Dale’s box part 3- A treasure trove of Johnson family relatives.

The second 100 items in the album with black background;

These photos are from late forties to mid to late fifties.

I won’t identify Petersons, but will concentrate on cousins and uncles.









Dale got a “Davy Crockett” outfit for his sixth birthday.










Percy Barelli and Alan Ashmore










Lookin’ down “Old Betsy’s” barrel.





Old Faithful, Yellowstone Nat. Park.

1119 East 20th St. Oakland



1301 15th St. Yuma

This may be sideways or upside down. The quality of these old color photos will never get better. I’m lucky to get them in this good condition.


                                  Baby Gale



                        Aunt Elsie Boone







I remember this day. Dale got into Uncle Bill’s tobacco, and Uncle Bill tied us up.








We couldn’t say Shizuko so we called her Suzyko.






                           Granny’s orchard.



Janet and Terry playing Chinese Checkers.


            Sweetest Pears on planet earth.



































Thanks to Dad for identifying these!





I think this is Bill and Grace’s place in Portland.







The young man is Jim Tibbits. The girl is Linda, standing in front of her mother, Bessie. The elderly woman is Aunt Stella Ellis, a sister of Granny and Esther. Don’t know the elderly man.

Dale says it is not George Ellis, Granny’s Brother. I didn’t know them that well.











Uncle Bill. He was a Johnson (not related) and he and his brother, Pete, married sisters. Bill to Grace, and Pete to Lillian.













           We lived in a Quonset Hut.

        Shizuko and Hatsuko