Martha Boe/Peterson's small brown album

My grandmother made a small album, centering on my Uncle Egbert. I don't know the relationship he may have with the women in the pictures with him. He was killed in a car crash before I was born.




                                                                      This negative was flipped. Notice house number. Should be 1119.






                                                                     If that’s me, I was wrong about not meeting my Uncle Egbert





                                                                                                                        Agnes and Egbert

                                                        My Aunt Agnes and My Grandmother Martha


                                                                  Agnes and Egbert


                                                                         Agnes, Halvor and Martha


                                                                                Agnes and Harold, my father.

                                                                        Harold Peterson, my father

                                                           Grandma and Grampaw Peterson


                                            Harold, Agnes, Martha, and Halvor


                                The whole Peterson Family; Agnes, Egbert, Martha, Harold, and Halvor







                                                                                                         Some loose items.





                                                              Vanport Flood



If this is my mother, I wonder who the guys are. Is one of them my maternal grandfather?





                                                                                                   Second half of small brown album




I had to re-do a couple things that were stuck together, I didn’t notice.

                                              END small brown album





This is Martha's small green album.

This album centers on my dad, and starts with a picture of him holding me (1946-1947. A picture just before the end shows my grandmother sitting beside a picture of my dad. Someone wrote "Waiting for the war to end". Must be 1945. There is a picture of her Christmas tree in 1943.






                                                                 Aha! I caught ya!





   I believe this is Willard Pitney, who married my Aunt Agnes.