biopt7 ended with Baileys recovery.


























Robert, Maria’s husband, and Suzie, John’s widow.   John’s chipper. J (pencil sharpener)






3-11 Went to Comcast, closed Denise’s account, and opened mine, minus telephone.

Went back the next day to return the modem. The line was long, so I dropped in box.


It’s been a while since Opie has paid a visit.



She acts like she’s looking for a place to lay her eggs.


3-13 Problems with the toilet flush. Time to check the septic tank!



                                       “Mike” has a shitty job!



That is a five hundred dollar root ball. It was growing into the primary inlet.



These pipes locate the center of the lid. If I had dug them up myself, I would have saved 125 dollars.



 Plus a fifty dollar cash tip!


Went up to John’s to put the chipper back together, but couldn’t find the screws. I’ll go to Bliss Monday and get screws.

I’ll probably get another gasket, in case that gets lost, too.


It is singin’ Lori’s birthday, saint Patty’s day, and Monday, all rolled into one.

I went to Bliss and got two more gaskets, and two carburetor screws. I went up to John’s, and mowed, but the grass is still so wet, I was unable to finish.

While I was mowing, I got a call from Scott. I called him back later, and was relieved to find that he was home, recovering from a major “heart event”.


Denise had daughter duty today, so I caught up on some things. Mike called, and said he was

doing the job for John’s family. He asked if I would bring the tractor, so I got it out of the barn,

 and hooked up the charger. Then I restrung the drive belt on my mower. (It had slipped off

doing John’s yard.)

I mixed up some roundup, and sprayed some of the foxtails around the house.

Around four o’clock, Opie came up on the porch, and brought her only surviving baby with her.

He has never been this close to the house, and didn’t even seem nervous around the dogs!





I will try to get some photos, tomorrow.


3-19-14 Mike and Ralph, chippin' wood at John's





Mike and Ralph cleaning up a brush pile at Pibb’s.







Haven’t written for a while. Will upload some photos. (date stamped)


The Canadians have started a nest, and they chased everybody off of the pond.


U2 (you too) is hanging with Opie and her baby boy.


They all come up on the porch for some doggie food.


I can only seem to catch Opie eating. Everybody else is still a little timid.


I tried to shoot through the glass. Didn’t turn out well. You can just see U2.


It was storming, and the sun was shining.           I caught him again, right around dusk.



Little birdies cleaning up after big birdies!


A video clip of U2 on the deck.


  <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>







Took some corned beef and rye, and some Amish bread to Tim’s for Easter.





The Memorial at John’s;


Directing traffic            House and garage   Looking towards barn             Tent



            Maria                   Lamb on spit               Good crowd!               Mementos









I was asked to bring the tractor, but it was stuck in the mud! L





Got my binocular camera going today.



Got an email from Christie Wiger.

Blessud Saell!


As they would say in greeting in Icelandic. Which is close to Norwegian. :)

I found your website by typing in +Emmands Boe. How Wonderful!!!!

I have looked at all the pictures, thank you thank you. When Grandma said she came from Norway I thought she came by herself (she told me this when she was over 95 years old and I was only ten). Now to find out her brother was able to make the journey with her. I have been doing a lot of family research lately and found out that Anna Graue's brother Aslek? Swenson's children made it to America and one Grandson Lived in Kent, WA. Very close to where Christie's daughter Anna Marie lived (in Renton, WA). What a small world!

When I get my pictures on to the laptop I will send them along to you.


Christie Rose Marie Wiger



It rained today. I exchanged several emails with Christie, today. I corrected some errors.


It has been some time since my last entry. My baby honkers are growing fast, and I have spent considerable time trying to photograph them.






Resume with

                                                                                    To be continued