Day after day alone on the hill,
                                                                      The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
                                                                                      But nobody wants to know him,
                                                                                    They can see that he's just a fool,
                                                                                       And he never gives an answer,
                                                                                           But the fool on the hill
                                                                                         Sees the sun going down,
                                                                                         And the eyes in his head,
                                                                                       See the world spinning around.





A good life, continued.

Jan 4, 2012-What happens next?

I felt an urgency to finish my autobiography for a number of reasons. The first is, people my age, and younger, are dropping dead everyday, and I didn’t want to leave it unfinished. The second reason, is, the fact that I am just learning how to use the computer to write, and I have dumped so many hours of text with a wrong click of a button. One time, I dumped my entire photo album with a single click. Some of it was irreplaceable, but a lot were scans, which had to be redone, and in the process, many were omitted to save time. I still have a lot to learn, but I will try to fill in some of the blanks left by my other writing.

Reader discretion is advised. Language and topics are not suitable for everyone!

Still in Sacramento.

The last thing I wrote about was my new dogs. I want to add an excerpt from my bio about Buddy, as I now have photos, and a video, or two to share.



 (I have the luxury of being able to insert  video clips. These were not in the original bio. I have also edited the text, and added photos that were unavailable.)


Today is August 11, 2011. I put Buddy down this morning at 10:00am

Buddy came to us at a time when we were having problems, and Denise was staying with her mom in Bakersfield. She had been staying in touch with Tom Pryor, in Oroville, and had arranged to take a puppy from Johnette. There were several puppies born, but met a tragic end beneath Johnette's cerebral palsy stricken feet. There were two left, and Denise agreed to take the male.

Tom brought him to the house, and he was such a tiny thing, he would choke himself on the doggie dish Denise had chosen for him. He was also sooooo cute, I couldn't say no.

He soon became attached to my foot, the same as Scooper did, from the day he was born. The only problem with being attached to my foot, was, one day he was under my foot, and I pinched him when I stood up, and he proceeded to mangle both my hands, snarling and ripping. I didn't think he would stop. We also learned that he protected food, and he mangled Denise a time or two over food, and a couple times when she had been drinking, he mangled her.

The last time he bit her on the foot about a week ago, and I knew he had to go, but I was waiting for the right opportunity, and it came this morning when he attacked my foot for no apparent reason. I really feel awful that I had to do that, but I look at it like this; He needed to be put down. If I took him to the pound, or even a vet, he would have to be restrained by strangers, and lethally injected. As it was, he was happy, one second, and gone the next.

It's friday morning, August 12, 7:30 a.m. I didn't sleep well last night, and I woke up really early this morning, and I got up and made coffee, opened the chicken house door, and filled the hummingbird feeder. I usually have a dog bouncing around my feet, but not today. I already miss Buddy awfully.

In loving memory
Denise's camera 003


He was so close to me, he mirrored my every move. If I lean forward in my chair, he would stand, and be on alert, anticipating my every move, and herding me, to some extent. His favorite thing was to go "bye bye", and he would jump on Denise until she took him out, and put him in the truck. When we went someplace, he usually wasn't allowed to get out, but he didn't seem to mind. He just loved to go for a ride. Most of the time when I would go outside, he would go with me, one step in front of me, and he would stop, and I would have to stop too. If I sat outside, he would lay at my feet. If it was possible, he would actually make contact with my foot. I learned to be really careful, because I stepped on him on two separate occasions. The first time, he was less than six months old, and still really tiny, and as usual he was right at my feet. I had started to doze off, and when I went to get up to go to bed, I pinched him really good. I still can't believe the fury he attacked with. He chewed my left hand, ripping the knuckle off my index finger. When I put my right hand down to stop him, He proceeded to mangle my right hand too. I was totally unable to use either hand for several days, and I told Denise that he was dangerous, and would have to be put down. The second time he bit me, he had a scrap of pizza crust, and he was defending it, and when I walked too close, he growled, and jumped up, and bit me above the belt, on my right side. As he was coming down, my reaction was to kick at him, and he bit me on my left ankle. Both bites broke the skin, but was nothing like the first attack.

I am not writing for the purpose of bashing anyone or anything, and I certainly won't bash the Oroville folks. Suffice to say, Buddy's first four months of life were hell, and it was imprinted on him that humans were bad. I loved that dog every day. He wasn't always wanting to be petted. Sometimes I would reach out and touch him, and he would get up and move out of reach. I'm not sure what that was, but I was always fearful. I stepped on him, another time, when he was a little older, and he went at me, but as soon as he realized it was me, he pulled back a little, and only broke the skin, giving me reason to think that there was hope.

Buddy grew, from 10 pounds, to 20 pounds, and, still being aggressive, we had him neutered. After that, he really grew fast, to 30 pounds, and, he was a muscular dog with a big, hard head, almost like a pit bull, and he had a personality of his own.

                                                                      Denise and Buddy0003

Video Scooper and Buddy

 <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


buddy 007 

Video of Buddy the bee Buddy the Bee



If the phone would ring, Buddy knew that Mike was coming, or we were going to have visitors, and he would get excited, and stand on the alert, waiting. If we said the "Bye-bye" word, he would jump all over Denise.

We both grew to love Buddy, and when he did bite, and we knew he had to be destroyed, we loved him so much, we kept putting it off, and it became harder to think about, as time passed, but we knew it was inevitable.

My son would come around, often, and I was always worried that Buddy would hurt one of my grandchildren, but no matter how rough Logan was with Buddy, he was never too rough with Logan, and they played so well together, that before long, I wasn't worried anymore. People would come to the house, and I was always trying to stay between company, and Buddy. Injun Lauri and Anthony would come to visit, and they both stepped on Buddy hard enough to make him yelp, but he never bit anyone except for Denise and me. I thought if we were careful, he would get over it, and for a time, there was improvement, but every time Denise got careless with food, or the broom, Buddy would attack with a vengeance, and didn't want to stop.

Denise had her own problems with him. She was his keeper, and she fed and watered him. He bit her a couple times, food related, and a couple times, alcohol related. The way those two played, this was something you wouldn't expect. One of my greatest joys in life was to watch Denise play with Buddy, like a little girl. I could see that it was one of the greatest joys in Denise's life, too. I was so hoping that he would snap out of it, but, just about a week ago, Denise tried to feed him some hamburger. He was being difficult, and Denise took a piece out of his dish, and set it on the floor, close to him. I asked her for the broom, and when she went to carry it to me, Buddy attacked her foot, and bit her severely, several times, like, he can't stop himself. So, since that day, I had known that he had to go. I wish I could give him to somebody, but I would be responsible if he ever hurt someone. I could take him to the pound. No, I couldn't. I could take him to the vet, but he hates the vet's office. No, this is something I have to man up, and take care of myself. So for a week, I agonized about what to do, when, yesterday morning, Buddy was hungry, and grumpy, and moping around because Denise was gone, and when I walked toward him to open the sliding glass door, he looked at me real funny, and I hesitated, and took a half step, and Buddy went for my foot. I stopped, and so did he, and he looked at me with his ears pulled back, and his tail drooped, and I knew that I could never trust him again. I'm sorry little Buddy. I'm really going to miss you. I already do.

I found this when Scooper passed, and although it's not as obvious in this situation, I feel it applies here, as well.


Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick, for although I should lick your hand between blows, your patience and understanding will quickly teach me the things you would have me learn. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world’s sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footsteps falls upon my waiting ear. Please take me inside when it is cold and wet, for I am a domesticated animal, no longer accustomed to bitter elements. I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger. And, my friend, when I am very old, and I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having any fun. Please see that my trusting life is taken gently. I shall leave this earth knowing with the last breath I draw that my fate was always safest in your hands.

 Author Unknown

I can only hope I did the right thing!

