When my mother passed away, she left a living trust that provided for an equal division of the family assets. Gloria took everything. She claims there was nothing to take, so, I will tell this story.

This is a manila envelope containing some of the problems the Christians gave me.

These are the charges.


The problem was, Dale sued me for unlawful detainer of a home he didn’t own because Gloria delayed distribution of benefits.

Expecting the worst, I filed an application to homestead.

The day my home arrived,

  This was stuck to my fence.

The Dooleys had called “Code Enforcement”. Denise and I were living in a tent, next to the pond, and at night, we slept in my camper shell. If the sun shined on the two hundred feet of garden hose I recovered, we could take a shower, anywhere from boiling hot, to ice cold. The hot only lasted for forty five seconds, but was a luxury.

We worked every day, a lot of times for Fran Paxton, mowing her lawn, and doing odd jobs for her and her neighbor, Ken.

We couldn’t look beyond our meal that was prepared on the barbecue, and the twelve pack that would dull the pain, every day.


This was 7-29-98, and two days later, while I was at work, earning forty dollars, this was glued to my gate.

There went my dinner and my twelve pack! Many days we went hungry, and this was one of them. It was a blistering hot day, and by the time I got home from the dog pound, there was no hot water, and we all, dogs included, went to bed, hungry and dirty.

It took my whole day’s pay to get my puppy back. Dan Humble’s kids watched the whole thing. They said Mrs. Dooley called Scooper onto her property, and restrained him until animal control got there. They said they watched Mrs. Dooley pick up Scooper and put him in the animal control truck. It’s nice to live next door to the cops. J


There was one person on this planet that was on my team. My dear cousin, Diana East.

In order to protect the only thing left that the Christians hadn’t plundered, I rented an equipment trailer, and towed my dad’s Kubota tractor up to Todd’s house in Garden Valley.

I almost lost the place due to unimaginable hardship, and my neighbor, John Pibbs offered to hold the tractor, and gave me a five hundred dollar deposit. This prevented me from selling to Susan, Dan’s wife (girlfriend, partner, I don’t know because I never asked).

Finally, as the year 2012 draws to a close, I finally have an opportunity to get the tractor back, with a few extras. J

Once all the bible thumpers had gone through all my parent’s possessions, and taken everything that Gloria hadn’t already taken, Gloria made a trip to my son, Todd’s house with a load of things that were meant for me. After she had gone, she realized she had left my father’s coin collection behind, and returned for it. She tried to get out the door without anyone seeing, but, as karma would have it, the bottom broke out of it, and the entire contents spilled onto the floor, and she had to get on her hands and knees to pick them up, while Todd and Colleen watched. I really wasn’t interested in the monetary value of the things that she took, but I am terribly hurt to think that she had absolutely no regard for the sentimental value of things. It would be easy to subpoena her records, but for what? Everything is gone. Squandered! I hope she lives a long time, to think about what she has done.

Our parents purchased six acres. They divided it into three, two acre parcels, and willed the parcels to my brother, sister, and me.

This is a map that I drew, in preparation for dividing the property. Being firstborn, I was given first choice of parcels. I chose the middle piece with the pond, thinking that my sister should have the house, and my brother had plans to build a house, (financed by our parents), on the remaining parcel. My dream has always been to retire, and build a house on my parcel.

Both my brother and sister sold their parcels, and squandered the money. Realizing they were broke, they both tried to get my parcel away from me.

My sister withheld my parcel for nearly a year, and my brother sued me.

I didn’t think I would survive, with no support from anyone but Diana, but Denise and I hung in there. Diana paid to have the trailer mounted on a permanent foundation, and ordered the septic dug. Together we put up a power pole, and after another really hard year, we got electricity. Finally, after all the resistance from every quarter, we managed to make a peaceful, happy life, for ourselves.

Thanks for the help, everybody!

Here’s the issue: My dad sketched in the orange trees before the borders were drawn. He actually did a pretty good job, guesstimating.

When the Dooleys bought the place from Gloria, I showed them the borders. They are indicated with a re-bar driven into the ground, and a surveyors button. They erected a fence using, not the borders I showed them, but, they went by where the line cuts through the orange trees. I was forced to pay Allied Engineering four thousand dollars to reestablish my border.

Thanks for that, too!







What fresh hell is this?

My son called me, and said that he had communication with his aunt Gloria on Facebook.


Gloria’s e-mail to me:

Hey, Scott! So GREAT to see you on here. I have certainly suffured from being ostrasized from the family. Scott, I would have been glad to be open about my Dad and Mom's trust account, but I was absolutely bound the trust to keep the info confidential. Everyone thought that there was a ton of money that I got, but truth to tell, I had just enough to do the electrician work, put on a new roof, redo the plumbing, buy the headstone and on and on. This took every bit of cash that was left. You didn't know it, but Mom was afraid that she would not have enough money to live on. Anyway, I have felt unjustly judged and have mourned having no contact with the family that remains. In spite of it all, I still love all of you and hope that we can put all of this behind us and establish a connection. LOVE, Gloria

My e-mail to Gloria


It’s good to see you on here too, and hope you are doing well.

