Bruce Lyon,

It has been seventeen years since I saw you. I really want to let you know what a disaster you created.

I remember trying to talk to you, and you weren't interested in what I had to say. You did say that I had a history of substance abuse. By history, I take it to mean that you had some documentation to that effect. I don't have any “HISTORY” of abuse of anything.

I watched my mother die in agony while my sister took her morphine for herself. I have several witnesses that watched her refill her morphine, after she had passed.

You gave a drug addict the power to dispose of everything my “PARENTS” accumulated during their lifetime. Not only that, you gave her the power to dispose of my own personal belongings. My mother had every right to turn everything “she” owned over to the “friends”, but she did not. Gloria gave everything away, including her family.

I hope Gloria lives a hundred more years. You too!

Sleep Well