Revised 5-1-2022

Welcome to the PETERSON website!


You have stumbled upon a mountain of useless information. There is also a mountain of very useful information!

Perhaps you didn’t stumble, but no matter how you came across this website, ( it has something for everyone!

If you are a PETERSON, or a JOHNSON, BOE or ELLIS, or a RELATIVE or a FRIEND, or ENEMY, or JUST CURIOUS, here you will find something that will make you, smile, frown, laugh out loud, angry, nostalgic, think, and I could go on, but you really just need to explore the website!. A treasure trove of old photos and documents!

Some material is intended for a mature, open minded audience, but some of you will NOT heed my cautions, and find something that will offend you.

I make fun of all races, and most religions. I attempt to show you the workings of an angry mind, and the lighter side of many subjects.


First, I want to thank everyone that has made a contribution to this site. There were many, and without that, this would be a dreary site! The photos and information are absolute treasures! Credits are given in table of contents, and on individual pages.


Second, I want to thank everyone who has used the site, and passed it on to someone else. This has led to a “snowballing” of contributors. My dear friends from Newfoundland, from sixty years ago have made huge contributions, thanks to Wendy Samms!

This increased the accuracy of some of our family history, and added some precious photos! 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION, contact me at my email, found on index page. Comments and criticism are welcome. We DON’T need money! We need PHOTOS and HISTORICAL ITEMS!


If you are still with me, you probably don’t “have something better to do”, and will take the time to examine some of my creations.

They need to be examined carefully, as there are many hidden “twists and turns”. Freudian slips may not be “slips”, and seeming continuity may be purely accidental.

My tortured mind has chased off two wives, both were good women. I have lost many family members, including one of my children, and several really good dogs.

I have been “rich”, and I have been poor, hopeless, in fact! I have battled alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, and am without tobacco or alcohol for 20 years as of Thanksgiving Day of 2021.

I have been around the world, five times, and I feel qualified to have an opinion. You are entitled to your opinion, whether or not you agree with me. My intent is not to change your opinion, but only to offer a look at the other side of the coin.

I hope you find your visit to my website entertaining, and educational. There are worse ways to waste your time!


Terry Peterson      “Pete”