I am changing the name of this page. It seems like I have been in conflict with my brother

 ever since he was born. The “childish” side of me wants to lash out,

and retaliate. I am thankful that I am able to channel this energy into creativity.

Brother, you are an endless fountain of inspiration to me!

Observe my initial response.


That is why I am really strict with my meds now. I am trying to be patient with him, but he has been getting really obnoxious and argumentative when he starts catching a buzz.

 Do you have any advice for me? I know I am not perfect and I am really sticking to my prescriptions as I am supposed to, and do not get fucked up. I wouldn't do that around his kids, as a guest here, but I don't know how to handle it. The only thing I can think of is to just shut up, and let him find out the hard way. Please don't tell him about me writing you this. I don't want any of our relationships to be in jeopardy. I am approaching you as a brother, that is concerned for my nephew, and your son. Let me know. He does not read my emails so what you tell me will remain totally confidential. 
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Preparing a lecture for disrespectful drunks!

I’m having a problem with the title of this page. I was going to call it “Ten Year Old”, but it deteriorated to “Six Year Old”, and is devolving as I write, so we’ll go with “Moron”.

This is an email

Pete, I arrived here in Virginia on tuesday evening. Scott got released from the hospital on tuesday at around noon. Aaron will be here til the week end, then I will be helping Scott with Matthew and I think Josh may come back too. I am enjoying cooking for them and we are all eating good. I went to the store the first day and went nuts, so we all will be sitting around rubbing our bellies for a while. Scott is doing good, but I am glad I can be here to get him to appointments he needs to be at, and help with the boys. I will hope to get back to looking at pictures. We had a bit of trouble getting the computer going, but Aaron figured it out. I will be in touch. Hope all is well there.........moron


We got an even heavier rain today. I had to have Aaron take me to the ER and get a cathator because my prostate is swollen and I couldn't pee. I got squared away, and Aaron is going back tomorrow. Scott is doing pretty good, but is really sore. Other than that, all is well, and we are just hanging in there. Hope all is good there.......moron


On April 21, 2013 at 12:23 AM The moron <> wrote: 

   I went thru 13 years there where I couldn't sleep without taking a bunch of pills and finally I went to drinking a quart of whiskey at night to sleep, and I went into a homeless program and realized that I was carrying around too much anger and needed to let it all go.

Learning to leave things from the past alone is a big part, so I really work on that.

I  feel like I have made a lot of progress in that, and you  really have helped me see myself as I need to see me. I thank you for that.

Being bipolar does not make it easy, but I understand myself better, and deal with things better, with lots of room for improvement.

The guys I have hooked up with are heavy weights in the music industry and one guy used to be big in film, so I have great contacts. (This is the one that Scott called you on! Suddenly he’s a disrespectful drunk.)

I don't know if you ever saw my film from Mt. St, Helen's but I have it on disc and can burn a copy for you if you want. That was a $15 million dollar deal but when the authorities wrongfully got involved, we lost that. (Really?)

I know you don't have your Facebook account anymore, but if you want to google these guys and see what I have at my disposal, I will give you their names and you can check it out. Tommy Nikosey is a Graphics artist, and may be able to assist me in getting your slides reduced. He is a mufti-millionare and he is really good at doing things for me quickly if he has the time. I can call him if you want.

I hope your health holds up, and congratulations on quitting smoking and drinking. I agree we did come from a pretty messed up family, but I don't want to pass that along and don't want that to be my legacy.

   I hope you will read this, and accept the apology. Take care, and I do love you because you are my big brother. Please let me know.................(moron)

Do you even remember all of this?



Being mad at you takes effort on my part and I don't indulge in that. I simply seek out people that are positive and are good for my life. I am not going to start any dialog about this. I simply have moved on and only have time for positive people and things.


Good luck with your life.

I will make no further attempt to stay in touch with my brother!

OooohOoooh! There’s more! Incredible! The gift that keeps on giving!

Re: Reply

11/6/2017 7:18 PM

moron Peterson

To  Terry Peterson  

Here is my final response in any matters with you. I am so done. I have told you about giving you the check for $30,000, which you denied and then later in your writings, you mentioned "when I received the money from moron", a complete contradiction, which is you, in every way. I was willing to let things go and be civil but I got yanked back into your world when you met up with Nita Cutler and the story about you having to be secreted out of Canada. I am tired of your lies as you can't seem to tell the truth, and that is not a simple thing of "well, that is how I saw it and you saw it different".    

    You are a liar and you can't seem to even understand simple truths, so I leave you to your world. I don't need Lori calling me and telling me you ripped her off, as I know you and know that doesn't even surprise me as she wasn't the first. I really am disgusted at you for having to lie and then justify it. I have documents of where you contradict yourself and was going to send them, but I don't want to waste the time. Quite simply, you are not worth it. I have heard enough from others of your badmouthing me and they know me better so I don't worry about it.

