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This is a list of family related items. Includes photos, documents, trusts, and miscellaneous materials. This includes: Petersons, Johnsons, Boes, Ellises, and various other branches of the family tree.


SCANS OF SCOTT PETERSONíS RECORDS.††††† http://www.petesmemories.com/scottrecord.html

All of my son Scottís records, report cards, immunizations, etc.

The Terry H. Peterson Living Trust. http://www.petesmemories.com/trust.htmlThis trust is obsolete.

9-12-2020 Added my new living trust restatement: http://www.petesmemories.com/trustandwill.html


2-5-2020100 year old family photos

I have finally taken the time to ďpiece togetherĒ these lovely old photographs, mounted on heavy paper. My grandpa Halvor is in both photos.

They were taken in 1920 in Finley North Dakota. http://www.petesmemories.com/halvor.html


2-3-2020 Some family history provided by my fatherís cousin, Erling Boe.http://www.petesmemories.com/erling


8-29-2019 This small book belonged to my dadís sister, Agnes. It is a religious calendar, and contains the birthdates of relatives (Boes) from the early 1800s,

handwritten. I donated it to the family genealogist, Christie Livingston.††††††† http://www.petesmemories.com/kriftelig


REVISED Matthewís family page.   http://www.petesmemories.com/matt.html. Added new stuff. Enhanced photos. 

(adjusted contrast and exposure) 1-31-2018


The ďpilotĒ  1-29-2018    http://www.petesmemories.com/pilot.html


A memorial for my son, Scott. 5-10-1969 to 7-11-2016       http://www.petesmemories.com/scott.html


I received an album made by my parents, almost exclusively our trip to Okinawa. 




Added Aunt Estherís photo album.  http://www.petesmemories.com/ellis.html



I uploaded my camera on 5-27-16. There are photos of some things that my parents treasured. The other photos are around the house recently.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/uploadcamera.html


Harold Petersonís home movies (8mm) There was a total of fifty four salvageable reels. I had them converted to digital format, and uploaded them to YouTube. These are YouTube URLs. http://www.petesmemories.com/8mm.html


Harold Petersonís Stamp Collection



I have begun a page in memory of my father, Harold Edwin Peterson.



A new page dedicated to Christie Boeís offspring



And: My personal photo albums.

Many of these photos will be seen on other pages. Rather than duplicate them again, I will insert an address.

You can click on the address and see the photos fully described on another page. J

http://www.petesmemories.com/bluealbum.htmlMy place and my family!

Also: http://www.petesmemories.com/brnalbum.html San Bernardino, Iran, Poway. Mix

And; http://www.petesmemories.com/pics.htmlPics around the house-2003-2005

And; http://www.petesmemories.com/pics2.html Pics around the house 2012-2014


Boe relatives, identified. I will continue to add to this.http://www.petesmemories.com/comparison.html


My fathers flight training photos (Probably from Eagle Pass, Texas) Early to mid Ď40s. I added some things I received from Dale.http://www.petesmemories.com/flight%20training.htm


Stuff from family:

This album was sent to me by my brother, Dale. It was put together by my mother.


I also received a box with several albums, and some loose photos.

See the loose photos at http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt1.html.

The rest are in albums. The first album is in three parts. It was my motherís album, and it is on a black background. It contains photos from the mid forties, to the mid to late fifties. There are over three hundred items to view. I will show them in groups of approximately one hundred items. This expedites the download, as I am using an older laptop to create these pages.

Momís album part 1: http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt2.html


Momís album part 2: http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt3.html


Momís album part 3: http://www.petesmemories.com/dlsbxpt4.html




Album A-Gloriaís album

I donít know Gloriaís people. I donít know Gloria. Good photos of Jessica and my boys.

Photos uploaded. No text. I wonít work on this page!



Album B:Photos uploaded-no textWork in progress



Album C Incomplete: Photos uploaded- Gloriaís album

I donít know Gloriaís people. I donít know Gloria. Good photos of Jessica and my boys.

Photos uploaded. No text. I wonít work on this page!



Album D Incomplete: Photos only uploaded



Album E Incomplete: Photos and preliminary text uploaded.


Remembering Wallace Johnson  

 Only photo of Ethel Johnson/Matthews added to;

Remembering Wallace Johnson;


See also http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch9A.html   Many photos of Johnson family.


Harold Petersonís Stamp Collection


This is a collection put together by my father. I wonder if any of these are valuable, other than their sentimental value. They mostly predate 1940. I have added new scans of his ongoing collection.

Irma Johnson/Peterson†† http://www.petesmemories.com/irma.html

This page is dedicated to my mother. I donít have a lot of photos of the Johnsons, especially photos of my mother, before she graduated high school.

†††††††††† ††††††††This page starts with her graduation picture, which was signed on the back, Iím assuming by a teacher??†††† I will continue to add to this page.


Gramís Pan.

