September 8, 2013

 When I got my tractor back from John Pibb, it had a flat tire on the right rear. I wasn’t prepared for the expense.

I bought a compressor to inflate tires, and to drive the impact wrench I was compelled to buy. I needed impact

sockets, and, of course I needed a jack, so I bought a 4 ton bottle jack. I got the wheel off, and I broke my fiberglass 

shovel handle trying to lift the wheel and tire into the truck bed.


I took it to Les Schwab for an estimate, and they found that the sidewall was damaged. They wouldn’t work on it,

but they sold me a tube.

Next I went to Big O on Watt Ave and they didn’t have equipment large enough to break the tire off the wheel.

I came home and called my neighbor, Dan Humble. He told me about Capital Radial.

I went there (West Sac.), and they broke the tire down, and sold me a boot.


I came home and ground and sanded at the rust on the wheel. I installed the boot, and reassembled the wheel.

I inflated it, and walked away. And sometime between then and today, the sidewall tore the rest of the way out,

and popped the new tube. I was so discouraged, because I wanted to start moving this hill of dirt that has been

here forever. I went ahead and took three large scoops off the hill before the tire unbeaded from the rim again.

I came in the house, and got online, and I found “Rusty Acres” in woodland, that specializes in old tractor parts.

I arranged to pick up two used tires tomorrow. I will take some photos, and write some more tomorrow.


The cheapest new tire I could find was 300 dollars. I looked online and found used tires at “Rusty Acres” Ranch in Woodland.



 I made the trip and got two used tires and a tube for 50 dollars. I came home and made the tire repair. Trip.html

Check it out. Lots of neat “OLD” stuff.


Two tires and a tube.

The tube was shaky, so I bought a new one.



Had to buy a lot of stuff.


Impact wrench with sockets.


Air compressor.






The repaired tire.



















After a few hours on the tractor………….


If you run the youtube clips of our last big storm, you’ll see

why I’m building this area up. I finally loosened up the dog

house. I plan to take it out, fence off a forty foot square to

increase my garden space next year.


The hill gets smaller and smaller. I will move the rest of the

dirt into the new garden area, then I will start on my final deck.

I’m starting on the garden fence, tomorrow. (9-16-13)












Woke up Friday morning (9-20) and checked my emails. There was one from Steve. He warned us that they were “showing up tomorrow”.

This was my chance to work on the fence, and take a break Saturday. After I had worked my butt off, Denise came out and told me that

the email was from Thursday night, and they would be here in a couple hours. They had been on a trip to Yosemite, and had pictures of the

devastating “Rim” fire that scorched four hundred square miles, over a quarter million acres.



Tried to catch Kimberly unawares. No such luck.











We had a nice visit,as usual, and we got to see pictures of the devastation of the fire.



Just when I broke through the hill, I had another flat tire. This time, it was the left front. The sidewall was ripped, so I removed it.



The completed fence.                                                                                                                      Flattened doghouse.




I took the wheel to Les Schwab. A new tube and tire-$112. I stopped at the post office on the way home. Mckenna had mailed a thank-

you note. She just had a birthday on the 19th of september. My tire won’t be ready until tomorrow,  so will take a break the rest of the day.

I have so much to do, but am having some back pain, and am lucky to get a couple hours in every day.



10 2 2013


Morning.                                                               Old tire.                                                                   New tire.


Half the hill is gone. Dog house is gone.




After another flat tire…………………         This much hill is left……………………


Denise has daughter duty today, so I will let the tractor rest today. It needs hydraulic oil, probably some diesel, and a battery charge.

I’ll spend the day picking grapes, and working on the tractor.


There are so many grapes, I’ll nprobably spend the day harvesting.

My cup runneth over!



One more hour on the tractor.

Hill is gone!!!!


That made the yard bigger!



Thanks, old friend!



Spent the day making wine. Had a beautiful sunset.






5 Gallons of my grape juice.

Starting the deck tomorrow.

Added some dirt to prevent flooding.




Out of gas for today!


I added three quarts of juice that I had prepared earlier. Now that’s about five gallons.


                                                                                                 Denise talked me into taking the weekend off, so this morning, I started again.

                                                                                                                                                           That is the support posts, ready to erect.



                                       My work table. J                                                                                       Support posts erected.



                                                                                             Out with the old, and in with the new!



                                                                       I didn’t want to quit until I could open the door and step outside.



Had to stop for the day. I hurt all over, more than anywhere else. J




Looking down the new steps. I have some fill work to do.                                  The lock stopped popping, and the first inch started to clear.


It’s Saturday. I got up with no energy this morning. I spent yesterday clearing the scrap wood out of the back yard so I could bring the chipper

around. As soon as I finished that, I started on the next three uprights for the porch. I want to get my materials out of the dirt, but it will have to

wait until I have another burst of energy. As I sat, drinking my coffee, the dogs decided to sit on my lap, together.




The solids are settling out of my wine.                                                         Got the splitter in the back yard.


Filled in around the steps……                                                                           Started second half of deck.


This is the almond branch that Mike and I cleaned out of John’s yard.


Made a beef stew. Turned out good. Hope I have some energy tomorrow!


Sunday was another wasted day. I went outside, and fiddled with the final uprights.


Had a hard time getting started, but I got the last of the uprights set, and used up the rest of my materials. Looked like this a little after noon.


This part needs to be closed due to size.

To be continued. See