   I worked hard to get back on my feet and have peace in my life and when I get calls about you and your drama and ripping people off and lying about things, I just have to dismiss it from my life. Too bad you don't have any moral compass and if you're happy, good for you. 

   I liked your little "half admission" about coming after me with a "wiffle bat". Those are called rolling pins and are easy to kill people with, which I believe was your intention. I left the house one day and the next day you were screaming at me and that was shortly before the attack. I don't know what set you off and now, I simply don't care.

   Have a good life if you can, and leave me completely out of it. In my eyes and heart, you don't exist. I told Gloria the same thing and now she is dead. I don't wish you any ill as Karma will be your undoing.

   Please do not contact me any more and go on with your life. I have peace and any connection to you threatens it, so "no thanks."

Go ahead and let every one know what a cold hearted SOB I am and do what you choose. 




See  Leaving Newfoundland;

 I wanted to start school in Washington State at the beginning of the year, so my parents sent me to stay with friends until they finally rotated.

 I never denied $30,000. Half went to my lawyer. I paid your mortgage with the rest until it was gone. Secreted out of Canada? Ripped Lori off? Where do you get this stuff? I would love to see some documents that are contradictory. If I made an error, I need to fix it! I have never “badmouthed” you to anyone. I write things down so I don’t forget, unlike you. No one can see this unless you show them. Karma is so good to me! I’m really glad I cleaned up my act!

If you have forgotten how this started see



Well, I have to tell you that there was no lawsuit that I am aware of that I won by default.     See

Believe me or don't but I have never seen these papers before this. 

I told the lawyer that you met, "that is my brother, just let it go".

I am not aware of any lawsuit that I won on default. If you have information on it, I would like to see it, and I will put in writing here, that I will not enforce it. I just don't know about it and need to see it. 

I do want to thank you for the legal papers because now I can put a lean on your property and get some of what you ripped me off for.       Lean on this!   Image result for the bird

Susan divorced me right after I got her well and able to work again. L

I would ask that when you copy and paste things I write, you would not edit them to make you look good, but that is asking a habitual liar not to lie, and won't happen.

Just keep on lying on your blog and I will keep laughing as people that know me but don't know you are wondering what you are talking about. Your lies don't add up.

Enjoy as the more you write the dumber it gets. Oh well you were a pretty good liar at one time but now, not so much. You get confused.


1) I was in a serious accident in my van in 1990, and received $40K from my insurance company. $15K went to mom, and I had a receipt, and may still have it, but will need to look, if you really want the truth and are going to use iitl

I remember the van. I put the motor in it. Why are you talking about 40K and 15K? If there was a “Judy and tools” money issue, that would have been a good time to fix the money issue. I replaced the motor for free.

You crashed because you blacked out while you were driving.

Can you tell me that because I built a house and you didn't, that I had an advantage?


You received part of land you chose, and the same amount of money that I did.

I received no money.


5) why did you come after me with the club?


You probably don’t remember the note you hung on the screen door.

 It said “I am going to kick your ass, but only when I have witnesses so you don’t tern (sp) around and sue me. You can go ahead and tell mommy on me.”

The cops you called on me said if I hadn’t had that, they would need to arrest me. The whiffle bat that I mortally wounded you with, and the note are in the sheriff’s evidence locker. You can see them anytime you like, during business hours.

I was a drunk. I made a lot of poor choices. I wish I could fix all the wrong things I did, but my conscience is clear.

Image result for hitting someone with a bat gif


 I feel bad that you have to carry this in your heart. I apologize to you for the pain I have caused, and I hope you can let it go.

Fortunately I can talk to your boys and they will understand as they know you are a liar too.


I encourage you to talk to my boys. Like me, they carry no grudges.


I am so tired from lying; I must take a short break!






  1. a stupid person.



informal nitwithalfwitdopeninnynincompoopchumpdimwitdingbatdipstickgoober

cootgoondumbodummyditzdumdumfatheadnumbskull, numbnuts, dunderheadthickhead

airheadbuttheadflakelamerlamebrainzombienerdpeabrainbirdbrainscissorbill, jughead, mouth-breatherjerkdonkeytwitgoatdorktwerphoserschmuckbozoboobturkeyschlepchowderhead


dumb cluckmook, and last but not least, “fucktard”.

"what moron left ice cream on the stove?"


You can fix “ignorant”. You can’t fix “stupid”.


                                                             To be continued (I’m afraid)



burn bridge   bridge


burning-bridges-kool  -burning-bridges-isnt-a-bad-thing