Sat. Aug 13

For the second morning, I awake, and kick my feet over the edge of the bed. When I reach down to put on my socks, Buddy would always hear me, and he would jump on the bed, and lick my face. I would put my right arm around him, and scratch his throat with my left hand until he groaned with pleasure. I really missed that, and all the little things. I sat in my chair and had coffee, and I leaned back carefully, so as not to pinch Buddy, and opened the sliding glass door, and he wasn't there. I didn't realize that he was with me every second, and I took it for granted. I miss my dog so much.........

I have to have another dog!

The new babies

I got online and contacted the S.P.C.A., and we visited the feed stores, and the pet stores, looking for flyers for pups. We found several, and we came home and started calling around. One place we called said they had three puppies left, and we went to see them. They lived on Rio Vista, not too far from my old stomping grounds on Lankershim Way. They told us that they didn't know which dog was the father, but we saw the mother, a plain brown mutt, about Buddy's size, but short legged. They said she was kept in the back yard with their bigger dog. Denise suspected that was the father, but there was a black female, and the two we decided to take. They handed me the black female, first, and I handed her back and said, "Too hard to see in the dark". Then they handed in the two brindle pups, and we drove away with both of them. They wanted twenty five dollars each, but we only had eleven in cash, so rather than lose us, they accepted the eleven dollars, and we became the proud owners of two ten week old puppies.

The new babies 007

 The date was August 21, so in order to give them a birth-date, I calculated it to be June seventeenth, a few days before the anniversary of Scooper's passing, and right around the time we got Buddy. Now we need to be careful where we step, once again, and the babies are an absolute joy, and it makes missing Buddy a little less painful.

We have had our new dogs awhile, and they are so loving, and gentle. It’s about time!


In this picture, it’s hard to tell which dog is which. When we got them, they were infested with fleas and skin mites ( We took them to the vet, and they got their rabies shots. Most of their hair had fallen out, and it was hard to tell them apart. They both got “dipped”, and had to take medicine for months. Buster had been handled by the neighborhood kids, the most, and he was less infested than Bailey, but he was the weaker of the two, and several times, I thought I was going to lose him.

They finally snapped out of it, and they have become beautiful (to us) dogs, and expensive, to the tune of about three grand between the two of them. We love them so much, though, that it was well worth it.

PICT0015  Taken in August 2012.

It's my 66th birthday, today. January 7, 2012. I finished my autobiography, and sent copies to the boys, last week. I wanted to finish before year’s end.

 Got my birthday present early this morning. Thank you, Cialis. I've been thinking how far we've come in the last sixteen years. When mom passed away in '96, things went downhill really fast. I didn't realize that she was the glue that held the family together. I should have been ready for the greed that presented it's self, but, already devastated, my family shunned me, and I wasn't allowed to see the things my parents had accumulated in their 75 years of life. My dad had coin collections, and stamp collections, and other things that, apparently, got sold for their cash value. I would have liked to have my mother’s computer and I would have been on line years ago, and possessed a tool to ease the tribulations we endured. The Barbados would have fed us, and life would have still been tough, but nothing like what we experienced.

 Fortunately I was able to recover my aunt and uncle's gem collection, only after my sister let some strangers go through every-one's things. They took everything of value. They asked to borrow my truck, saying that they would load all the things I was allowed to have. Turned out to be mostly trash. I've never had anyone, least of all, Christians, do me that way. But, Karma took over, and things have a way of working out.

Karma  (Got this off facebook.)

 Steve and Kimberly were here yesterday, and Kimberly asked me to describe the "church". I tried to look it up, online, and I found a couple websites to share. Then, I got the notion to look the church up, in Newfoundland, when I found a website that, so surely describes them, they even had the Cutler's name, and the names of their preachers, that I distinctly remember. I tried to make contact, yesterday, with the "site-keeper", and it will be interesting to see if I hear back. I will include some sites you can check out, if you are ever interested in this strange religion (cult).

 Recently I have discovered a website that explains, exactly, how this cult works. With permission of the author, I would like to direct you to the website, “Telling the Truth”.


So, about twelve years ago, we got our wood stove, just in time for our first winter here. I got it from a neighbor that I worked for. Where our back door is now, there was a sheet of plywood bolted in with a round hole cut in it. Two ninety degree stovepipes got it out the door, but on the windward side of the trailer, and a combination of that, and the resistance of the two nineties, most of the smoke came into the trailer. We also had no electricity, and Steve and Diana took us to a store in 'Frisco, and we bought kerosene lamps, and emergency candles, and we watched the Super-bowl on a battery operated, black and white T.V.

Today it is warm in here, and smoke free. We still don't have a real heater, and some time today, I will have to gather and cut firewood. But that will have to wait, because I have some indoor things to do today. I need to scan my photo albums, in their entirety. And I really got interested in that website about my mother’s religion, which I was a part of for a lot of years. So, this writing will benefit, today, as Denise is spending the day with her mother. Her mother is in poor health, and is a long term smoker, suffering from C.O.P.D. I encourage her to spend as much time with her as is possible. I think, to start with, I will pursue the web site I found about “Cooneyites”.

All the years I spent trying to be a member of the church, we never had the luxury of being able to give it a name. When people asked the name of the church, they got a spiel about “the truth”. No name, no church “building”, no collection plate.

familiar picture

This looks so much like my mothers table, and that’s her coffee cup and saucer.  Identical, down to worker’s picture, workers list, books and case. I had a black bible case.

 The gospel, your “Salvation” was yours for the taking. Here’s a boatload of nicknames  to use:

The Church Without a Name - called "the truth"

This website is about a nameless church. Since the group claims no name for their beliefs, it has been given many nicknames, the most common being "The Truth. Some of the more common designations are: The Way, The Friends and Workers Fellowship, Two-by-Twos, 2x2s, Cooneyites, The Fold, No-Name Church, Christian Conventions, Assemblies of Christians, The Testimony, Testimony of Jesus, Nameless House Church, Tramp Preachers, Go-Preachers, White Mice, Dippers, The Black Stockings, The Jesus-Way, The New Testament Church, Reidites, Irvinites/ Irvineites, Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies.


Now, there are several names, which, if typed into a Google search, will lead you to this final website I found, which I know is correct, because I recognize the names and pictures and places and descriptions. Check it out. Go to  for a general description, and navigate from there.  The first page I came to, even before I found the home page, was the page on how, I’ll call it “The Truth”, came to Newfoundland.

This website tells about the Cutlers, but doesn’t give any first names. I will write every one I can remember. Meetings were held at Albert’s house. I don’t remember his wife’s name, but he was very old, and in poor health, and didn’t live long after I met him. Convention was held there. Here’s a picture. (Edited 5-20-16) The first picture is a convention grounds in the U.S.A. I mistook it for Albert and Ellen’s house. I have recently reconnected with the Cutler family, and I have some new things to add. The first is a “Google Earth” image of Albert’s house. I wasn’t sure until Anita sent me a phone camera shot of Albert’s house from David’s driveway. (her brother, and my best friend)

familiar conv      

             OOPS                                                                             Google Earth image of Albert’s house.                                     Anita’s cell phone camera.                                  Albert and Ellen in 1972

Hewitt Cutler and his wife Dina, Jimmy Cutler, and I don’t remember his wife, but he had two daughters, the oldest, Ruby loved to “torment” me, and Bob and ‘Nita owned the store, and Clyde, with all his kids, one who was hit by a car, and was really messed up, and my favorite family, Fred and Lydia Cutler with all their kids, lets start with the oldest, Kerry, two years older than me, then David, my age, and Anita, who I was in love with, and her sister, Grace who I got in trouble with, and Tommy-cod, and there may have been a younger daughter, I just can’t remember. I want to say Sharon, but that may have been some-one else. The West Point they talk about is what we used to call sandy point. I swam there from Shallop Cove, with Anita rowing beside me in a dory. I found a clip on youtube that shows the exact place. When I first saw the clip, I was overwhelmed, and brought to tears. Check it out:

I scanned some 8mm movie film and got these fantastic shots. I will have Anita help me with the names when I see her again J.












