There’s more! Incredible! The gift that keeps on giving!

Re: Reply

11/6/2017 7:18 PM

Dale Peterson

To  Terry Peterson  

Here is my final response in any matters with you. I am so done. I have told you about giving you the check for $30,000, which you denied and then later in your writings, you mentioned "when I received the money from Dale", a complete contradiction, which is you, in every way. I was willing to let things go and be civil but I got yanked back into your world when you met up with Nita Cutler and the story about you having to be secreted out of Canada. I am tired of your lies as you can't seem to tell the truth, and that is not a simple thing of "well, that is how I saw it and you saw it different".    

    You are a liar and you can't seem to even understand simple truths, so I leave you to your world. I don't need Lori calling me and telling me you ripped her off, as I know you and know that doesn't even surprise me as she wasn't the first. I really am disgusted at you for having to lie and then justify it. I have documents of where you contradict yourself and was going to send them, but I don't want to waste the time. Quite simply, you are not worth it. I have heard enough from others of your badmouthing me and they know me better so I don't worry about it.

   I worked hard to get back on my feet and have peace in my life and when I get calls about you and your drama and ripping people off and lying about things, I just have to dismiss it from my life. Too bad you don't have any moral compass and if you're happy, good for you. 

   I liked your little "half admission" about coming after me with a "wiffle bat". Those are called rolling pins and are easy to kill people with, which I believe was your intention. I left the house one day and the next day you were screaming at me and that was shortly before the attack. I don't know what set you off and now, I simply don't care.

   Have a good life if you can, and leave me completely out of it. In my eyes and heart, you don't exist. I told Gloria the same thing and now she is dead. I don't wish you any ill as Karma will be your undoing.

   Please do not contact me any more and go on with your life. I have peace and any connection to you threatens it, so "no thanks."

Go ahead and let every one know what a cold hearted SOB I am and do what you choose. 




I’ll bet, dear reader, that you thought that was going to be the end of this!

I knew this day would come. It took a little longer than I thought, but here’s “whack a mole” popping his head up, once again.


from  Dale Peterson  

Hi, well I have found myself in a pickle and so I figured that I would ask for your help.  I helped you when I could and now I need it so I will ask. I figure the worst is you can say no. My car is dying on me and I have found an excellent deal on a NIssan Pathfinder that is in great shape and the retail should be from $4500 to $6500 and the guy wants $2000 for it. I have driven it and it is in excellent shape. I don't have the money to buy it so I need to either borrow the $2000 or get a co-signer on the loan. I will set up the payment to come automatically out of my Social Security so there is no risk for you. 

I know our relationship has been strained and I figure that if you want to be brothers, we need to help each other.  The past is just that and I don't live there anymore. I would appreciate it if you can let me know if you can help me. You know that I am good at my word and will pay this so that you never have to spend any money on this at all. Andrea tried to co-sign but her credit is maxed out. We have been together for five years now and she insists that we have full coverage on all vehicles so that will apply to this vehicle as well. 

All I can do is ask and leave it up to you. I hope you will help me, please. 

Thank you.........Dale 

My response;

Terry Peterson<pete@thepetersonranch.com>

6/6/2019 8:39 PM

To  Dale Peterson  


 #1. I don’t remember getting any help from you.

#2. YOU strained our relationship!

#3. Your word means nothing to me. You are the worst kind of liar there is.

I will help you. I can co-sign.


Now! Watch this get flipped!

---------- Original Message ---------- 
From: Dale Peterson <
To: Terry Peterson <
Date: June 7, 2019 at 11:47 PM 
Subject: Re: Hello 

I want to thank you for offering to co-sign for me. I was able to swing it and got the vehicle. I read from some of your blogs and looks to me like you harbor a lot of resentment towards me. I know that I made more than my share of mistakes in life and didn't handle things as well as I would have liked. I don't harbor any ill feelings towards you and if you really feel this way, perhaps we shouldn't communicate. I will leave that up to you. I have apologized for the past and I have moved on. That is just where I am. Good luck to you and I hope you are well and happy. 

    I don't know what more to say. Best to you..............Dale 



I missed the apology somewhere! I harbor NO resentment. I have simply recorded the communication between us over the years. I have not made any of these pages available to the public. This is an accurate record of the nonsense that I have endured.




See http://www.petesmemories.com/inspiration.html     was  http://www.petesmemories.com/moron.html