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5-12-2013-I’m adding some new material that was unavailable when this page was created.

Okinawa Picture Album

These are photos from Okinawa. Many are captioned by my father. I have included the caption, in his own hand wherever possible.

 I am adding the new material first. My brother saved these, and sent them to me in March of 2013.

New stuff first.




The following color(?) photos are from overseas. I’m not sure of the locations.

Some similar ones were labeled “Formosa”. We visited several places in the far east.















Not sure about these. The date is 1953, and we did move from the Quonset hut to a house.     Is this it??????

I don’t remember If Doc Padden was in Okinawa.









The photos with the black border are from my mother’s personal album.

I received them shuffled. I will not attempt to organize them. It is too time consuming.







                                                                    End new stuff



This is the original material from which this page was created.

autobio pics 012

autobio pics 134


autobio pics 013                             autobio pics 014

autobio%20pics%20135                                                            autobio pics 136


autobio pics 015       autobio pics 016    autobio pics 017

autobio pics 018    autobio pics 019   autobio pics 020

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autobio pics 024   autobio pics 025   autobio pics 026

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autobio pics 139                                                                                                      autobio pics 140



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autobio pics 138                     autobio pics 137




autobio pics 048   autobio pics 049      autobio pics 050

                                                                                autobio pics 142      autobio pics 141   








autobio pics 051  autobio pics 052  autobio pics 053

                                                    autobio pics 147                autobio pics 145



autobio%20pics%20054            autobio%20pics%20055                 autobio%20pics%20056

autobio pics 144                       autobio pics 146                 autobio pics 143      



autobio%20pics%20057 autobio%20pics%20058autobio%20pics%20059


autobio%20pics%20060 autobio%20pics%20062




autobio%20pics%20066 autobio%20pics%20067


autobio%20pics%20068 autobio%20pics%20069 autobio%20pics%20070



 autobio%20pics%20072            autobio%20pics%20073 

      autobio pics 149          autobio pics 148





autobio%20pics%20074                              autobio%20pics%20075 


autobio%20pics%20076                             autobio%20pics%20077    



autobio%20pics%20079      autobio%20pics%20080








NEW YORK - The figure in the photograph is clad in Army fatigues, boots, and helmet,

lying on his back in peaceful repose, folded hands holding a military cap.

But he is not asleep; he is dead. And this is not just another fallen GI; it is Ernie Pyle,

the most celebrated war correspondent of World War II.

In April 1945, the one-time Indiana farm boy had just arrived in the Pacific after four years

of covering combat in North Africa, Italy, and France.


The Army's 77th Infantry Division landed on Ie Shima, a small island off Okinawa, to capture an airfield.

On April 18, a jeep carrying Pyle and three officers came under machine gun fire. All scrambled for cover,

but when Pyle raised his head, a .30-caliber bullet caught him in the left temple, killing him instantly.


Army photographer Alexander Roberts was at a command post when he learned what happened.

Roberts went to the scene, and despite continuing enemy fire, crept forward to record it with his

Speed Graphic camera.

His risky act earned him a Bronze Star medal for valor.

© Copyright 2008 Globe Newspaper Company.



autobio%20pics%20083     autobio%20pics%20084

autobio%20pics%20085  autobio%20pics%20086


autobio%20pics%20087    autobio%20pics%20088

autobio%20pics%20089    autobio%20pics%20090    


  autobio%20pics%20091       autobio%20pics%20092  

  autobio pics 150







autobio%20pics%20094  autobio%20pics%20095




autobio%20pics%20097      autobio%20pics%20098






                                                        autobio pics 151

                                                          This says, “White Beach, maybe where you will land.”

                                                                            (not sure what that means)







                                           autobio pics 153     


autobio%20pics%20102  autobio%20pics%20103

autobio%20pics%20104     autobio%20pics%20105


autobio%20pics%20106  autobio%20pics%20107


autobio%20pics%20108  autobio%20pics%20109






  autobio%20pics%20111           autobio%20pics%20112

            autobio pics 154

autobio%20pics%20113    autobio%20pics%20114   


                                      autobio pics 156   


           autobio%20pics%20117      autobio%20pics%20118






autobio%20pics%20122  autobio%20pics%20123

  autobio%20pics%20124               image374  













                                                                         Sunset in Okinawa