The folks visited in later years, and brought back pictures, and news. Lydia, Anita’s mother, passed away from breast cancer, like her sister in law, ‘Nita, Bob Cutler’s wife. Jimmy Cutler, Ruby’s dad, died from brain cancer, and Anita’s dad, Fred Cutler, dropped dead with a heart attack. I later heard that David moved to mainland Canada, and Kerry is a guide in Newfoundland. I never heard any more about the girls I loved so much, and probably hurt so much, too. I’m still looking for pictures.

It is October 20, 2016, and Anita is sitting beside me. She is helping me make some corrections. Aunt Neatha (spelled correctly) Died of a stomach tumor, and Kerry worked for the department of Newfoundland Light and Power where he retired after thirty years. He was a guide in the fall, after he retired, for big game hunters.

I will continue to make corrections as Anita and I talk.

(5/20/2016) After reconnecting, I have found that Kerry, David, and Anita all live in St. Georges, and I am expecting a visit from Anita in the near future.

Here’s a site to bring back memories. See photo galleries!  (5/20/2016) At this time, this site is no longer available at this URL.

This is the way I remember the beach buildings in St. Georges.


 This is a modern picture, but if not for the modern outboard motor, looks just ‘timeless’.

On to something else:

I was in the process of looking for pictures, I found a website that had bits and pieces from the 1961 yearbook from Newfoundland.

They asked for any help with any other yearbook, so I went searching through a huge box of old photos, and I came across my 1962 high school yearbook.

Todd, my oldest son allotted me some space on his website, and I learned how to put things “up on the web” by scanning my yearbook and “putting it up”. The first couple of tries, I put the whole thing on one page, and in the process, put things in the wrong order, dumped the whole thing, and, basically, made almost every mistake possible on a two hundred page document. It started at

This was so cumbersome, I decided to divide it into two parts. pages 1-108 pages 109-end

This got me started scanning photos, and I became engrossed in what I was doing, and I decided to build an “Information Website”. I found photos that I wish I would have known about, before I wrote my autobio. There are photos of Van Port flood, Okinawa, Yuma, Sacramento, and a stunning collection of photos of my ancestors, and a plethora of other goodies. I took a break to do all of that, and now I am back at the keyboard this fourth day of June, 2012.

I invite you to visit my site. 

I am also considering putting this portion of my biography on line, if for no other reason than to preserve it. It will be stored at:

I will bury this at the bottom of the table of contents, along with some other sensitive pages. If you happen to find a way to follow the progress of this writing, remember, this will continue to change until they shovel dirt on me!

The other pages found at the very bottom are for a matter of record. I bear no malice toward my brother or sister.  I just wish to have no further contact with them. After what they have done, they can not be trusted. My life is much simpler with all the shit stirrers gone!

June 4, 2012;

It is a gorgeous day, and I have all of my veggies planted. Everything does so well in the rich soil we are so fortunate to have. Life has been good for me. I can’t say the same for Denise. Her family keeps her so stirred up that she is unable to enjoy the solitude, and often, encroaches on mine.

Our new puppies are doing so well. They are innocent, and loving, and they mind so well for never having been disciplined in any way. They don’t need constant supervision, because when they aren’t wrestling with each other, they are content to sleep. The attention they give to us is sweet and loving, and I would die if something would happen to either one of them. Bailey loves to sit on my lap, and I think Buster would like to, also, but his sister is always in the way. When I do get Buster alone, he is, also, very loving.

Last year, Denise set up a fifty gallon aquarium, and purchased several Oscars. I told her about mine in the seventies, and she was anxious to try for herself. She had done so well with her goldfish that she had for so many years. She had a problem with “popping” the tank, and it took several tries before she finally ended up with a beautiful red Oscar, and a nice tiger Oscar. They have grown to the point where they have become a problem to feed.


One of the first things we did when we got settled in the trailer was to get Denise on welfare. I was working off and on, but income was so unreliable that we needed the cushion that food stamps provided. An added benefit was a small monthly check. It was more than enough to buy Denise’s cigarettes, and from her first check, she gave me 32 dollars, and asked me to build a fish tank for her. I went to a glass shop on Elkhorn Blvd. just north of the airbase, and ordered the five pieces that I needed. When I went to pick up the pieces, they totaled up to a little more than Denise had given me, and I had to put in two or three dollars from my bank card.

I glued the glass pieces together with silicone rubber, and went to Petco and bought a dozen feeder goldfish for ten cents apiece. I brought them home and Denise set up her first tank.

It wasn’t long before the goldfish outgrew their tank, and Denise set them up in a forty gallon reptile tank (thin glass and heater on bottom) and they did well there until the tank started to leak, so I went to Walmart and bought a fifty gallon tank with a stand, complete with pumps, etcetera.

When I finally got my settlement, I bought a guitar, and I was playing with my equipment, which included a dvd recorder, an amp, and a cheap video camera. Here is a video clip of Denise’s tank with a little background music. :)

Video of goldfish, Buddy in background


When Denise’s mom moved here, she had several fish tanks, and no room to store them, so they got stored here, and I had my eye on them for a while.

There were several tanks not in use, so I set them up with some different things for Denise to feed her Oscars, besides buying night crawlers, and feeder goldfish.

       before and after 6-6-12 010

                                         This ten gallon tank is used as a holding tank for feeder guppies, and feeder snails.




This ten gallon tank is salt water and is intended as a holding tank for feeder mollies. At this moment, it contains the nine baby creamsicle mollies born in this tank. I moved the females, (three out of nine) to the thirty gallon tank, where they, and their mother gave live birth to a mess of babies.




This thirty gallon tank contains mixed guppies, feeder snails, and several varieties of live plants. This population of hundreds of fish was started with three or four feeder guppies from River Valley Feed store. I also bought that gorgeous Amazon sword, which is ten times it’s original size. It was infested with apple snails, and ramshorn snails. I am raising the ramshorns for feed, and trying to eliminate the apple snails. They multiply too rapidly. I got the Christmas moss from Taiwan, and the unidentified plant from Petco.





This thirty gallon tank contains mollies. I had a hard time getting these guys started, as they require a certain amount of salt in their water. Sea salt works best.

There are two original mollies, a creamsicle, which gave birth to nine fry in a ten gallon tank, and an orange molly, which gave birth to seven or eight fry,which are in this tank, along with a male and a female orange molly, both born in this tank. I have since moved the baby creamsicles to this big tank and on 7-9-12, there were a dozen fry visible. As of 7-25-12, there are twenty or thirty new babies in this tank. In august, more babies were born, and it is impossible to count them now, but I did take a few videos of them.

Video #1 is an eleven minute video with no sound.


Video #2 is a five minute video with no sound.







This is Denise’s first tank that I built for her. She practiced raising goldfish in it. It sat empty for years, and it got chipped, so I set it back up in my room. If you look close, you can see the female red tailed guppy. She gave birth (live) to about twenty or thirty fry. They are separated from the mongrel guppies to preserve the sub-species. The female gave birth to about thirty babies, then died. As of 7-25 12, all of the females are pregnant, and ready to give birth.

I was walking in my orchard the other day, and I looked back toward the house, and the view I had been taking for granted, took my breath away. This place has changed so much, mostly in the last five years, since we found out that we don’t have to move to Oroville, after all. We were offered $440,000.00 for the place in 2005, and we had resigned ourselves to the fact we had to move, and with the help of Bob Snyder, we found a lovely five acres in Oroville where we had a well drilled, and septic installed, along with electrical. A guy by the name of Harold Balaz did most of the septic, and David and sons drilled my well, and hired the guys to put in the pump and tank. There are photos of the process which I will make available.

Oroville; In 2005 we were offered 440,000 dollars for our property.

We purchased (with Bob’s help) five acres in Oroville.

