This page is a tribute to our friend, Francis Lyon/Paxton

I will add to it as material becomes available.




       FOR FRAN



George and Francis Lyon




This was taken around 1979





Fran and Denise having a laugh together.




Fran looking at the Yucca that she gave to us, years before. It grew fifteen feet tall, and the year after Fran passed away, it bloomed, fell down and died.

There is new growth at the roots, and all of the pieces that broke off have taken root in other containers.




Fran in front of her Oak Creek Apartment.



Fran’s Oak Creek apartment



This is a short video clip. I took this one day that I drove her to the doctor’s office.  Fran at the doctor's


                         I recently found this photo tucked away.                                                                                                  Dated 11-14-05


I also found this photo of Bandit, her cat.





To be continued.