It has been so long since I looked at the album itself, I forgot what color it is. I think it is green but I don’t want to try to find it, right now.

The trays are minimized, but the photos are original size. There are a few enlargements. The album contains several hundred photos.

I will work on it in sections and I will upload each section as I complete it. This is the first section.

For Diana East 1-31-51 to 9-29-03

This is my personal photo album.



Diana East took these photos in the Autum of 1997. They were taken with a disposable camera.

I was so impressed with the quality of the pictures, I bought several disposable cameras, to try to record the progress we have made

since my mother passed away.


The gate was here before 1996 a.d. (arrival dooleys). As soon as they got nasty with me, I took it.

It was on MY property by about sixty feet.


Standing on my property, looking back at the gate, you can see how far off it is.


Looking at the Dooley’s garden which they planted on my property.


The reason for Diana being here was because we had just settled a border dispute.

The surveyers charged me four thousand dollars to show the Dooleys where the property markers were.

These were members of the cult that my mother belonged to. They call themselves “Christians”. They believe in the “truth”.


The wife harvested the corn, while the husband moved the fence back sixty feet. They left the pumpkins.

We didn’t have much to eat, so we really enjoyed eating the pumpkins They were the best I’ve ever had.


Neighbor Dan Humble’s big white metal shed in Diana’s rearview.


This corn got harvested before we were done shooting these photos.


This is the disputed area. The western boundary of the fence is exactly on the line.


The eastern boundary was about forty feet off, with a twenty foot jog at the chain link fence.


View from the pond, the only shade on the property.


 We watched numbnuts build his new fence.

He did not have permission to be on my property, so when he saw us taking photos, he smiled and waved.


When he finished putting up field fence (still on my property), He left the old fence,

three strands of barb wire which he was thoughtful enough to allow me to keep.

He was nice enough to throw all his trash on my side of the fence.


Some of Mr. Dooley’s trash. I had to crawl through barbed wire to retrieve it.


Right after he waved to us. Right friendly of ya’, neighbor.


We don’t have a house, yet, and are living in a tent.

My neighbor, Dan excavated my building site with his tractor.


The pile of dirt next to the excavation is from my septic tank and dry wells.

Diana used her “clout” to set up my mobile home (another story), and get my septic installed.


Front gate and field.


This gate and chain link fence are gone, now.


Diana left the camera with me, with instructions to photograph anything “fishy”.


Caught on camera:Gloria paid the Dooleys a visit on the day they emptied the dead rats out of their traps.


They were nice enough to throw the dead rats over the fence, onto my property. They all had a big laugh about that.

I recorded the time and date on a piece of paper. It can be found in

There are documents there recording these people’s activities. No one knows the real truth. The truth is in the suitcase.


My sister has told everyone that her actions were my mother’s instructions to her. Mom would really be proud.


These are from a few years later, before 2005.


Jimmy Snyder’s shop in Rancho Cordova. These guys gave me enough work to keep me from starving.



Looking out the front gate at the wrecked car that Sylvia and Rene abandoned here.

The red car is Bob’s Geo Metro that he tried to unload on me.


Looking up towards mom’s house before we started to put in our orchard.


I wanted to use this old fence for my front, but I needed too many materials that I couldn’t afford.

It never happened. I removed it from Nick Schrier’s yard, where Rene built a new redwood fence for him.

The palm was a gift from our dear friend, Fran Lyon/Paxton.When she gave it to us it was in an eight inch redwood pot.

It grew to fifteen feet tall and bloomed, and collapsed, when Fran passed away. It is coming back from the massive root system.



The plum tree, a wild plum that was the only tree on the property when I inherited it.


The bamboo patch. Denise and I dug up a few pieces next to the railroad tracks. It is everywhere, now.

Hank whipped up a quick field fence. You can see a couple “T” posts.


I built this doghouse for Roxy and Scooper. The goats used it for years . It needs repair, and I don’t have the strength.


There are many photos of Denise playing with her goats on the roof of the doghouse.


J.C. and the boys.


We lost the old man, shortly after this was taken. A coyote got him.



The Pond, a two photo panorama.


Some of my junk, a two photo panorama.



Looking up at mom’s place from west side of pond. You can see the white “lean to” that I built for Jim Edens.



A wonderful place to sit and enjoy life.



My critters love it, here.