We had a well drilled, septic installed, and power brought in. I hired a dowser to locate my drilling spot. Her name was Sharron something. Here is her classified ad;

*        Description

DOWSING CONSULTANT Ground Water Exploration

 "Water-Witching" Since 1979 530-534-3516, 530-570-DOWSE


I need to call her and write down her name. I took her to the “Tai” restaurant in the Raley’s Shopping Center. The food was excellent.

It’s Wednesday, July 25th. I just finished talking to Sharron on the phone. Her last name is “Hope”. I don’t know how I could ever forget that. It’s been 6 or 7 years since I last saw her, and her memory of me is fuzzy.

I will email her a copy of this.


Copy of email;

Hello Sharron.

It was nice to hear your voice. It didn’t sound like you remembered Denise and me. You dowsed a well for us at 88 Dack Way. If you go to    you will see photos of the property, then, perhaps you’ll recall. That’s what you would be interested in.

I wrote a blurb in my memoir at 

I doubt that you will find much of interest, there, so I pasted it here for you to examine. If you would like any changes made you can email me.



We purchased (with Bob’s help) five acres in Oroville.

We had a well drilled, septic installed, and power brought in. I hired a dowser to locate my drilling spot. Her name was Sharron something. Here is her classified ad;

*        Description

DOWSING CONSULTANT Ground Water Exploration

 "Water-Witching" Since 1979 530-534-3516, 530-570-DOWSE


I need to call her and write down her name. I took her to the “Tai” restaurant in the Raley’s Shopping Center. The food was excellent.

It’s Wednesday, July 25th,  2012. I just finished talking to Sharon on the phone. Her last name is “Hope”. I don’t know how I could ever forget that. It’s been 6 or 7 years since I last saw her, and her memory of me is fuzzy.

I will email her a copy of this.



As I look back at these, I see spelling and punctuation errors that won’t get fixed for a while.

The well being drilled, and pump and tank installed.

End Excerpt………………

I supervised the septic installation, and put in power, also.


The index for my web site has a similar blurb. Find it at  .

We never sold our place here in Antelope, so we were unable to purchase the property from Bob.

Bob has recently moved a double wide mobile home on the property.

I want you to know that our well was 400 feet deep, and the water was the sweetest I had ever tasted. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you and benefit from your knowledge.


Pete Peterson

7831 Sunset Hills Lane

Antelope, Ca. 95843-3955




Her reply;

wow u took a lot of really neat photos
thanks for doing this
love reading this and looking at the photos




As I look back at these, I see spelling and punctuation errors that won’t get fixed for a while. I am going through a lazy period, and I’m having a hard time doing anything.

The well being drilled, and pump and tank installed.

The septic being installed. tank, leach lines, etc.

Installation of transformer and meter.


 In the process of looking for this place, Bob and I attended an auction in San Mateo, where I won an acre at “California Pines” as a door prize. We took a drive up to see the place, but didn’t have a camera, so I have no pictures from there. I plan to make the trip for the express purpose of getting some photos of an absolutely gorgeous piece of property.

Here’s before and after pictures of our place.

the old days0001  before and after 003

This photo was taken by code enforcement the day my “HOME” arrived.                                  This photo was taken today (6-3-12)

Then, just the other day, I found this photo, taken after 2000. Probably 2001 or 2002, maybe later. We still didn’t have much, but every little patch of shade made life easier.

We were trying to get a lawn started, with no mowers or lawn tools. Sis gave all that away, also.

before and after0001

And looking back from the orchard:

   The Garden and orchard 041    before and after 6-6-12 001

This photo is from last year.                                                                                                                This year is even better!



                                                      Todd’s Place

Here are a couple Google maps.







I got a chance to spend father’s day with my son, Todd. He recently moved to Cameron Air Park, and I have wanted to see the place ever since he moved there. I took pictures while I was there. The best way to describe my visit is with the photos.


  Todd's House 001

Todd’s driveway is adjacent to a taxiway, named Boeing Road. All of the streets in the airpark are sixty to eighty feet wide, wide enough for two Cessna 150s to pass, wing to wing. The empty space across the street is the airstrip runway.


Standing on the front porch, and looking out into the street.


Looking to the right, just inside the front door, the room that never gets used. That is a double sided fireplace.



The dining room.



Looking back from the dining room at the other side of the fireplace.


A view of the back yard from inside.


Todd, the master chef. I was delighted and proud to enjoy a super dinner.


The chef’s tools.


This spot could use a few tomato plants.


Back in the house.


Logan’s room


The real living room that does get used.


Go ahead, son! Clutter your garage with an airplane.                                                      A dream come true!!!


Todd's%20House%20016          Todd's%20House%20017


Just open the door, take out the guide, and take off in your airplane anytime! WOW!           Had to pull out some wall to get the whole wing in there!

Todd's%20House%20020    Todd's%20House%20021


I tried to take a picture of McKenna, but she was too fast for grampa. Got a good shot of her shadow, though.


Hold still, sweetie!


There. That’s better! What a wonderful family. I couldn’t possibly be more proud!


We caught the neighbors walking their Greyhounds. You can see how wide the street is.



When I put up the camera, and petted them, they wanted to come home with me. They could smell my dogs on me, and loved the touch of my hand.

Logan got out his R.C. airplane and gave me a short air show. The wind seemed light, to me, but Logan said it was too much, so dad got his airplane out and got it stuck in the tree across the street.


What a delightful father’s day!



                                                                                                    Live alone in a paradise

                                                                                                                                  That makes me think of two.

                                                                                                                                       Love lost, such a cost,

                                                                                                                              Give me things that don't get lost.

                                                                                                                               Like a coin that won't get tossed

                                                                                                                                           Rollin' home to you.

                                                                                                                                                   Neil Young


At this point, I would like to remind you that reader discretion is advised. Language and topics are not suitable for everyone. This is not intended to be entertaining, but should be viewed as a type of diary, or journal.

I want to begin today, with a suggestion from Denise. She thought that the story about our goose, J.C. would be interesting. I wrote about him in my autobiography, but his story has evolved, so I agree that something should be added here.

When we first moved onto the property, we started with nothing. My sister and brother absorbed the estate, and I was left with two acres. We saw a double wide mobile home for sale in the Bee Classified Ads, and we got in touch with the owner, Kim “I don’t remember her last name”, (I am going to say ”Crowder”) and arranged to go see it, just outside the town of Cool.

My brother had evicted me, and sued me, and Denise and I were compelled to live in a tent we had pitched next to the pond. The Dooleys had already called code enforcement to make sure we weren’t shitting on the property. My neighbor, John, had given me a port-a-potty for emergencies, but the daily routine was to eat breakfast at the Roseville Family Restaurant, and take a shit, there. Bathing consisted of water, heated by the garden hose, lying in the sun. At night, we slept in my camper shell. We lived this way for six months.

the old days0001 It was a wreck of a place that had sat, the two halves, separated by several feet, for seven years, and the elements had taken their toll on the ceilings and floors. I was still in fairly good health at the time (1997), and was ambitious in intent, if nothing else. It didn’t seem like it would be that big of a job to fix up, so we paid to have it moved down the hill to our place.  Our neighbors at the time, the Dooleys, were trying to get this place for themselves, and they made our lives as miserable as possible. This was taken by code enforcement, the day it arrived.

This was pasted to the gate:

gloria0008       gloria0009

Then, two days later, this was pasted to the gate:

                 gloria0010     gloria0011


The first year was a horror story. We struggled every day to earn enough to feed our dogs, and ourselves, and buy a twelve pack. (There is no way to survive this, sober.)  Our neighbor gave us a tiny wood burning stove, and we placed it next to the door, which had been replaced with a sheet of plywood. I cut a large hole, and made a heat sink out of a cookie sheet, and ran the stovepipe through the hole with two ninety degree sections of 6” pipe. This put the chimney to the windward side of the trailer. Luckily, I had stocked us with plenty of almond firewood, but, unfortunately, we had the coldest winter in a long time. If we huddled together and sat within three feet of the stove, you could keep from freezing, but there was icicles on everything five feet from the stove. If there was no wind, we could actually warm it up, a little, but the wind was usually blowing, and most of the smoke would come back in the house.

