Dale’s box part 2- A treasure trove of Johnson family relatives.

The first 100 items in the album with black background;

These photos are from late forties to mid to late fifties.

I won’t identify Petersons, but will concentrate on cousins and uncles.











Rene Affonso, our next door neighbor. Her folks were Jehova’s witness.

They moved to California, near the “Mystery Spot” and we visited them in the sixties.







Old Faithful-Yellowstone













                     Doc Padden












This is probably Okinawa. Most of these colored photos were taken in late ’53 to early ’54, overseas and in Portland.












I don’t know which one is Leck, but dad used to call him “uncle” Leck.







Richard Johnson, Carl and Elsie’s youngest boy. Richard was killed in an auto accident, during boot camp.

I think this says “Blue Lake” 1954. Most of my aunts and uncles were here that day. My dad took some 8mm movies that day. In this picture, you can see most of the Johnson sisters, Joy, Bud’s wife, and Granny.














Our blue parakeet, Charlie. This poor bird used to have to listen to a record, as we were teaching him to talk. “Hello, baby. Want a kiss?” over and over and over and over and over and over and over.






You’re right, Dale. That is a ’53 Plymouth.



We rented a boat and went fishing in the reservoir. Dale got to drive.







Jimmy and Johnnie, the twins, and their sister, Carol.

These are Carl and Elsie’s kids. Richard, the youngest, was killed at boot camp. I never see any of them.

                 Richard Johnson




Maurice Dronan 1948 a friend of Dad’s, probably flew together.





Me with Dad around the time of the Vanport flood.



Terry and Janet with Bud and Roy.





          White Center-near Burien