Mom was a great cook. Iím struggling to learn to make things taste the way she made them. Hereís a page for my grandsons (four, so far). Some ďone panĒ wonders, to keep you from starving to death.†††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pan.html


After receiving a query about Boes from ancestry.com, I developed this page. All the folks you see are somehow related to the Boes.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/boe.html


How about some Pitneys?

Agnes Pitney Photo Album

Agnes Peterson made two albums that I have scanned. There are others I am aware of.

 My aunt Agnes was married twice. Her second marriage was to Willard Pitney. They loved the outdoors. Fishing, first, then rockhounding.

The photos that you see showing the lapidary shop and display cases were passed on to my father. When he passed away, they came down to me.

Most of these photos are of their favorite fishing spots.

 Album 1 was done in two parts.   This is part a of the first.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb1a.html

This is part b of the first.†††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb1b.html


Album 2 was done in four parts. This is part a of the second.†††  http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb2a.html

This is part b of the second.†††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb2b.html

  This is part c of the second.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb2c.html

  This is part d of the second.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/pitalb2d.html


Remembering Wallace Johnson;


See also http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch9A.html   Many photos of Johnson family.


  This is an early group of photos of my Mom and Dad. Elsie, Irma, Bud, etc.††† http://www.petehsmemories.com/early.html


A group of photos with Johnsons (before and after marriage). http://www.petesmemories.com/jmisc.html

Many are duplicates. Also http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch9A.html   Johnson Family almost exclusively.


This page will list the photo albums and scrapbooks that are available.†† http://www.petesmemories.com/dadspage.html



 The Petersons

A scrapbook by Martha Peterson 


This is a scrapbook, put together by my grandmother, Martha Boe/Peterson. The main subject is a return trip to Norway. This trip was made in 1948. If you check out bunch 13a, you will find Grandma and Grandpaís passport. In the back pages you will find where Grandpa became a citizen of the U.S.A.

http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch13a.html  Grandpa Petersonís passport is among these images.


  There are two small albums, put together by my grandmother. My Uncle Egbert is the subject of one, and my dad is the subject of the other.

There are many photos of all the Peterson family of the 1940s.http://www.petesmemories.com/gpalb.html

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††           Check this out!

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A person with curly hair

Description automatically generated with medium confidence < Alfhild            Alfhild, her family, and her husband, Harold Everson>      


                              This is a document written by my Grandmaís sister(?), entitled ďMy HeritageĒ.       http://www.petesmemories.com/hist.html          

                                                             Text, letter

Description automatically generated    

                                                                         Where did that name come from?    http://www.babynames.org.uk/norwegian-baby-names.htm


Norwegian Baby Girl Names

Norwegian Baby Boy Names









 Loose photos etc. in bunches;

Mixed-Groups of approx. 40 images- Identified if possible. The majority are family. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify so many, and couldnít get family to help.










Large group. Many photos of Johnson family. Done in 2 parts.†† http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch9A.html Johnson Family almost exclusively.

†† and††† http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch9B.html ††Miscellaneous




The Box-part 1   Mixed-Groups of approx. 40 items- Identified if possible 





The Box-part 4   Mixed-Groups of approx. 60 items- Identified if possible.   There are some Air force ribbons, and several letters, written in Norwegian. Best of all, my Grandpaís passport, dated 1948. Has his dob, and citizenship date. This group became cumbersome, and I divided it into three groups.

The first group contains my grandfatherís passport. I included the photos of him and Grandma together.



Next group is photos of the Boe family



Last group is miscellaneous



Mixed-Groups of approx. 40 images- Identified if possible. 


These are mounted photos of Boes and Petersons. Very old-1880s.†††† http://www.petesmemories.com/mtd.html†††††††††  http://www.petesmemories.com/mtd2.html ††††http://www.petesmemories.com/mtd3.html


Mixed-Groups of approx. 60 images- Identified if possible.  http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch15.html



Mixed-Groups of approx. 30 images- Identified if possible.

The first part of this group is photos of my brother, Dale. The second part is photos of his daughter, Jessica..††† http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch16.html


Lots of really old photos. Probably relatives????†††

The red box

The last of the loose items. The light at the end of the tunnel.

This was a small stationary box with some very old photos that, fortunately, many were identified.



The cigar box. In an old cigar box box, I found about two hundred items. This was a treasure trove of old photos that were identified. I will show them in small groups of about fifty items.

Mixed-Groups of approx. 50 images- Identified if possible.



Last Groups of approx. 50 images- Identified if possible. Unfortunately, most of these are not identified.††† http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch22.html




The last cigar box. In another old cigar box box, I found about seventy items. This was a treasure trove of old photos. Some  were identified.

Mixed-Group of approx. 80 images- Identified if possible. Unfortunately, most of these are not identified.

One of them is the key to a puzzle. It is an old family photo that had the names on the back, probably written by my dad.††



http://www.petesmemories.com/bunch24.html †††In progress

††††††††††††††† END