I am going to start this off by saying that I love you too, and would be more than willing to reestablish a connection and let the past be the past. You mention that you hope we can put the past behind us, and I agree. Unfortunately, the past will never truly go away and therefore, this is a time for brutal honesty. Only then can we restore trust and integrity between one another. This isn’t an argument about who’s right, who’s wrong, or even who’s fault it is. This is a time for redemption, where we can restore trust and integrity between one another. If this is something that you are prepared for, and are willing to be honest and open about everything, then not only will we be able to establish a connection, but we will also have a stronger bond than we ever did.

I’m going to say things and ask questions that may either hurt your feelings or make you feel uncomfortable. I promise you though, I am not going to sugar coat anything, and when I say brutal honesty, that is an understatement. If you dare continue to read further, here are the rules. You can either be honest with me, or tell me to blow smoke. All I ask is that you don’t give me a dishonest answer. OK, last chance to turn back.

You stated that you have suffered from being ostracized from the family, and that you felt unjustly judged and have mourned having no contact with the family that remains. I’m not quite sure who you are accusing of these things, but I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that I have even heard from you since Grandma’s funeral. I’m going to be completely honest with you though. I have had harsh feelings towards you since Grandma’s passing for many reasons. I’ll go over those reasons in a bit, but I’ll start with the message that you just sent me.

I honestly don’t believe that you are sincere, and I feel that your message is self serving as you try to explain how everyone in the family is against you. This is the first time that I’ve even heard from you since Grandma died. You also stated that you were bound to keep the trust confidential. That makes absolutely no sense. The Trust is what it is. Why were you bound to keep the trust confidential, by whose direction, and what purpose was that supposed to serve? I have copies of both Grandpa and Grandmas last Will and Testament, Declaration of Trust, Amendments, etc... I don’t see anywhere, where it states that the trust be held in confidentiality. I don’t even see the logic to that, other than to be deceptive. I’ll keep an open mind about it though. And just so you understand where I am coming from and what I’m trying to accomplish here, if you were to tell me that “Yes”, your intent was to deceive, then we just broke the ice and are on the right track. But again, I will keep an open mind about it.

You stated that everyone thought that there were tons of money. I don’t think that everyone thought there were tons of money Gloria. I do think that there was money in the account. I also think that you being executer of the Will, should have kept bank records and receipts of what money there was, records and receipts of what it cost to fix the electrical, roof, plumbing, etc.. If you have those records, or anything that can somewhat give the family an idea of how finances were handled, then you can shut that door right now on any accusations. If you don’t have bank statements, receipts of repairs, etc… then that is truly deceptive, absolutely no excuse for it, and you failed to execute your duties properly. In addition, if you failed to execute your duties properly, I don’t see how you can accuse people of unjustly judging you. That is cause for just assumption of blatant deception. Now, if you did take money from the account for yourself, then just say so and we’re making progress. It’s another step towards redemption.

I am curious if you have ever thought about putting yourself in the rest of your family’s shoes. Let’s say for a moment, that Dale was the executor of the will. Would you have some questions for him regarding bank statements and repair costs, if he was unable to distribute the Trust money? So why would you expect any less. Executor of a Will is a big obligation, and I sure as heck would want proof to explain why I was unable to fulfill any part of. Again, anything otherwise is blatantly deceptive.

Now, I’m done with referencing the message that you just sent me. If you would’ve just sent me a message saying , “Hi, glad to see you on FaceBook, Love You”, then I know for a fact that we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. You went straight to it though, opened the door right off the get go. So, we’re either going to take this thing on and get bloody, or things can stay just as they are. I prefer to put this thing to bed once and for all. I do want to let you know right now, that the gloves are coming off here. I’m not saying things to hurt you, but what you read are my true feelings and I would hope that you could follow up with some answers and explanations that are honest.

I can undoubtedly say that Grandma and Grandpa would be very disappointed about how things were handled, and quite frankly, I am pretty disappointed myself. You remember sitting down at Dales house, hashing over things while Grandma was on her deathbed. You were very adamant about selling your (Grandma’s) house and property, so much so, that I was under the impression that the paperwork was already filled out, the buyer was on standby, and all that was left were the signatures. I remember being very disturbed about that, because Grandma was still lying in her hospital bed, in her living room, and still conscious enough to wake up every morning to see the sun come up. I wasn’t the only one that thought of your actions to be ruthless and insensitive, and if I recall, my dad was just about to punch you in the face. We all knew that Grandmas passing was inevitable, but you truly appeared anxious for her to go, really. I remember begging you to be patient with the house and property, and you pretty much told me that it was none of my business. I am very curious right now, if you recall any of this. I am also very curious, if you ever realized how insensitive you were acting at the time. My dad was still trying to grasp the fact that his mom was going to pass soon, and you were pushing him into making decisions about the Trust because you were under some time constraints. I don’t know what your agenda was, but it was deeply disturbing. Do you remember me begging you to not make any sudden decisions until Grandma passed, then we could all sit down under less strenuous circumstances and discuss everything among all of the surviving family members. I kept trying to convince you that it would be really nice to keep all of the property within the family. This would’ve been very easy to manage because there was no mortgage to worry about, and Me, Todd, and Jessica could’ve easily taken care of any taxes and utilities that would’ve come up. This all with my understanding that you were doing your “Faith” thing, and were not allowed possessions of monetary value. And, if at some point that you wanted to settle down, guess what? The house and property would’ve been there waiting for you free and clear. And if you didn’t want to live in the house, then you could’ve given any one of us the opportunity to purchase it from you and still keep it within the family. The possibilities were endless, and could have made life a lot easier for all of us. But you had some agenda that I don’t understand, and I personally felt betrayed by you.

