I never win anything! But I won this!

I was receiving these notices, regularly, and I got interested when they sent a special invitation.

I found an advertized property near Oroville, and Bob Snyder and I went to the auction in San Mateo. I wanted to bid on the Oroville Property, and while I was waiting, my name was called, and it was announced that I had won a property.


I mentioned this letter, and received two additional tickets for the drawing. They went into the basket, attached, and were drawn, still attached in the first drawing.

When I saw this map, I thought I had something in a housing area.

The paperwork follows;




When the deal was finally done, I went to bid on the property I was interested in. A pre-bid logsheet was provided, asking how much you would start the bidding at. I put the maximum I would pay, and the bidding started there, and immediately was out of my reach.

I asked Bob if he wanted to stay, and he said no, so as we were walking out the door, this guy stopped us and gave me his business card. He said he had won a property in a previous sale.

He offered to show us where the property was, and we followed him waaaaaaay out in the country. I measured 13 miles from the airport to the last fire station, and the property was 13 more miles past that. I was disappointed that it was so remote, but excited that it was such a beautiful piece, and it was so close to a reservoir (fishin hole). Victor was jealous because my piece was full of trees, and Manzanita. His was full of rocks. There was a flower in bloom (late summer) that resembled a sunflower. They were everywhere.

Look at the difference in my first tax payment and this years.

Here’s this years taxes. (2012)

There is a nearly two hundred dollar assessment for the “Last Frontier Healthcare District”.




I belong to the “Property Owners Association”. That goes up every year. It started at fifty dollars a year, and is already up to seventy five dollars.

These maps were too large to scan, so I scanned them folded. Opened, and placed end to end is a representation of the span of California Pines.

And that’s it.