Denise and I had a job, cleaning carpets, and we always smelled so bad, smoky, that my boss recommended that we go to the nearest truck stop to shower. This became routine, to stop at the “Forty Niner Truck Stop” on I-80 near El Camino, shower, eat, do laundry, and work the night shift, smelling good, cleaning carpets. The temperature dropped to below freezing and stayed there until I could get Denise out of here. I was fired a few days before Valentine’s Day, and I got Denise on a bus to her mom’s on Valentine’s Day, 1998.

I started going to AA and that is where I met Gina, and her mom, Debbie Coons. They offered me a job cleaning swimming pools, and for several months I was sober, and had an income, but the job was too much, and I wished Denise was here with me, because we make a good team, working together, but I still didn’t have electricity. I bought a power pole and box from Troy Connors, and we dug a trench for underground wires. I was fired from the pool job, and I was drinking again. I got a job at the Alternative Baking Company, as maintenance person, and I met Bob Snyder. He finished getting power for me, and once I had power, I called Denise to come home.

We struggled to get it together, and with my cousin, Diana’s help, we got the two halves joined, and a septic system dug. A wood stove from my other neighbor, and we were all set.

I concentrated all my energy on getting power in, and my neighbor, Hank, gave me a fireplace insert that I installed with the help of my other neighbor, John Pibbs. I remember the day I had enough money to buy one sheet of underlayment, and some concrete caps to set the stove on. Most of the floor was gone from the weather, and we hopped from plywood to plywood, but the insert that Hank had given me had a nice floor to sit on.

first year0019

  Finally, around the middle of July, I got electricity, and Denise and her mother and nephew moved in. I had just been fired from my pool-cleaning job, and had started work at the Alternative Baking Company, the “cookie factory”. I had a good stove, now, but no way to get the smoke out of here. I talked to the owner of the cookie factory, and I made a deal with him. I would install a fiberglass tub and shower insert in one of his rental houses, and, in turn, he would write a check to Home Depot for all the stovepipe pieces that I needed.

first year0022                 first%20year0023

We all worked at the factory. Denise’s mom did some painting, I did some painting, and Denise helped me out when I needed an extra hand. I, pretty much, ran the place, and the plant manager started to get uncomfortable, and there were some major conflicts about cleanliness and sanitation, and a conflict about what should happen to reject batches of cookies. Steve (Rudek) was always worried about liability, and he ordered me to throw out good food. I argued that as long as it wasn’t packaged, it should go to “Loaves and Fishes”, a place downtown where homeless folks, and folks, down on their luck (like us) could get a bite to eat. A new California law about breaks and lunch was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Plant manager ordered me to drop everything and take a break at a specified time. I was accustomed to making my own hours, and I was usually too busy to take breaks, so I made a list of unreasonable requests, and presented them as non-negotiable, with two weeks notice. I stayed long enough to make a fixture to cut the “Hula Nut” cookie, which was square. It took the guys forever to cut them, using a tape measure. I designed two guides, 90 degrees to each other, and bought a fancy pizza cutter, and it became a thirty second job, as opposed to, previously, about five minutes per tray. Fifty trays per batch, my guides saved a lot of time. I also learned to make the vacuum foot for the labeling machine, and saved enough money on the first foot to buy a drill press. Steve was pissed when I left, and Tim (plant manager) was let go, and the last I heard, he was driving a shuttle bus to the airport. The last time I visited, there was no-one left except non-English speaking Mexicans. I watched, and they were back to their old tricks of setting flour bags, and sugar bags on the ground, then, putting them in the mixing bowls, transferring any dirt from the floor, to the batch. And, no supervision. If their customers only knew………

I was still trying to work, but the jobs were scarce, and the pay abominable. We all fought a lot, and it wasn’t long before Denise’s mom was gone, and we didn’t have anyone to fight with except each other. One day we were fighting about “something”, the drunks that we were, and I loaded my dog, Scooper, in the car, and headed for the mud hole. That was our hiding place, and Scooper could run wild.

This particular day, there happened to be three geese at the mud hole. They were across the water from us, so I didn’t think much about them, and I was drinking a beer and watching my dog, when I noticed that the geese, (two gray ones and a white one) had gotten in the water and were swimming towards me. When they got close to me, I realized that they were tame, and someone had dumped them here, or they had escaped a nearby farm, and ended up here. In any case, once they got close enough, I grabbed a gray one, and wrapped him in a sheet that was in the car. I brought him home, and I told Denise I was going back for the others. I tossed him out next to the pond, and he immediately entered the water, but wouldn’t stop screeching. Denise told me she was afraid of them, so I bolstered her courage with a pint of “Jack Daniels”. We went back and caught the white one, but by then, the other gray one was apprehensive, and wouldn’t allow us near. We escaped with the second goose, and when we threw him out by the pond, the first one was visibly relieved, but they both carried on like they were missing part of the team. We slept that night, and the next morning we went and got the last goose. Once they were all together again, they settled down, and really started enjoying the pond.

Dad's pics by Todd 782    Dad's pics by Todd 751    Dad's pics by Todd 822   scan blue0037

 At night, they would come to the trailer, and sleep underneath my feet. I could look through the trailer floor, and see them, and they seemed comforted by human presence. This went on for the longest time, and they got more tame than I ever imagined was possible. There really was no fence to speak of, and all our creatures were at the mercy of Mother Nature. The one we called the “old man” seemed to be the leader. He had a loose skin on his neck, like us old folks get, so we assumed he was older. Every time they walked past the door, though, the white goose was in the lead, so I would say to Denise, “There goes J.C. and the boys.” This comes from an irreverent Catholic joke, which I won’t go into, here.

One day, we saw the old man limping towards the house with his neck bent all funny, and he was making awful sounds. We were sure something got him and he was protecting the others. He lay real low for about a week, right under my feet, and I could hear his pain, but after several days, he was coming out and eating and drinking and joining the others in the pond. He finally healed and everything went back to normal for a long time.

Then, another day, I was looking out into the pasture, and I saw a dog-like creature running across the field. I watched it leave, and didn’t think too much more about it. (Beer buzzed) The next day, I walked out and there was the old man with his throat ripped out. He died protecting the others.

When we first arrived in early ’96, Denise and I had gone fishing at the mud hole, and we had stocked the pond with catfish and bluegill. A couple trips to the Chinese Market on Stockton Blvd, and we had half a dozen turtles. Here’s a few videos….  The Pond, Turtles and Catfish  The Pond, Turtles and Catfish  The Pond, Turtles and Catfish  The Pond, Turtles and Catfish


From that day on, J.C. took on the leadership responsibilities. By this time, Rocky, our chicken, (Denise named him Rockadoodle), had chosen to live with us, and he became part of the entourage.

Dad's pics by Todd 049     Dad's pics by Todd 929     Dad's pics by Todd 933

 A wild duck built her nest next to the pond, and when the ducklings hatched, J.C. became the protector, and would chase away anything that got close to “his” babies.

Then came the Canadians. A flock of Canadian Honkers took to landing here, on occasion. If J.C. didn’t have any other fatherly responsibilities, he would welcome the visitors, and before long, we had Canadians landing here all the time.



Then in 2008, Denise brought home a white Muscovy duck, which was tame and laying eggs. She immediately hooked up with one of the four unwelcome ducks that we inherited from Danny.

Dad's pics by Todd 048

 She hatched out several, and two survived the hawk attacks, a male and a female. From the time the whole brood was hatched, J.C. was the protector, and the babies were so convinced of this fact that they followed J.C. around, rather than their mother. Then, something got the little female, and now we only have one baby left. He is a large black and white boy, and we were hoping he would fertilize Opie’s eggs, but she seems to be sterile, as two nests full failed to hatch.