I was also very upset when you were literally giving Grandpa’s tractor away at Grandmas’ funeral. You may not realize it, but me and my dad were standing about 20ft away from you when you offered it to somebody. I even recall you telling whoever “If you come and pick it up, it’s yours”. This, at Grandmas’ funeral for God sake. I had to hold my dad back again. What was going on with you Gloria?

The terms for distribution of the Trust, state that “Items not distributed between you, my dad, and Dale within 90 days, will be sold and then the funds would be distributed between the three of you evenly”. You didn’t even give anybody a chance to grieve. Again, you failed to execute the Trust properly, and were set on your own agenda without regard to anyone else. How long did you give my dad and Dale, to go through Grandpas’ workshop, before threatening to give all of that away. I just remember hearing that Todd had to rush down there and help my dad haul stuff out of the workshop before you sold it or gave it away. What was your agenda Gloria?

I really wish you would come clean with me right now and tell me what was going on. Was it drugs? I know that you were taking Grandmas Morphine, and I’m pretty sure my mom and Raelene knew it too. A few years ago, I started coin collections for my boy’s when they started printing out those state quarters. I also had some antique coins that grandpa gave me and Todd when we were little, and I remember going through Grandpas’ coin collection with him, just before I went into the Navy. We’ll I remember hearing something about Todd picking up Grandpa’s coin collection when he had to rush down there and help our dad clear all of that stuff out before you gave it away. Well, when I started getting my boys set up with their coin collections, I called my dad to see if I could take over custody of Grandpas coin collection so I could pass it on to the boys. I’m sure you know the answer that he gave me. My understanding is that you immediately picked it up from Todd’s once you realized it was gone, am I right? And, I can pretty much guess that you didn’t start your own collection. If I’m wrong, I apologize for the accusation and respectfully request that you allow me to pass it down to my boys. Do you still have it? If not, is it somewhere where I can get it back?

Now, do you still think that you’ve been unjustly judged?

Me and Grandma stayed up late almost every night for that last month that I lived with her and Grandpa before I went to bootcamp, and she and Grandpa both knew how passionate I was about keeping things in the family. We were going thru and organizing all of the films and pictures right before I left. And my dad knew how passionate I was about keeping the property in the family, which is why he lived in a tent on his property, for over two years without running water, sewage, electricity , and while the neighbors such as the “Christian” folks that you literally handed your property over to, harassed him by calling the police and health department on him for not being within code. That is real Christian like by the way, you know? Kick a man while he’s down and trying to survive. You know Gloria, he made those sacrifices for my dream of keeping the property in the family.

So, am I bitter? Absolutely! But I have a big forgiving heart.

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From: Scott Peterson


Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 6:44 AM

Subject: letter to gloria


Let me know what you think.


I could add about a hundred things, but that is very good, and it should work.

I'll be waiting to hear the answer to this.

Love you



About a hundred things:

It took a lot of effort to keep Richard Day from stealing the weed eater. He had already gotten away with a brand new twenty thousand dollar travel trailer. Thank you, Aunt Iris! And thank you to all my aunts and uncles who accepted a free plane trip, at Gloria's expense. That was generous of you, sis. Everybody thinks the world of you!

The bible thumpers got the brand new Craftsman mower that I had assembled, the Barbados, my 20 ft. ladder, and all my tools, my wagon, the wagon for the mower, my Webber, the computer, the printer, the collections.

When I mentioned these things to my attorney, he laughed, and said my shit wasn't worth ten cents. Nostalgically, priceless.


One more thing:

No matter what happens, this belongs here.

It is Monday, August 05, 2013. I have plans to see Russ Farnell and Craig Lyon tomorrow for lunch. I will carry a copy of this letter to Bruce Lyon. I don’t know if I will show it to them, or even if I will mail it to Bruce. Either way, it belongs here.

Bruce Lyon,

It has been seventeen years since I saw you. I really want to let you know what a disaster you created.

I remember trying to talk to you, and you weren't interested in what I had to say. You did say that I had a history of substance abuse. By history, I take it to mean that you had some documentation to that effect. I don't have any “HISTORY” of abuse of anything.

I watched my mother die in agony while my sister took her morphine for herself. I have several witnesses that watched her refill her morphine, after she had passed.

You gave a drug addict the power to dispose of everything my “PARENTS” accumulated during their lifetime. Not only that, you gave her the power to dispose of my own personal belongings. My mother had every right to turn everything “she” owned over to the “friends”, but she did not. Gloria gave everything away, including her family.

I hope Gloria lives a hundred more years. You too!

Sleep Well







                                                                                               This will never end