Even the goldfish are happy!



Scooper don’t look too happy?





Looking northeast from the west side of the pond.


This tree was also here from the beginning.


The thig-a-ma-jig came loose from the whacha-callit.



The hospital table where Denise nurses sick plants.




The roses and the berry tree.



Bob gave these roses to denise. We got the shed from Crabtree.



The berry tree doesn’t cover the window yet.


The male mulberry(fruitless).


Denise grew some beautiful artichokes.

The goat, “Little Bit” is peeking through the fence.



Bill and Little Bit.



Habeneros on the porch.


Denise and friends.



Best friend!


Looking back at mom’s place. The place is jinxed. Everyone that lives there has horrible problems.


My storage sheds.


Hillary. Bill and Hillary were our first goats.

I had to destroy Bill. He got Little Bit pregnant, and we almost lost her. Hillary turned out to be a neutered male??????


J.C. and the boys and girls.


Sunshine on my shoulder, pheasant on my dirtpile!



The garden.


Fuzzy sunset.



There is a reason why John Day named this street, “Sunset Hills Lane”.





Scan blue 0073-0212

My personal albums

my family


 The first things are from Jessica.




The first picture is of Jessica when she was a baby.

The first picture is of Jessica when she was a baby.

The second picture is one of Jessica’s babies. No resemblance?



More babies by Jessica.   :-) 



Jessica always sends a Christmas card, every year.


I haven’t scanned them all yet, but will add later.





Todd’s Family

I love homemade Christmas cards.


Logan and McKenna


Their handsome dad.



If you got it, flaunt it!





Father’s Day 1995 or 1996, we went to Crawdad Festival in Isleton.





The boys loved sports.


Trophy boy!




Linda Krause loaned Todd her Mustang for the prom.







Greg Krause






Todd, sitting on the trunk of my ’65 Mustang.







Tammy Krause??










Cousin Wayne. See more of the Matthews family at




Wayne with granddaughter August of 2005.

See Wayne’s toys at, near the end.


She looks like cousin Bonnie, when she was small.



Some Johnsons


Uncle Bill tied us up because Dale got in to his tobacco.



Uncles Roy and Bud.





Aunt Elsie with twins, Jimmy and Johnnie.


This photo shows up in every family album that I have seen. I have fifty photos of that snowman, and not all are duplicates.


The fifties.


1119 East 20th Street Oakland, California. Grandma and Aunt Agnes.



 1301 15th Street Yuma, Arizona.





10th birthday








The beach at fisherman’s wharf.






White center, Washington, 1949



My playmate, Bobby Manning.

One spring,we disturbed a bumblebee hive and quickly discovered that they sting.





I don’t remember any of the kids on the left.


I think the boy on the left is Chipper Bishop.

The boy behind him is Robert Frith.


That beautiful lacquer plate with the hibiscus is from Okinawa.



Gary Majors and Terry Peterson in Newfoundland.



Gary’s dad and mom, Frank and Annie.





Large pile of Petersons




Her name is Patricia. We had a little crush goin’ on at Don Julio Jr. High.








Happy birthday and merry Christmas!



Mix of everybody



McKenna Peterson


Aaron and Joshua Peterson




Scooper and Logan at Todd’s original “Peterson Ranch”





Aaron and Josh


Beer is an acquired taste. Start them young, with five gallons!

Todd and I made a batch of home brew together. While it was working, Logan managed to pop out the fermentation trap.

He slobbered all over the open bottle. I thought it would be ruined, but it turned out excellent.




My sweethearts! Sherre and Diana. Rest in peace, Diana.









There is an album full of shots similar to this.









Some Jenkinses


Hollis (Red) Jenkins



Red, Patricia, Denise, and Lori.
























That’s Logan




McKenna and Shelby









                               End part 1



My personal album

Part 2




Work in progress

The size has ben altered on most of these.









































Roman ruins in Morocco

To see my photos from Morocco click on

Jpg 0282-0285

Oroville Property











Jpg 001-151

 This is a two photo panorama of a favorite place on Camano Island.

Photos of my Washington trip.



The next two should have appeared in part 1.

Cousin Diana to the rescue!



And, last but not least, these are from a cd I had made.

There are more photos of the band. I will scan them and add them later.






I went to Washington in August of ’05 to see these guys.

See hub and squeak at