This is an absolute treasure. Not quite sure what it was, I emailed my relative on my father’s side of the family, Christie Livingston. I included a couple sample pages.


Dear Christie,

I came across this old book, which appears to be some sort of calendar. The word Kreftelig probably explains what type of calendar it is, but I never learned any Norwegian. When I was scanning old family photos, I found this book. I carefully preserved all of the old photos, but somehow overlooked this item. My son expressed a lack of interest, and no emotional ties to anything. I find this distressing, but everyone is entitled to their own priorities.


 My dear friend, and 2nd cousin (once removed) Christie Livingston has been an enormous help with the Boe ancestory records. She tells me, I studied the book a bit. The title is “Scripture Calendar“. It’s not exactly a bible but more a daily devotional. The first verse is John 1:29. “Behold the Lamb of God, come to save the World from sin. “ (adlibbing) So cool that it has Birthdates in it!”


I asked her if she would like to have it, and she said yes, so tomorrow, I will put this in the mail for her. I don’t trust the USPS, and it would be a tragedy if this book were lost, so I spent four hours carefully scanning every page. I was hoping to replicate the feeling of actually holding this treasure in your own hands. It is incredibly fragile, and scanning it was a difficult job, and I was afraid to apply enough pressure to insure scans which are in focus, and some pages are a little fuzzyJ, but, now it is preserved forever. If Christie thinks I need to add to this, I welcome her suggestions.



           END for now!