Formerly Unrevealed Knowledge-Manually Entered.



1) I was in a serious accident in my van in 1990, and received $40K from my insurance company. $15K went to mom, and I had a receipt, and may still have it, but will need to look, if you really want the truth and are going to use iitl

I remember the van. I put the motor in it. Why are you talking about 40K and 15K? If there was a “Judy and tools” money issue, that would have been a good time to fix the money issue. I replaced the motor for free.

You crashed because you blacked out while you were driving.


2) I don't know what having a "free" caretaker in the house that I built means as I paid all my bills, and paid half of the water, while mom paid the other half. It should have been paid in thirds, with you , me and mom paying each one third.

Free caretaker means that you were paid off and gone, and there was no water or anything else to split. I don't know if you paid for the materials for the two porches you built, on the middle front, and west end, but

You paid for the materials. You needed the rails to get insurance for your mortgage. I did that for free.

3) The will was mom and dad's last will and testament and what they both wanted, and that allowed for you and I to have the land, and Gloria to have the house and land it was on.

There was no will and testament. Mom had a living trust, which she was in the process of changing to remove you as a beneficiary. Gloria tried to push it through while mom was brain dead, but she had it so fucked up, it wouldn’t go through. Must have been the “sound mind and body” thing.


Can you tell me that because I built a house and you didn't, that I had an advantage?


You received part of land you chose, and the same amount of money that I did.

I received no money.


4) I never said there was a written agreement, but that was the verbal one as far as I knew. If it was not clear, shouldn't you have let me know?


The lawsuit said we had a written agreement, otherwise you wouldn’t have won by default. If you had served the papers properly, I would have appeared in court, and you wouldn’t have won.


5) why did you come after me with the club?


You probably don’t remember the note you hung on the screen door.

 It said “I am going to kick your ass, but only when I have witnesses so you don’t tern (sp) around and sue me. You can go ahead and tell mommy on me.”

The cops you called on me said if I hadn’t had that, they would need to arrest me. The whiffle bat that I mortally wounded you with, and the note are in the sheriff’s evidence locker. You can see them anytime you like, during business hours.

I was a drunk. I made a lot of poor choices. I wish I could fix all the wrong things I did, but my conscience is clear.


You told Judy you were dying so she would marry you.

I told everyone I was dying. The doctor’s report is in my “Social Security Disability” medical evidence.

I married her so that she and Nathan could have income, besides welfare, and medical insurance. We didn’t say “Till death us do part.” We said “Till it ain”t fun no-more. You really shouldn’t speak for Judy or anyone else. You are the one that is angry. I would love to apologize to Judy, and offer her some help, also. I offered help to Nathan, and as always, he was respectful, and nice to my face. I think he is angry with me also, because I never heard from him again.



 Fortunately I can talk to your boys and they will understand as the know you are a liar too.


I encourage you to talk to my boys. Like me, they carry no grudges.

You have hurt your brain to the point that you don’t make sense, anymore


Anyway, Here’s the argument you wanted so badly. I am putting this on line in a way that only you can see it. If you share the address, you share the content. I’ll only show this to Dan if he decides to get into this. In the process of closing my facebook account, I noticed you sent several more blistering accusations. I like the one about intimidating a 75 year old woman. If you want the world to see these last few paragraphs, send them to me in an email, and I will add them to “fukme”.


 I feel bad that you have to carry this in your heart. I apologize to you for the pain I have caused, and I hope you can let it go.


The offer stands. I have a property you can do anything with, except sell. It can go to Jessica when you die, unless you talk me out of it!

Email your buddy, Russ.


If you are wondering where the original bio manuscript went, you can find it at .

 My bio is about me, and I won’t let you ruin it.



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