Dale's box part 6.

 Album B-Mom’s Album

This contains photos of the new, and final home of Harold and Irma Peterson. They moved to Sacramento in 1979, from Snohomish, Washington. That is where I graduated high school in 1964. Harold passed away in October of 1990. Irma passed away in September of 1996.

These photos show the place before any improvements were made.






Mom and Jessica. The swing is in the camphor tree, which nearly died, but is now fifty feet tall.





                                       The oranges








                        Todd-1979 Chiefs


                              Jessica and friend

                        Jessica, Dad, and Friend









                  Scott-1979 Packers


                             PickinGrampa’s oranges.

There are 12 trees that still produce several tons of oranges every year.



This is the house in Snohomish.








                        Before circular driveway


These were taken Saturday before Easter, 2013.





Our neighbor invited us to Easter barbecue. (Tim Johnson)






                             Before Redwood Deck






                               See? No deck

                               There’s a deck!

                There’s one for the back porch, also.

                                That’s the original rail.


Jim Edens, an earlier neighbor, had me modify the rail, this way.


I also poured a pad at the bottom of the original porch, and steps.





Dale and Todd on the front porch in Snohomish.


Front yard in Sacramento.

























This is Snohomish, looking across at Lundeberg’s place. Those are raspberries.








                                 Happy Birthday to you!






Chuck, Dorothy, Kids, and some extras. Dale! Help!

Dale says that Chuck Jr. is in back on right, and Richard is in back on left. The women are most likely spouses, and the children, grandkids.

I wonder if the woman, partially hidden by Chuck, is Jo Ann.????





                                 Left to right-Huett Cutler, wife Dinah, Mom, Frank Major and wife Annie




The jacket says St. Georges, and the 76 may be the year. This would be children of the kids I used to hang out with.













Granny in Newfoundland-our back porch



                        This has to be “Camp 33”.




                               Helen Ellis, Byron’s wife.    ?????




                          Back patio-Newfoundland










Our green ’62 ford. Was N.Y. cab. Been in ten wrecks. Ate tires.



Christmas in Iran


              Todds Birthday Party-Victoria Hotel




Just married! The house in the background is Dave Cash’s parents.

We were married on Jan. 8, 1966. We moved into the Almar apartments. They are just below and to the right of the house. Dave Cash and Pam were classmates in the class of ’65. I paid a visit to Washington the day after their fortieth reunion. (coincidence). I was there to visit the Schwartzmiller twins.





                               Looks like Utah or Arizona

Dale says that this is Arizona (probably Quartzite), and this is our uncle Bert and his wife. I remember when he had a parrot, and was married to “Sadie”. Is that Sadie???



Bud and Joy and their “late in life” surprise, Jimmy.



                                 Uncle Bud?





 Koistenin (sp) kids    Amber                    Kent                                    Kurt



                             Grace and Bill Johnson



Chuck and Dorothy Loedshpeich from Escondido.

Chuck had a milk route in Chuls Vista, in the fifties. At that time, he was married to Juanita, who later passed away. With Juanita he had four children. Richard the oldest, then their sister Charlene, then David, and Chucky. Chucky became a Viet Nam casualty, and I saw him in the late seventies or early eighties. He was selling water filters for kitchen faucets. I bought one, and installed it in my townhouse, in Poway, on Teri Drive. I haven’t heard anything about them for many years. When Chuck found “Jesus”, he gave up his bowling ball to my dad. The bag also contained a pair of bowling shoes. I was unable to keep it dry, and the bag deteriorated. I still have the ball and one shoe. (Denise has the other, lost in her mountain of stuff.) I joined a bowling league with Todd in the mid ninties, and I had the ball ground and polished, and fitted to my hand. The guy that did the work researched the serial number, and said it was valuable just for that reason alone. With that, and this “provenance”, it is doubly valuable, and is a family heirloom.


Some clues. Utah plates, mountain in background. Jet toad??  I can only smile! This may be Arizona, also.