We were unaware that two of the Canadians that came to visit had built a nest, and before I even realized they were here, I saw these fuzzy little heads following J.C. around. Denise got a close look at them before I did, and even then, they were already pretty big. My lazy ass sat around, and I finally went out before they were completely grown, and got some pictures of them.

goslings 032 goslings 019 goslings 040

 In the pictures, there are six babies, but one was lost before they all finally flew away. It was so sad to watch them learning to fly. They would do hi speed taxi across the field, flapping their wings, with J.C. alongside, and little by little, the babies started to leave the ground, which distressed J.C. because he can’t get his fat butt off the ground, at all.

One day they flew away, and were gone overnight, but were back the next morning. Then they flew away and were gone for two days, and all the time they are gone, J.C. is squawking, and throwing a major fit. That was about three weeks ago, and they haven’t been back since, so J.C. has gone back to his supervisory duties, and life is, once again, “normal”. (August 16, 2012)

(August 17, 2012) No sooner than I get the last paragraph written, I look out the window the very next morning, and there they are, back for a visit. J.C. is overjoyed. The family of seven (five young, two adult) brought another pair with them, and you can see that J.C. hasn’t approved of them yet. (See video below)


Today is August 29th, and I finally got a video of the Canadians flying away. It is over eight minutes long, and only the last few seconds shows flight. The Canadians take flight- video=8:40


A few photos and a video of their return;

camera 8-17-12 007 camera%208-17-12%20001 camera%208-17-12%20002

camera%208-17-12%20003 camera%208-17-12%20004 camera%208-17-12%20005



               Video J.C.'s Canadian friends

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


John Pibb

I have been very careful not to beat up on anyone, no matter how much I think that they deserve it. I, also, have not praised anyone, simply because this writing is about me, and I don’t feel like I have the right to criticize anyone, or even write any things that could be taken out of context. There is one person that deserves a lot of praise, not just from me, but everyone that has ever met him. My brother built a house next door to John, and, Dale was going through one of the toughest times of his life, and John said, “Dale was a good neighbor. Are you going to be a good neighbor?” I certainly went through the hardest part of my life living next door to John. He was so helpful in every way. When we were starving, he brought food, and invited us to have meals at his church. I had been down so far for so long that I was in the process of selling my property to my neighbor, Susan. John could see my despair, and he offered to buy my dad’s tractor for five hundred dollars. I didn’t think it was worth anything, but I accepted, and that was all I needed to get going again. So, between John and my cousin Diana, we were able to stay, and eventually we recovered enough that, now, nothing could ever get us out of here. I went to see him today, August 16, 2012, after meeting his future son-in-law, yesterday. I met Robert yesterday, when he was mowing the pasture adjacent to us. He told me that John had just had knee replacement surgery. He said that John was getting forgetful, and I should go see him soon, so this morning, I showered, and shaved, and I went up to see John. I had forgotten how beautiful his daughter is, and how much she looks like Suzie, so I was taken by surprise when she opened the door. They let me in to see John, and we had a nice chat, but I could see the early signs of dementia, as he was talking as though he was still in the hospital, and he said as soon as they let him out, he would come and see me. I feel so bad for him, but I want everyone to know that he was my best ever neighbor, and a best ever friend, too!




The Space Shuttle


It’s Steve East’s birthday, today. Here’s a birthday present photo for you, my friend.  The Space Shuttle



Here we go again!

 October 15, 2012

I went outside to see who was at the gate, talking to Denise, and there was John, my neighbor. He had brought avocados from his tree. He was riding his mower, and when I watched him drive away, I was more than a little worried, as he really was forgetful. We usually talk about my brother, and I was going to mention that it was Dale’s birthday on the sixteenth. His mind was so confused that I didn’t get a chance to mention it.

I did send a happy birthday message to Dale on facebook, and I got a response that has disturbed me very deeply. For the past couple of years, Dale has been hinting to neighbors and friends that he would like to come and visit me. Singin’ Lori was the one that asked why he shouldn’t come. I told her that he had sued me. When she relayed the message, Dale said something like he didn’t recall anything like that. I wanted to remind him, and ended up in a terrible argument. I couldn’t stop him, so I closed my facebook account, then,  he attacked me in email. I started to read the email, but it looked like the same thing, over and over. Now I know I can’t allow my brother or sister to ever come on this property. 

Wow! What a week. I’m back with some cheerful stuff.

Oct.21, 2012

We watched football, yesterday, and I was surprised to see some of my favorite “kiddie football” plays. There were a couple on-sides kicks by teams that were ahead, and didn’t need to do that, and for that reason, it worked. There was a couple reverses, and all in all, it was really exciting to watch, and my Raiders probably lost, anyway. It went into overtime, and I couldn’t bear to watch, anymore.

Mike is scheduled to come and split the rest of the wood laying around my yard. He has a splitter scheduled for Friday evening, whereby he gets to keep it until Monday morning, for the price of one day, one hundred twenty six dollars.

Oct.28, 2012

We just finished up splitting all of the big rounds of firewood that were in my back yard. Mike rented a splitter on Friday afternoon and we got to keep it ‘til tomorrow morning. I paid one hundred twenty six dollars rental, and was reminded that John Pibbs has a splitter so I smoked a turkey, and took it to him, and made a deal to buy the splitter, and to get my dad’s tractor back.

November second, twenty twelve: 11-2-2012

I got a firewood box built for John, this morning. Mike came and we loaded his truck with the last of the split firewood. We brought it up to John’s house, and we put the box on the front porch, and filled the box with firewood. The leftover went next to the pile we made a couple days ago.  John took Mike around and showed him what he wanted done, and, luckily, Maria was there, and she got into the act, and they came up with a bid for seven hundred dollars. Maria and I discussed using the five hundred for the tractor to pay for tree trimming, and I agreed to cover the other two hundred as a down payment on the other tractor.


Here is a scan of the finished document. Due to John’s diminished mental capacity, I will continue to have everything approved by his daughter, Maria Pibb.


                                                                          John Pibbs0002





Party down-

Denise bought this beautiful piece of meat, and we enjoyed steaks on 11-14-12.




The next time I barbecue, I’ll take some photos.




It is Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Mike came last Saturday, and we fired up our new splitter, and split a couple pickup loads of firewood. Mike had plans to spend Thanksgiving week at the coast, in the motor-home, and he wanted a load of firewood for the trip. I wanted a load to keep in the back of the truck, to take to John, as needed.

On Monday, I checked on John, and he was almost out of the firewood I had stacked on the porch. I loaded up the box I had built, and filled both wheelbarrows, and I still had a half load in the truck. I’ll check up on him on Friday and see how hw is doing. His son, Michael, was here for a visit, and I met his wife(?), but he was sleeping, so I missed seeing him. They left Monday afternoon, so I missed him again. Maybe next time.

It has always been a tradition of ours to stock up on turkey this time of year. We usually try to get at least ten, and prepare one for each of our friends, but they have made it so difficult to get cheap ones, that this year we’ll only score a few. I bought one at Smart and Final, Sunday, and Denise and her mom are going shopping today. I hope that they will get a couple more turkeys, smaller ones than the twenty-two pounder I bought on Sunday.


It’s Thanksgiving Day, 11-22-12.

The girls got a 10 pound fresh turkey for 99 cents a pound. I started the Barbie at 9:00 and put the bird on at 10:00.

                       t1        PICT0004




Friday, November 29, 2012

It has been raining since about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and during the night, it rained the hardest. I had planned to go up to John’s, and see if he needed firewood on the porch, but Denise volunteered to call on the telephone. Suzy answered, and handed the phone over to John. We proceeded to discuss the tractor transaction, and, already there is a problem. I think John is going to need some cash, soon, but now I am afraid to try to do anything. He seems to have forgotten that I paid Mike to trim his trees, and he wants me to give him the cash for the tractor.

I have learned from past experience that the best thing for me to do is bring the splitter back, and write the whole thing off as a loss.

