I got a text from Anita Cutler/Hinks today. (5-29-16) She was driving on what used to be “Harmon A.F.B.”. I had forgotten the name of the street, and she reminded me that it was “Florida Loop” off of Georgia Drive. When I looked on Google Earth, several years ago, the houses were not shown, however the latest google Earth images show that some of the old buildings still exist.

Newfoundland, Florida Loop

447 was house number

 (1962) Anita’s father, Fred, and my younger brother, Dale to the left, and her younger brother, Tom to the right.


                                                               Taken 6-24-16                                                                                                                                                                                            Taken around November of 1962


Anita took this photo today with her IPhone.



This is from Google Earth.

  Florida     L    oops


    Florida Loop


I’m not sure if this is it, but it is the only one with a garage. I remember the driveway being much steeper.








Tana Love lived across the street.



I am not really sure of these. It has been 54 years, and it has changed a bunch!





Georgia drive straight ahead