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My Photo Albums

 Okinawa Album-

Flight Training- training.htm

Nfld. Harmon Rocket ’61 and ’62-  My place and my family!

Also: San Bernardino, Iran, Poway. Mix

And;  Pics around the house-2003-2005

I was married to Pam, at the time, and when we returned from Iran, she put together a scrapbook. There are a lot of precious memories in this book.

This album was sent to me by my brother, Dale. It was put together by my mother.'s%20Album

Mom’s album part 1: 

Mom’s album part 2:

Mom’s album part 3:

Album B: Photos uploaded-no text  Work in progress

Album C Incomplete: Photos uploaded

Album D Incomplete: Photos only uploaded

Album E Incomplete: Photos and preliminary text uploaded.






Grandma Boe/Peterson’s scrapbook-

This book is dated 1948. I am assuming this is a return trip to Norway. I think I see my great grandparents from both sides(Boe/Peterson)

Note to my grandchildren: This is your great-great-great grandparents, and your great-great-great-great grandparents!

                                   Also, hundreds of relatives from Norway.



Grandma Boe/Peterson’s Photo Albums- 

There were two small albums tucked together in a box. They were handled by disrespectful people, and are in bad shape. One seems to be pictures of my Uncle Egbert. I don’t know if he married and had children, but he was killed in an auto accident when I was very young. (2-3). The small brown album is dedicated to my Uncle Egbert. One of the last photos is of a casket, and I am assuming it was my uncle.

There is a small green album and it has pictures of my dad. It is in even worse shape, and, unfortunately, it was necessary to disassemble it, in order to get good, clear scans. The first intact page has a photo of my dad holding me, (1946-1947?), and one photo near the end of the album is a picture of my grandmother, sitting next to a photo of my dad. Someone wrote on it “Waiting for the war to end”, so I am thinking this picture is from 1945.

Everything that was on a page shows the page in it’s entirety, and individual scans were made from that, in an attempt to show, close up, the faces in the pictures, and to facilitate easy handling on an individual basis. Loose items were tucked into the books, and I don’t know if it was intentional, or a result of poor handling.

I hope some of my relatives, that I have never met, can find this website, and enjoy some photos of long lost relatives. If you can identify anyone in these photos, you may contact me at


Brown album- Not available yet

Blue Album- Not available yet