This reminds me of when Richard Day fell victim to dementia. Mom married him six months before she passed, and spent most of that time, nursing him back to health from aneurism surgery. As soon as he started to improve, he started showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  He would watch me out the back door window of the house, and I don’t know what he was thinking, but, the next thing I know is that I’m being accused of stealing his floor jack. He had forgotten that he had sold his car, because he could no longer drive, safely, and in the trunk of the car he sold was his floor jack. On one of his good days, I managed to explain what had happened, but as soon as his memory failed again, I was, once again, a thief.

I’ll have to close for now, and try to figure out what to do next.

November the first, 2012

It is raining, still, but we are expecting a break at noon, today. Denise made spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage, and it was delicious, so we decided to bring some to John and Suzy.  It was sprinkling when we got there, and John was agitated. He was worried about the tractors, and I reassured him that no one was taking anything from him. It seemed I had convinced him because he relaxed, immediately, and we went in the house with the spaghetti. John woke Suzy from a nap, and she said that she was getting over a cold. I think she was glad that she didn’t have to cook. John wouldn’t let me stack firewood on the porch, so I told him we would check back on Monday.

November the second, 2012:

We got round three of the storm we were expecting, overnight. It was pouring rain when I woke up this morning. It rained, harder and harder until the runoff was more than I had ever seen, and so, I got a few pictures, and a couple videos.  The storm


           12-2-12 storm 017     12-2-12 storm 018


12-2-12 storm 019    12-2-12 storm 020


12-2-12 storm 022    12-2-12 storm 023


12-2-12 storm 024   12-2-12 storm 025


12-2-12 storm 026     12-2-12 storm 027


12-2-12 storm 028     12-2-12 storm 029   12-2-12 storm 030


12-2-12 storm 031  12-2-12 storm 032  12-2-12 storm 033






12-2-12 storm 036 12-2-12 storm 035  12-2-12 storm 034


12-2-12 storm 037  The storm  The storm  The storm





The Clock


I made a clock for Todd. I started to make it last year, for Christmas, but there were so many things to gather together, simply, to bore a hole in a piece of glass. So, it got put off until this year. I decided to “do it” today, and I started early this morning, gathering the “stuff” to bore a 3/8 inch hole in a piece of glass. The first thing I had to find was that coil of 3/8 copper tube. Then, I had to find my tubing cutter. My little drill press is set up in my bedroom, and now, all I need is my abrasive powder. Like everything else, I searched, and searched, until I decided to drive to “Pearson’s” Lapidary shop. While I was waiting, I saw a twelve inch diamond saw, for $850, and I’ll probably go make an offer on that. Anyway, I got a pound of 220 and a pound of 400 grit silicon carbide.

  PICT0002           atomix

            My drill press with tubing chucked.                                                           The picture was taken at Eagle Lake, when Todd and Logan took me fishing.

Now, when they come, I can send them home with some oranges, and an “Atomix Clock”. I will put the setting instructions, here, as they seem to have “phased out” the Atomix brand.

Here’s the instructions:

Setting the Atomix clock




Insert an AA battery into the battery chamber on the back of the clock in accordance with the polar indicators printed inside the chamber. The second hand noticeably moves.


Twist the wheel on the back of the clock until five minutes before the current time is reached.

Read more: Atomix Clock Directions |



Push the red button on the back of the clock when the second hand arrives at "12:00." As the second hand passes the minute hand, push the blue button again. The second hand doubles in time until it receives signal. After that, the clock automatically adjusts to the current time, which could take 48 hours.

Read more: Atomix Clock Directions |


It resets itself for daylight savings, and resets itself to standard time.


The New T.V.

The T.V. in Denise’s room was another gift from John. A week ago, or so, she told me that it was going out, so I went online, and I found these 23 inch T.V.s made by Coby??, and all the reviews I read were good, even the bad ones. The worst review praised the quality of everything, except for the sound. It was recommended to use the headsets, or employ a separate sound system. For 129 dollars, I couldn’t pass it up.

      tv 002     tv 001




It is quatro de mayo, 2013, and I just finished teaching myself a new lesson. While I was working on this portion of my bio, my laptop went down with virus. Steve paid a visit, and brought a Min iMac for me to play with. I attempted to write with the word processing program called “LibreOffice writer” and in the process, I made a horrible mess trying to learn how to anchor graphics to specific locations in a text document. The office writer was guilty of distorting nearly every graphic that I tried to insert. It also required so much space on “Filezilla” that I am compelled to convert this document back to Microsoft Word. I was so happy to see that I had a copy which was uncorrupted by “Libre” that, without checking to see if it was complete, I uploaded it and deleted the part that was actually complete. It covered the Christmas holiday, and I finished up with my birthday. I was lucky to find the photos easily and I will describe each one. They are not in order, and I can’t remember the sequence of events, which is the whole reason for writing in the first place. Todd fixed my laptop, and I am back in business.


A gift from Scott



A gift from neighbor Tim and boys

Dinner with Todd’s family. Steve and Kimberly came the same day.




Steve and Kimberly







My birthday

Denise baked a cake for me. The dogs thought it looked pretty neat on fire and stuff. I thought it looked pretty neat, too.


                                                                  Where the hell is my fire extinguisher?


This is where I stopped to wait for my laptop.




Reader discretion advised

The new stuff

The new computer is difficult to write with, and I am afraid to open anymore documents with the LibreOffice Writer.

January 16, 2013

This is the first chance I have had to sit down and write about what is going on. Denise had “Daughter Duty”, as she calls it, and the dogs are so well behaved, that I don't have to worry too much. I have an eye Doctor' appointment on Friday, the 18th. My vision has improved so much, that I, once again, am taking it “for granted”.

I went to Costco on payday, and found that Cialis had gone up in price again. They run about $27.50 each, and my script was for fifteen. Do the math. I am nearly caught up with property taxes, and such, and can afford them, but I have to make a lot of sacrifices. I asked about a flu shot, and the guy said they would be receiving forty doses on Friday. I thought maybe karma was telling me not to get the shot. I went home and thought about it for several days, and during those days, I heard all the pros and cons, and the pros outweighed the cons, so I put it in the hands of karma. If I needed to go to Costco again, then if the shot was available, I would get it.

So, next month we will have money for building materials.

The next thing I have planned is the deck for the sliding glass door. I need to make it wide enough so that I can mount my heat pump, and brace my air conditioner, and support the swamp cooler. I am planning to make it eight feet wide, and almost the width of the trailer, in length, twenty four feet. The water from the November storm that we had was several inches deep where the deck posts will be located. That means that the foot will need to be wider, so that the deck supports won't sink into the mud. It will cost around four hundred dollars or more, so I have to wait for payday before I can begin building. The steps that are there now are for nostalgic reasons, and economical reasons. The nostalgia is, these were the steps that I had to build, in order for Denise and her mom to be able to move in, back in the “Cookie Factory” days. I sprung for $100, and bought the materials to build the deck you see here. It was only two years ago that I finally could afford the materials for the deck, there, now. First, I had to put a skirt around the trailer. Then I built the front deck, then, armed with new ideas, I built the back deck. I'll be glad when Google puts up some new satellite photos of the place. The ones I looked at the other day were about five years old, and make the place look really bad. That was when we were poor, and there wasn't much we could do to improve anything.









January 19, 2013

I need to keep writing this date, as I can't believe that another year is gone. I had an eye doctor appointment on the 27th of December, and they worked me in to the schedule, and did laser cataract surgery. I was rescheduled for January 18th and everything was good. That was yesterday. I filled my eyedrop subscription, and got a flu shot, just like karma instructed. I feel O.K. Today. I took three celebrex, last night, rather than shoot myself in the face! As for the flu shot, it was painless, and today the muscle that took the injection is sore, as though I over-exercised it. I feel no flu symptoms, at all.








