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I love avocados! When they are on sale, I buy the limit, which is usually anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen. I bring them home and eat two. The rest spoil, and it makes me sad to waste food. I recently surfed the net for ways to store them, long term.

Avocados are strange creatures! They go from rock hard, unripe, to soft, then mushy, then spoiled in what seems like a matter of hours.

Some experts say to refrigerate when slightly soft, and that works very well for moderately short periods of time.

One contributor suggested storing them in water in the refrigerator. I was skeptical when I read this, but I had just purchased a dozen, and most of them were perfectly ripe. I had a choice of either making a ton of guacamole or trying a new idea.

Avocado cut in half on a counter

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Denise fed the cats out of my casserole dish, and it was left outside, where it filled with water, which evaporated, I don’t know how many times! Consequently, it had mineral deposits which wouldn’t wash out with soap and water. I was ready to throw it out, but I wanted to try something first. I saturated a washcloth with distilled white vinegar, and it came clean like “brand new”.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware Rectangular Baking Dish