“Rusty Acres”

Woodland, California.

This is the walnut farm where I went to get tires for my tractor.

My tires came off that pile in the background.


Two tires and a tube. Asking price, $45.00. I threw in five for the free tire. J


Lots of antique equipment.










John was sweeping the walnut orchard, in preparation for harvest. He says the season is early this year.










Nice wood pile!






The road out.


A field nearby with corn and sorghum.






Lots of nut trees out in this area.


Short sunflowers, ready for harvest.









Crop duster.


The levee road near Elverta road.


The mud hole.


This is where we got J.C. and the boys.


Most of our fish, too!


Scooper loved to run wild, here!




It’s all cleaned up now.










Rice fields, levee road.




A grain elevator just before the Elverta road turnoff.






This used to be “Meyers Store”. We bought beer and bait here.



Sabre City


A roach coach in Noverto’s driveway. They sell nopales and nopalitos here.


Dale lived next door to Noverto, in this house. I installed a natural gas line here for their greenhouses.






Olive avenue. The Hermans lived back here, years ago. Mr. Herman would hull our almond crop, no charge!






The Junkyard.






Dobbas yard. I bought my power pole here.








With tires!