January 20,2013

Getting ready to watch the football game today. Starting at noon, the 49ers play the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta. I probably won't write much in the next couple days, except to keep tabs on my flu shot. I still haven't taken the band aid off the injection site, and the soreness I felt yesterday is nearly gone. Still no flu symptoms.

I started taking Celebrex, again. I was in agony, the other night, and I took three. That really made a difference. Then yesterday, I took two, one in the morning, and one at bedtime. I woke up this morning, feeling a lot better than I have for a long time. I have around thirty free samples, so I want to make them last, as they are around five dollars a capsule, so I will see how one a day works.

January 21,2013 M.L.K.Jr. Day









I watched the 49ers and the Falcons both win their games. Slept really good last night, and finally woke up around 7:30. The soreness is gone from the injection site, so I took off the band aid, and took a long, hot shower.

Last night, right at dark, I remembered that Denise's gibberelic acid kit had arrived, and I drove down to the mailbox to get it. I left the gate open when I got back, and when Denise let the dogs out this morning, they went out in the street. Luckily, she got them in, and closed the gate without incident.

There were a couple other pices in the mail box. I got my Soc. Sec. Statement for 2012, and an invoice for my laser surgery? I hope that is what it is for.




The other thing that came in the mail was the Hoegger Catalog. It is a farm supply company, specializing in goats, and products for goat dairys. I like their yogurt starter cultures. Two years ago, I bought too many, and after they were over a year old, even though they were in the freezer, they don't work exactly right. I will probably by some new cultures, and I think Denise wants to purchase a stainless steel pail, and a few other kitchen items.



I took Denise to the imaging department, and she got mammogram and back x-rays all at one time, a medical miracle. That was Wednesday. Yesterday I took her to get her lab work done. Today is Friday, and it has been a week since I got the flu shot. If Denise and her mother can stay well for one more week, then I, at least, will be protected.

We took John's chain saw back to him, yesterday. Mike had come by earlier, and got it started, and running good, and we made sure there was only enough gas in it to start it, briefly. He took us down by the barn, and there was a tree down in the pathway. Three branches, the size of my thigh, had broken off in the wind??? I dragged the branches out of the pathway, and now my back is telling me that I shouldn't have done that. I'll have to go up later, and cut that up into firewood, and brush. He gave us the box I had built for him to hold firewood. I cleaned up next to the stove, and put it there. It will work just fine for us.

Denise has daughter duty, today, and I'm caught up on everything, so I'll probably just sit around, today. It rained yesterday, and it is still wet outside, so it would be rather unpleasant to try to do anything.



I was able to arrange this page with abiWord, on the laptop. It was uploaded and now the graphics have become a part of the document, something I was unable to do with libreOfficeWord. I think there may be a glitch trying to run Microsoft programs on a Mackintosh. I corrupted the laptop so horribly that it needs to be emptied, and started over.


Yesterday, it had been two weeks since I got the flu shot. Still feel good. I am baking bread, today, and as I write, I have two loaves of rye bread cooking. I need to get away from this computer, at least until the bread is done. If I get lost in writing, or anything else, I will burn the bread for sure.

WOW! That came out good, and I made marmalade, last week, and the two went together really well. Denise went shopping, and I think I'll have to cook something when she gets home, so I think I will put this up, and relax. Super bowl 47 is tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure something will get barbecued.


Nothing to cook, today. The game turned out to be really exciting to watch. The Ravens ran over the top of the 49ers until after half time, when the lights went out. After a twenty minute wait for the lights powered back up, the 49ers came out and made back all the points they were behind. In the final seconds, they just couldn't get that last five yards, for the win. That was the first time I ever rooted for the 49ers.


Today is Todd's birthday. I have been planning on sneaking up on him, and bringing him a present. I took Denise to Petco yesterday, and we got harnesses and leashes for the dogs, and we planned on making the trip with the dogs. The weatherman didn't cooperate, and I ended up going alone. First I went to “Food Source” for grain, and I got a birthday card for Todd, and some emergency candles. I couldn't find the ones I wanted.

Came home and unloaded the grain, and headed out for Smart and Final. I picked up a giant bag of dark chocolate M&Ms. Todd will have to share those with Colleen, or else! They also had the candles I wanted, and I got a “four” and a “six”.

The next stop was supposed to be Bushnells nursery on Douglas Blvd. I had a hard time finding the place when we got Buddy's apple trees. I u-turned, and u-turned, and I finally drove up in the driveway where they used to be, and asked directions. A guy told me they had moved a little farther out on Douglas, and I finally found it, only to find it was closed. So, I turned around and went back to North Sunrise Home Depot, hoping I could get a nice apple tree, there. The only thing I could find was a “Granny Smith's” bare root. There's a lot to be said for planning ahead.

I continued the drive to Folsom Lake, and I turned in at the “Dam Road”. It is blocked off, so I asked the security officer how to get around the lake. He directed me to Folsom Lake Crossing Road, and I continued up the hill. When I pulled into the driveway, I thought I could sneak in, and away without being seen, but Todd caught me before I could get away. He was on the phone (conference call) so I got away pretty easy, and I snapped two photos before I left.




The drive went well, and I didn't hit rain until I was nearly home. It's been so long since I was able to buy anyone a present, I really felt good.


Todd invited us for a barbecue today, and we planned to plant two apple trees in the back yard.

We planted trees first.


                  Granny Smith in the corner                                                                                                 Red Fuji in the back



We had barbecued pork tenderloin that was delicious. I asked Todd what he used for a marinade, and I didn't understand what he said, but I think he said it came from Costco. I'll have to email him and have him write it for me.


We ran across the street and watched some airplanes take off, and I tried to get some photos, but my camera was out of focus, so you have to look at these until I get some better ones.



I'm having computer troubles. It is 2-26-13. I have been without the ability to add to my journal for about two weeks. I finally stopped trying to work with LibreOffice Writer. It messes with my graphics, and when I think I am looking at a finished product, and upload with Filezilla, I get something totally unexpected when I open with Chrome.

Todd has the laptop, and he is cleaning it up for me to use exclusively for writing. I had become familiar with Microsoft word, and windows photo editor, and I don't know if I am misunderstanding the tutorial, or if there is a compatibility glitch because I am running a Mini-Mac with Microsoft windows as primary programming. A lot of things are happening right now, and I need to, at least make a note of them so that when I am able to write, again, I will have a reminder of what has transpired.

The Canadians are back. We see them nearly every day, and they are going through their mating rituals. We are thinking that we may get another batch of babies, this spring. I hope so, because my lazy butt didn’t get pictures, last year.

I haven't heard from my neighbor, John for a couple of weeks. The last time I saw him, he didn't know who I was. He remembers Denise, though, so I always bring her along, and they decide what I need to take care of. The last time I was there, the wind had knocked some branches off a tree, and blocked the path to the barn. It took every bit of strength I had to drag those branches to the side, and my back has hurt ever since. I just reminded Denise to call up there, and see how things are.

I have been in touch with my brother, and he says that he has had some contact with Aunt Alta, and her daughter, Jo Anne. It would really be nice to hear from them. Maybe I can get some information from them, as I have been unsuccessful getting help from anyone else.

It is nearing the end of wood burning season, and my pile next to the house is nearly depleted. There is a large pile remaining in the pasture, which I hope I don't have to use, as I am planning on installing a heat pump, this year, before the fall. Before I can do that, I need to build the deck for the sliding glass door. Before I do that, I need to fence off our new garden area that we have planned, and I need to build a shed at the back, for storage, and workshop. I have run short of money, again, so I am sitting tight 'till payday.



The seagull


John called back, and reported everything was o.k. so I don’t have to worry, so much. Maybe we’ll go up there, Saturday, and see them.


Todd finished with my laptop, and I drove up to the house today to retake some blurry pictures. I got some new ones, and this time I got “Folsom Dam”.



                                                                                             Folsom Lake



This is a good place to stop. I have my laptop back, and I will spend some time correcting the mess I made with “LibreOffice Writer!


To be continued.