Dale’s box part 4- A treasure trove of Johnson family relatives.

The last 100 items in the album with black background;

These photos are from late forties to mid to late fifties.

I won’t identify Petersons, but will concentrate on cousins and uncles.

I have a new version of Microsoft word. It features picture tools which allows me to easily invert my trays.




Front row left to right: Judy, Janet, Bonnie

Second: Bill, Grace, (not sure), Alta,  and Ethel. Granny is behind Ethel, and I’m not sure about anyone else.

Dale says that is Stella and George Ellis, next to Granny. He also pointed out Bud and Joy, behind them.

Now I look closer, that may be Carl in back with glasses, and Roy next to him.



There are many photos similar to this one. Holiday reunions were common, and Granny always prepared a feast. This was the adult’s table, and I am just visiting. I recognize Iris, then Gerry, Granny, Lillian, and Elsie. Janet is in front of her mom. The man whose face is hidden, on the left is George Ellis.

Dale says he lived with our family in Snohomish. I don’t remember that, so it had to be after 1964.

Mowin’ Granny’s orchard


Me, just before Vanport flood.

















Duplicates. It is easier to leave them than take the chance of deleting something that is not duplicated.




The old “finger over the lens” trick.




















Looking up east 20th st. in Oakland. Grampa, Grandma, and Willard.

I don’t see any happy faces in this photo. Looks like somebody got “bopped”.




                         Aunt Agnes and Dad



Looking down East 20th st. Grampa and Grandma



          Traditional Norwegian dress




         Willard, Grandma, and Grampa


                  Willard holding Terry


                  Grandma feeding pigeons



                                 Bonnie and Judy

        Wayne and Janet on left, Judy and Bonnie on right

This was the “kid’s” table, in the kitchen. The little ones ate here.


Is that Gale and Warren?  Dale says it’s not Warren. Is it a cousin?





                                            Judy and Bonnie





                       Iris and Gerry’s wedding (Ketchum)

I don’t know the woman in the foreground. George Ellis is behind her, then Roy, Iris, Gerry, Lillian, and Elsie. I don’t know the elderly woman, either. Grace is standing.




                             Grace is on Granny’s left




Carl, Ethel, Dad, Mom. Two I’m not sure of, Dale says it is Burt. If so, that is probably his wife. Don’t have many photos of Burt. And Granny in rear.




I think this guy flew with Dad. Will do more research.





                        The “Club” in Okinawa








George Ellis, Roy, Iris, Gerry, Lillian, and Elsie. Grace is standing.

                                  You got the idea, now!










                        Bonnie Matthews


                     Wayne Matthews


                     Judy Matthews




                Our dog’s name was “Stupid”.


             Just before Vanport flood



              White Center



                        White Center








                    Terry and Janet