These photos I received from Dale. They arrived 3-14-13 via USPS Priority mail box.

There are several albums, which are coming apart, and with the intent to keep their original order, I will scan the loose items first.

I will not spend a lot of time trying to identify each one, as I feel it is more important, at this time, to share them.

I will upload them, with the intent to identify them at a later date.

In most cases, they are shown at their original size, in the scan tray.

The glass didn’t survive the trip. This sat on mom’s furniture, no matter where she lived.

I plan to give this to Colleen.


                    Scott                                                                               Todd

Okinawa-early fifties


Snohomish-around 1963-4

Janet’s birth announcement






Wayne’s birth announcement

Wayne came to live with us, right around 1955-6. We made a trip to T.J.

Wayne is “on my ass”




Christmas in Yuma-Terry Gloria Dale                 Dale and Gloria                           


Oakland, early fifties. Dad is holding Dale. My grampa Halvor has his arm around me.

I don’t recognize anyone else.



Dale with Dad and Gloria-Yuma


                ??? with Dad

Terry, mom holding Gloria, and Dale






          Day at the beach



Yuma 1953


Fisherman’s wharf with grandma and grampa




Gloria-1301 15th street, Yuma




I believe this is our house at “White Center”, south of Seattle, and just north of Burien.


Christmas in Yuma-1955




                Okinawa 1952





The Terry, fifteen foot trailer, and the ’53 Plymouth








            Granny Johnson (Ellen?)


We had this fifteen foot “Terry” trailer the entire time we lived in Yuma.

When Wayne stayed with us, we took it to San Diego to camp at the beach.

We towed it to Sacramento, where it was parked in the back yard at 3641 Lankershim Way.



The 1953 Plymouth. Dad drove it to Detroit to pick up the new 1959 Plymouth Station Wagon.



              Christmas in Yuma







I don’t remember this place.




The backs of these photos are shown in the next tray.


and individually





Chris (Lyon) and Gary Collins



These are my dad’s flight training photos. I won’t attempt to arrange or identify them here. They can be seen, with others at








Mom? Very young. Who is the other person?


Mom and Dad (Oakland?)



Grandma, Grampa, Mom, and Dad


              Great Grandma?



                     Dad on right????


I can’t tell for sure if the following page is related.




                Dated July 27, 1944



A letter from Uncle Bud to mom, saying he wishes he could make the wedding.


A native of Odda, Hardanger,  Norway, My grandmother’s brother.


             Actual size




These were identified on the back. See next tray.


The rest you have to figure out for yourself.


          Gram with brother, Emmads



         Great Grandmother????












The writing is so faint, I can barely read it.






????Not sure where this is. Could be camp 33, or could be on base.


                  Enlisted quarters



                     Officer’s quarters






I’m not sure about these. Dale says they are Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.





That’s my Granny





Terry, Grandma, Martha Peterson, and Dale



                 I don’t know these guys with my dad.



            O.K. Let’s rock and roll!


       Cruisin’ with Grandma