Flight Training Pics

Not sure where these were taken. (Eagle Pass, Texas?)

autobio pics 176   autobio%20pics%20157    autobio%20pics%20158

                                                                                                                                                                  autobio pics 179



autobio pics 179                                                                                  autobio pics 177

Dad marked a later photo of Cleo and his wife. It was in the things I received from Dale.



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autobio%20pics%20164  autobio%20pics%20165      autobio%20pics%20166






autobio%20pics%20168               autobio%20pics%20169


autobio%20pics%20170     autobio%20pics%20171      autobio%20pics%20172





                                                                         autobio pics 178


I am adding some things that I received from Dale. Many of these are duplicates. Also there is one negative. The thing to remember as you view these pages, is that my dad was an amateur photo developer. He set up a darkroom in Yuma, and he made different size prints of many things. Enjoy!